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In March, 2007, I was struggling to figure out how to increase site traffic and was told that blogging was a great way to improve search-engine optimization.

Eight years later, I’ve written over 1000 blog posts about dating, online dating, gender, sex and relationship dynamics.

Nobody told me that my blog was going to define my business. But, whether I like it or not, it does. In 2015 this blog got 8,857,913 unique readers.

That’s a lot of eyeballs and I’m still amazed at how many people want contribute to this dialogue. And, make no mistake about it, this is a dialogue.

I have approved over 86,000 comments on this blog and will be the first to admit that some of the best writing has taken place in the comments section – not just from people who agree with me, but from some of my antagonists as well.

These antagonists are, strangely, the lifeblood of this place. Without them, this blog would be a bunch of people agreeing with each other. Yet each time I get an irate comment from a woman that wants to tell me how men should think, I am reminded why I keep doing this.

So if you want to hear the truth about how (most) men think from a man’s point of view, I’d be honored if you participated on my blog.

However, it’s important that I tell you up front that when I get a question, I only have one goal in mind: to tell the truth about how the original poster should handle the situation.

It wouldn’t be a very interesting blog if I told her that everything she was doing/saying/thinking was perfect, would it? That would be pure validation. Instead, I post questions where I feel that the woman has a blind spot – something she can’t quite see or understand about men.

Which is why my advice is usually going to fall into one of two camps:

  1. I will tell her how she needs to adjust to understand her boyfriend.
  2. I will tell her that she should dump her boyfriend.

What I never ever ever do? Tell the boyfriend how HE should change.

Because HE didn’t ask the question.

Because this isn’t a blog for men to learn to understand women.

And, frankly, because it’s not your job to change men.

Find a man you don’t have to change. Simple. Just don’t tell me in the comments section that my advice for women should be about how MEN should change.

After all this time, there are many posts about which I’m proud, a few about which I’m not, but, hey, that’s part of the deal. This blog is where I process my thoughts, say things others wouldn’t admit, and reveal what I hope to be a greater truth about how men think about relationships.

I know I don’t always look good. Then again, my goal is not to look good. The reason I put myself out there so publicly is because I think there is an utter lack of authenticity in the relationship advice niche.

Most dating experts are either trying to convince you that they’re perfect, and withhold all the messy things that make them human. Or they’re trying to sell you a product, by offering you validation of your feelings.

I don’t do that for one simple reason.

Sometimes your feelings are what are causing your relationship problems.

If that sounds shocking, consider:

If you’re jealous, if you’re insecure, if you’re fearful, or if you’re inexperienced in the ways of modern dating, you can see how your feelings may work against you.

Similarly, if you’re unrealistic about your expectations of men, online dating, sex, or chemistry, you’re probably discovered that reality has been frustrating.

Alas, reality isn’t changing. It’s up to you to adjust.

This blog attempts to show you how – not by making you “wrong” but by illustrating what at least one smart, strong, successful, happily married dating coach thinks. I can only assume that I serve as a proxy for many other men that you’re dating.

So, please, put your preconceived notions of how things SHOULD be aside; let’s discuss how things ARE and how you can more effectively navigate the choppy waters of dating with poise and confidence.

That’s why I recommend that you read my stuff with an open mind and consider that I’m saying this because it’s true – not because I want it to be true.

My loyalty is to truth, facts, and objectivity.

And if I’m supposed to be an advocate for women, how would it help if I lied to you and told you only what you wanted to hear?

That’s right. It wouldn’t.

Since I started this blog, I have learned a ton; both about myself and about translating men to women. I’m very confident I can help you learn as well.

I thank you for your time and interest and sincerely hope that my insights – however challenging – allow you to better understand the men that you’re dating.

Keep reading, and I’ll see you on the blog!

Site Stats as of April 1, 2016

EvanMarcKatz.com is a leader in providing dating advice, relationship advice and online dating advice to single, college educated, successful women who are serious about understanding the opposite sex and finding love.

In 2015, EvanMarcKatz.com/blog received 12,771,540 visits and 17,555,157 page views from 8,857,913 unique visitors.

This blog generates over 1,353,980 page views per month from over 791,168 unique visitors (not including RSS readers).

  • Twitter followers: 11,900
  • Facebook fans: 59,850
  • RSS readers: 3301
  • Average comments per post: 80
  • Named Blogger.com’s #2 Dating and Relationship Blog, 2007
  • Named About.com’s #2 Dating and Relationship Blog, 2011

Here are some metrics from a Dec. 2012 poll of over 2500 readers:

  • 60% of my readers are between 35-50 years old. Average age is 44.
  • 73% of my readers have a college degree. 36% have a masters or doctorate.
  • 46% of my readers are single, 52% are divorced, separated or widowed.
  • 62% of myreaders are dating actively or have relationships. 38% of my readers are dating passively or have no relationship.
  • 31% of my readers make over $75,000. 16% of my readers make over $100,000.

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