How Soon Should I Tell A Date That I’m a Virgin?

Dear Evan,

I am 27 and a virgin. I am sure that no one expects this of me :-) How do I address this issue when I meet someone “quality”?  As a man, would you expect to learn what you’re “dealing with” or would you rather not be freaked out in advance and learn it in the process? :-) Thanks!


I’m nineteen years old, I know there is a problem with me because I can’t seem to have a long-term relationship with a guy. The longest of my relationships lasted about three months. I’ve dated a lot, since I never find what I’m looking for, and I always end up giving up on them or if I get rejected I feel like I’m not good enough. It seems like all the “normal” guys are already taken. And I don’t know what is it that I’m doing wrong. Also, I think I’m always attracted to the same type of men (jerks).

Another thing that concerns me is that I’m a virgin, and I like older guys, so it is a bit of a problem, and I won’t get physical with a guy even if I like him a lot because I’d like to get to know that person better before sleeping with him. Nowadays it is like if guys don’t get that, they will walk away from you. I know sex is super important in order for a relationship to work out, just as chemistry is, but if I don’t get to know him first, how am I supposed to feel comfortable to do it?

Now whenever I meet someone new, as soon as I can, I’ll let him know I’m a virgin. Do you think that’s bad?? Should I wait to know them better before telling them?

Please let me know what you think!


I’ve printed these two letters back to back because…

-They’re letters from two virgins. (Yay, virgins!)

-They contain some universal themes that our older readers can definitely apply to themselves. And yes, everyone reading this is probably older than 19.

First, let’s look closer at Hely’s question:

I’ve dated a lot, since I never find what I’m looking for, and I always end up giving up on them or if I get rejected I feel like I’m not good enough. It seems like all the “normal” guys are already taken. And I don’t know what is it that I’m doing wrong. Also, I think I’m always attracted to the same type of men (jerks).

This letter did NOT have to be written by a 19-year-old. I think many of us can relate to her issues today. And I, for one, want to protect her from writing this same email to me in another twenty years.

So first, Hely, please read this article, which is an excerpt from Why You’re Still Single entitled: Tip Your Baggage Handler (Do You Keep Falling For Jerks?).

But in brief, I will tell you this:

If a guy isn’t treating you the way you want to be treated, leave him. It’s not your job to change him.

If a guy says he cares about you, but doesn’t back it up with his actions, leave him. It’s not your job to change him.

If a guy wants you to change for him in a fundamental way that is uncomfortable to you, leave him. It’s not his job to change you.

Which brings us to the meat of your question: should you tell him right up front that you’re a virgin?

Actually, no. I don’t think so.

But to explain my position, let me share with you the two virgin stories I have in my massive portfolio of dating tales. … This is NOT the story of how I lost my virginity (It was to a stranger from EastCarolinaUniversity), but rather, two stories of how I confronted two women who told me they were virgins early on.

One of them was back in college. We dated for a few weeks. She asked me to take her virginity. I knew I didn’t see myself with her long-term so I broke up with her. Better for her to find a guy who cared about her than to be with a guy who slept with her and left her shortly thereafter.

The next time, I was probably 30. My date was 27. She confessed to me before we ever went out that she was a virgin. She didn’t feel that she had to be married first, but wanted, at least, to be in love. I respected her honesty and thought she was very cool. We went out a couple of times and never slept together, which was probably for the best.

So what can we learn from these stories of innocence and sexlessness?

Well, for one, we learn that it can be extremely easy to take advantage of a virgin. All I had to do is act like I cared for a couple more dates and I could have de-virginized two women. It sounds awful, but there are some guys who think this is hot, the highest notch you can get on your bedpost. Sex with a virgin is next to impossible once you’re in your twenties. And who doesn’t crave an appointment with the impossible?

The problem, Hely and Milisenta, is that you can never tell which guys REALLY care about you and which ones just want to be able to say they slept with a virgin.

Which is why I’d advise you to keep your mouth shut. Yes, there are men who might be turned off by your lack of experience. But there are also men who might be turned on by it.

The best way I see you dealing with this issue is not to make it an issue at all. Go out with men, let them chase you, let them flirt with you, let them kiss you, let them touch you. You can probably go out on a good three or four dates before you actually have to have the “sex” conversation.

