What Can I Do To Find Love? (Video)

What Can I Do To Find Love?

Welcome back for the third video in this series. The last one was about confidence. I hope you really enjoyed that. I hope you were able to take that message and see some results in your love life when it came to carrying yourself with confidence, and assuming the answer is yes.

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Make The Most Attractive Man Fall For You Every Time (Video)

Assume the answer is yes

Welcome back to my video series. Last week I did something on comparison being enemy of contentment, looking at other people’s lives with envy, making ourselves less happy, sapping our own confidence because we’re unfairly comparing ourselves to others, which of course is not real. We don’t necessarily envy people’s reality, we envy the fantasy of what we think other people have.

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Comparison is the Enemy of Contentment (Video)

Comparison is the Enemy of Contentment

I rarely make videos, which makes me particularly excited about the prospect of what I’m going to share with you today. This is the first in a series of videos I’m going to be making for you over the next few weeks. They should be fun, they should be thought-provoking. I’d love for you…

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