Attractive Men Don’t Make The Best Husbands

In the wake of the Anthony Wiener scandal, it’s hard not to speculate about how his beautiful, pregnant, new wife got herself involved with a guy like that.

46-year-old Weiner is a fit, intelligent, (formerly-promising) politician with a six-figure income and a reputation for being a ladies’ man.

According to Vicki Larson of Huffington Post, that’s where Weiner’s wife and other smart, beautiful, accomplished women often make their mistake. In “Hot or Not? Why Women Shouldn’t Pick Attractive Husbands”, Larson writes “The more financially independent women become, the more they prefer good-looking men. But they don’t just want their partners to be hotties; they want them to be masculine, physically fit, loving, educated, a few years older and making the big bucks. Oh, and they also have to really want to be a hubby and daddy.”

That’s a tall order.

She writes that men with more testosterone are consistently rated more handsome than other men.

And that men with more testosterone are 38 percent more likely to cheat.

She claims that the happiest couples are those in which the woman is more attractive than the man, rather than the reverse.

Read the full article here. Do you agree? What happened when you chose a guy based on his looks? Share your comments below, please.

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  1. 91

    I believe women are intimidated by good looking guys, especially if they are short or shorter than she is and more attractive than her by popular opinion.  His looks can never, ever overshadow hers at any time.  No woman wants to be the lesser attractive of the two in the relationship.  This I believe is why a lot of women hide behind the tallness and presence of a taller guy and use it as an excuse to subdue any feelings of attraction they might have for a shorter guy.  Also, when a woman has a boyfriend who towers over her, she’s immediately rewarded with praise and put on a pedestal by her peers for being able to snatch up the tall guy.  All this, regardless of her own looks.  We all know that tallness as a male is part of the attraction factor that women use as a filter to discriminate against guys.  Tall guys can harbour both extremes when grading physical looks.  It doesn’t matter if he’s tall with the face of an Ogre or the face of a super model.  His height gives him immediate popularity with the ladies.  As for shorter guys, I think the facially lesser attractive ones do better than the handsome ones because women feel less threatened by an average looking shorter guy.  The belief is that a not as handsome shorter guy would be a better catch because he’s endured a lifetime of discrimination and societal refusals.  He’s also less likely to cheat because of the minimal attention paid to him.   They know he just might latch on to the first woman who gives him the time of day which also means he’s wide open to be treated like garbage or to be taken advantage by her.  The scary thought about all of this is that some women believe short men are put on this earth to serve the women who have run out of tall guy options.  These women are forced to settle for a decent looking short guy unless they want to be alone.  I personally wouldn’t want a woman to settle on me and I’m pretty good at reading the ladies who do so.  I like those rare types that actually choose to seek me out because they find something attractive about me even though I’m not a six footer. 
    So by virtue of this article, me as a short guy who is facially attractive and body-wise attractive would be a poor choice for a husband?!  Does this mean I’m more likely to cheat too?  Good to know considering my height makes me the least desired among men by experience.

  2. 92

    So I am supposed to marry a man I am not attracted to.  And this will create a “happy” marriage. Riiiiiiiiight………

    1. 92.1

      That was never implied. What is stated, however, that we should not make decisions. Solely based on attraction. Would you rather choode fireworks and incompatibility or a steady flame and wonderful compatibility with a mate?

  3. 93
    James Braginton

    But,,,,,,,,good looking bf’s and husbands usually GET want they want. Case closed. 🙂

  4. 94

    I don’t say it’s a right claim that good looking guys make bad husbands generally. However, my luck with one wasn’t very good. He turned out an abusive man, a mamas boy. I only chose him due to his looks. We ended up in divorce only 6 months after marriage.
    So, based on my experience the claim looks fine but then I’ve seen couples like that too where the husband is more attractive than the wife.

  5. 95

    I get absolutely burnt out. I am 32, freshly divorced from a true gentleman. I am currently dating a man, 6″5 ” head turner” as they say. He has proven to be a compulsive liar, and I cannot take it anymore. I find myself living in paranoia not because he is handsome, but because he has proved to be a liar and mix that with the fact women stare at him wherever we go is an equation for misery.


  6. 96

    This makes me want to cry. It means I cant be with a guy that I have fire for who easily turns me on. It means I have to settle in order to be treated well…Its not fair.


    1. 96.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      That’s not what it says at all. Try reading it again – or, better yet, talk to any of your happily married friends who are attracted to their spouses and have satisfying sex lives in spite of the fact that they don’t have “fire” after 10 years.

  7. 97
    See Three Pee Oh

    Wait, Anthony Weiner is considered “handsome”? Really? See, in the article they said a “hot or handsome” man and then said Weiner was fit with a 6 figure income. So, if a man is not fat & has a 6 figure income, he is considered “HOT”???  I think Zac Efron is HOT. He is also fit & makes WAY more than The old Weiner. Rob Pattinson is HOT, fit & makes WAY more $$ than the old Weiner as well.

    I guess “Hot” is skewed as you get older, huh? I guess Yoda is considered “HOT” too,huh? I mean, he’s well off and has his own little hut in the swamps, he’s makes “six figures” from training young Jedi Knights. He’s “FIT”. I mean he is HOT, right? (rolls eyes).

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