And at that time, just be honest. Mostly.

“I didn’t want to freak you out or make a big deal out of this, but I only want to have sex with someone that I’m in a committed relationship with. I’m really attracted to you, but until I’m sure that we’re going to be boyfriend/girlfriend, I have to keep saying no. How do you feel about that?”

From here, you can gauge if he’s serious about YOU or about SEX, and you don’t even have to “out” yourself as a virgin. If he makes it clear that he wants to be in a relationship with you, you can decide if you like him and trust him enough to be your “first”. And if so, THEN you can tell him that you’ve never had sex before.

And if I’m reading this wrong – if you NEVER plan to have sex outside marriage – this is something that can be brought up once the conversation arises organically. The same way that I might really want to have kids, but won’t start discussing baby names on the first date.

Good luck finding a guy who makes that first time worthwhile!


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  1. 1

    Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of especially if you’re a woman. And if you are to give up your virginity, make sure that it will be worth it and not just with any “—hole”. It’s not just your virginity that you are offering but your whole being.

  2. 2
    mrs. vee

    Great advice again, Evan.

    I know women who got sick of their virginity and gave it away just to get it “out of the way”.

    Try to avoid that course of action, ladies. You won’t regret it.

  3. 3

    Never tell this when the time is right. I agree with lyric, Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of especially if youre a woman.

  4. 4

    Maybe this will make you feel better: my first husband was a virgin when we met. He was 28 at the time. There wasn’t a thing wrong with him, he was just very career driven and hadn’t dated much. He wasn’t the least bit ashamed of his status, though he was happy to finally have a reason to experience sex (i.e., finding someone he wanted to be in a committed relationship with). That was 20 years ago, but things weren’t any different back then for guys than they are today. Most lost their cherries in high school or freshman year of college. I was far more experienced than he, but as Evan says, the subject just kind of came up organically. No one forced any issues.

    In my opinion, women should not have sex with any man who hasn’t at least declared his sincere intention to continue seeing her for the foreseeable future. This is the bare minimum. Ideally, you both agree to be monogamous, he has told you he loves you, and you see this relationship potentially headed someplace. I don’t say this because I’m a prude or some big moralist; I say it because few things are more emotionally painful than oxytocin withdrawal. You really do create a very powerful bond with a lover, hormonally — to the point where a physical craving quickly develops. That’s a big part of where the “falling in love” feeling comes from — you can’t keep your hands off this person, you want to be with them all the time! It’s almost a physical ache when you’re apart. Men are affected to some extent, but with women it’s a serious whammy… and it hurts like hell when you are feeling all bonded and in love with a guy, and they decide, “Eh, on to the next conquest.”

    My advice to all ladies, virgins or not, of any age, is… take care of your heart. Following the script Evan suggested, and then sticking to your guns, is the best way I know of to weed out the players and protect yourself emotionally. Who needs all the wear and tear?

    1. 4.1

      i just realized i’m turning 20 and i’m still a virgin. Big deal! It’s just that, nothing more! i coudn’t agree more with you. U said exactly what i believe it’s the right thing so say, do and think!

  5. 5

    right on! BeenThruTheWars

  6. 6

    Hey! It’s me Hely and i wanted to thank Evan for taking the time to write back and giving me great advises;) From now on i’ll try to not make it an issue!
    And thanks guys for leaving comments as well.

  7. 7

    Hey I just wanted to say great advice everybody. I know men and women but mostly women that have been disappointed because of pressure that they feel to have sex with Mr. Right Now. Great advice and support for women to hear.

  8. 8

    I think you dont have to be shy and worried of being a virgin because your still young . Bieng a virgin is sacred and blessed as written in the bible. Hely your husband soon deserves the first.

  9. 10

    hey thanks for this article… it is very helpful and relieving.

  10. 11

    Being a virgin sucks. I’m 28, still a virgin and I hate it so bad. I should have lost it when I was 20 and I have this amazing boyfriend who loved me, the only man in my entire life who has really loved me. But I was so stupid to believe that s… of waiting until getting married to pleased God. I really regret it every day. How could I be so idiot? In the first place, I’m sure that any “God” gives a damn about me.
    Love isn’t real. Now I know that I have to find out someone who helps me get rid of “this”, just for me, without giving any love and of course, without expecting being loved. I know sounds sad, but life it’s hard, the world isn’t made of cotton candy.

