How Many Emails Do The Most Attractive Women Get Online?

How Many Emails Do The Most Attractive Women Get Online?

In preparation for my free teleclass next Tuesday, I’m going to be asking two new online questions each day and would greatly appreciate your responses. With your participation, I think we can all learn something fundamental about online dating. So here’s my first question:

How many emails do you think the most attractive women in their 20’s and 30’s get per a week on a major dating site?

Please respond in the comments below.

Talk to you soon!


P.S. Don’t worry – our regular Thursday reader questions will still be answered as long as I’m in town.

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  1. 211

    I’m a 31 year old very attractive female that gets absolutely inundated with emails from guys on pof!! It can be a pain in the butt especially considering the sad fact that pretty much all the guys that write me I’m not interested in…now I’ve been off and on Match for some time but I’ve never been overwhelmed with emails! Match baffles the hell out of me!! Also my response rate to emails I send out is less than 10%-pretty humiliating!! Bizarre thing is that I’m the “hot” girl (although I don’t write to “hot” guys)- I don’t know if it’s that I’m 35 minutes from Miami (where most young professionals live here) oh so far lol (I’m being sarcastic)or maybe that I make more money than most of the men??!!

    1. 211.1

      My opinion–after being on Match, POF, and OKC–is that Match has a BUNCH of fake profiles.  Most of the guys I heard from on Match were scam profiles.  I think that’s why you got so few responses.

  2. 212

    Hi. Well I’m a 44 year old women and I receive on average 15 to 20 emails a day and probably around 50 winks.

  3. 213

    I’m 59 and recently put up a profile on POF and OKCupid. I had a great photo and a fantastic profile (I received MANY comments from men of all ages about how I had the most fun profile they’d ever seen). I didn’t place close attention to my numbers but I averaged around 150-200/wk for the first couple of weeks on OKC, then it dropped to about 50-60/wk on OKC.  I don’t remember the number on POF, but it was less. It was overwhelming, since (as someone else mentioned), I wanted to send polite responses to out-of-towners (I’m only interested in dating locally). So I’d guess a YOUNG, gorgeous woman would get in the neighborhood of 400-500 a week.

    After 6 weeks and 6 First Dates, I suspended both my profiles because I was so overwhelmed by the number of responses and so disappointed by the dates. One super-nice guy I had nothing in common with, one guy who couldn’t keep his hands off me and didn’t stop talking for 4 hours, one guy who didn’t stop talking for 3 hours, 2 guys obviously looking for a sugar momma, and one who made a super-creepy sex abuse joke.

    I’m not gorgeous but I had one photo that was particularly great, which I used as the search photo.  I made sure the rest of the photos showed the real me, and even said in my profile that I look my age, and to “please look at all my photos to check out my wrinkles.” (Yes, it was a humorous profile.)  The main thing I had learned from a previous attempt on was not to wear my glasses in the search picture–nobody would even look at me!



  4. 214

    I’m a young female physician in a moderately big city and got 400 emails by day 4 and 1611 profile views by day 6, and my profile was hidden about 1/3 of that time. Then I got totally freaked out and took it down.

  5. 215

    I opened a pof (plenty of fish) account this morning which is the first dating site I have ever done. I wont be doing one again either. After 17 hours of my profile being active I had 47 messages and 122 “meet me” requests. I had never been on a site like this and quite honestly it did not feel respectful at all, not saying anyone was rude to me but as the “meet me” requests continued to climb I felt as if I should be calling someone to be my pimp and another to be my bodyguard. Even thoughI had set criteria I was still getting requests from 27 year old boys and Im 42!!! My oldest son is almost 24…I dont want to date his friends..geeesh! My profile also is set at I”m not looking for a relationship” cuz basically Im looking for friends that can help me expand on my knowledge of life skills & hang out casually and have innocent fun. I got soooo many messages and meet me requests for men actively looking for a relatonship. So in my 20 hour experience on a dating site I felt like a piece of meat and not truly being heard for what I was looking for by being on there…okay rant over, sorry! Lol

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