    Don’t make my mistake, if you feel like wanting to have sex, do it before all your friends get married and you are the only virgin single watching everybody having a life while you still trust in silly dreams, but without any real possibility of know what it feels like.


    1. 11.1

      Remaining pure is a great thing and it shows how much you value yourself. You wanting to lose your virginity to anyone just shows that you do not value yourself, have low self-esteem and you have other issues/problems that your going through. Losing your virginity will not get rid of those problems. God does care about you and loves you. Maybe you have not found the right person because you don’t have a strong foundation and your belief in God is weak. If you go and lose your virginity to just anyone you may get pregnant or get a disease. It only takes one time for this to happen. Connect with people who are practicing abstinence and your perspective on it will change. There is more to life than sex and sex was made for a husband and wife so they can keep enjoying each other until death do them part. There’s nothing wrong with doing things the right way. You need to stop comparing yourself to other people because you are a unique individual and your purpose in life is different then theirs. Seek God with your mind, heart, and soul and ask him to reveal to you what your purpose is. Best wishes!

    2. 11.2
      same here

      I agree 100%. I fell for it too and regret it more than you can ever imagine. Just live your life.

    3. 11.3

      Your so wrong.You just wanted to have sex because the time was good then and you may wouldn’t have lost you then bf.Now that is not love.Nothing’s wrong with being pure or unexperienced maybe god wants you that way until you marry your husband.It says in the bible to only be with your husband and better to be virgin when marry.Now why would you want to ruin all that?He’d appreciate that and think your special for waiting so long.I know it sucks and it’s hard but it will be worth it and you’d look back and remember you with only your husband!That’s how i see it.

  11. 12

    I’m 37 years old and I’m a virgin.  I’m not embarrassed by it because it’s helped me weed out the good guys from the bad – there have been guys who’ve dropped me like a hot potato after finding out, others have laughed in my face upon hearing the “news” and teased me about it, others have broken up with me upon hearing about it.  Do I miss any of them?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been propositioned by these guys who’ve tried to talk me out of my decision.  Even friends have told me that I should just “get it over with” or “it’s not going to make you a bad person if you have sex”, but they’re also the ones who are complaining about having dated a guy for several years and haven’t yet gotten a wedding ring, or they’ve had to give their guy an ultimatum to get married or they’re going to break up.  I don’t want that type of relationship.
    I know how my heart works and if I were to have sex with guys that I date, I would be crushed and be an emotional wreck.  That’s not worth it to me.
    So as far as I’m concerned, I’m keeping my v-card even if I’m considered to be in the minority.  I want a guy who loves and cherishes who I am…not just my “wet parts”.

    1. 12.1

      Hi I’m a 35 y.o virgin and my longest relationship has only been less than 2 months. I always get dumped because I refuse to put out… I do let men know in advance though that sex i off the table and they always say the respect it but then start getting upset and frustrated not too long into the relationship. I’m starting to feel really bad about myself and thinking maybe I have nothing to offer and that’s why im unable to secure a longlasting committed relationship leading to marriage. Thanks for this article and the comments, they’be given me a sense of hope despite the sadness i’m feeling…

  12. 13

    Many thx to this post!!
    And Hely!! I have the situation,, exactly just the same one u have.. So glad knowing I’m not the only one who have this issue.

    And thx Evan! Ure the best!

  13. 14

    Hey I am 24 and still a virgin. Saved me so much heartache. These comments helped me because it seems that every guy I date who has been around will have these ominous expectations of me. I wonder what they really think about it though. In any case, at least I know I wont be hurt real bad and that my future spouse will appreciate me.

  14. 15

    OMG! so I’m not the oldest living Virgin! I’m 34 year old African-American female ,my story is the same as the others but very ,very,very comlicated. when I was in school I became fast friends with a girl in college , she wasn’t raised like I was. long story short I became a mum at 25. Men dont want to get to know me because they assume I have baggage, that I have “baby daddy” issuses. so most of the time I have to block there stereotypes of me. I mean  I have a child I had to have sex to have her….right? WRONG. It doesnt help that I’m pretty and that I’m a twin……she’s not a virgin.(she lost it at 25). whatvI think is funny is men say they want a women that loves her self and have class ,but the minute they find out you are a virgin its like they become weak…within two seconds. there out the door because you just became to much work, men are so use to transaction dont really want to work for it anymore , I want a man! period , and if I have to wait then so be it. 

    1. 15.1


  15. 16

    That’s what I needed to ear. Just got 20 not long time ago and still virgin. I will take your advise Evan when you said: ”I didn’t want to freak you out or make a big deal out of this, but I only want to have sex with someone that I’m in a committed relationship with. I’m really attracted to you, but until I’m sure that we’re going to be boyfriend/girlfriend, I have to keep saying no. How do you feel about that?” 

    I used to tell it right on to make things clear, because I don’t want to be attached to someone that will drop me when he’ll knows that i’m still a virgin. Anyway, thank you so much.

  16. 17
    a virgin

    erm…most people do NOT know the meaning of passion…


  17. 18

    I agree that girls and womans being virgin until their get married and give that virginity to man being her husband,she good womans, that like pearls in the sea because their really keep their virginity until they meet someone who became their husbands.

  18. 19

    Being a virgin is a very, very, sad position to be in if its involuntary due to being put through rejection time and time again. I was a virgin until the age of 28. I was ready for sex and desired a sex partner since I was 16. For what ever reason no one ever cared enough to give the freedom to express my sexuality… And believe me I tried! After a tour of duty in Afghanistan, I was going to kill myself because no woman wanted me! I was litterally going mad… The when I got back home to Arizona, a budy of mine explained to me that women dont like a man who is NEEDDY or needs their comfort. I was rejected for so long and so many times, I had no self confidence towards women. This caused me to NEED them to like me … I tried extra extra hard! I bought my dates flowers and opened the doors for them at resteraunts… Buy the third date, I would even give my dates a 18k gold bracelet just to say thanks for not dumping me sooner. Being too nice always backfired… By the fourth or fifth date they usually would want to remain “just friends”. I didnt even have a chance to make an offer to have sex… Anyway, instead of killing myself, (at the time seemed like a viable option) I opted to allow my buddy to order a call girl (prostitute) so I could have a “make believe” girlfriend… one who cared enough about me to express her love and acceptance for me. The reason I was a virgin until the over-ripe age of 28… I just wanted a woman to accept me for who I was and to give herself to me as some sign that I was humanaly worthy, based on my own merits, to recieve her love with the joy of sexual freedom. Every man wants the same… ACCEPTANCE! Some of you women think sex is a vile evil pleasure that men want inflict upon women… Some of you women are so busy protecting your virtue-closet, that you fail to understand that sex is the ultimate expession of acceptance. If dont comfort the man you love with sex, ultimately he will feel rejected… After two-weeks to a month of rejection… any man in their right mind will walk away! Who wants to live in missery and rejection? One lady stated that her boyfriend went 3 months without having sex with her… That poor soul, he put up with all that rejection and then she has the nerve to walk away from the relationship because she was too busy protecting her virtue-closet! Give me a break! Selfish women who only think of themself as the center of the universe will no see any value in sex… Being selfish and creating a “qualification list” of 1001 conditions that must be met before sexual contact is permitted…. THAT IS NOT LOVE, its more like a job interview that files every interview in the “UNQUALIFIED” section of the virtue closet! People get real and start living in the human state you were born in!

    1. 19.1

      Wow, You’re A Man Who Thinks Women Owe You Sex Just Because You’re “Nice”. Women DOn’t OwE Any Men Sex. Period. 

  19. 20

    I am a virgin but no one knows because I do it humbly and for the Lord. Please believe if it was up to me I would have been scored a touchdown. Moreover, I desire to be married and enjoy myself in the near future. In the meantime I will NOT tell a man up front that I’m a virgin. I told my ex I was a virgin early in the relationship and he tried too hard to get me in his bed. As a result, it may be a turn for a guy but its not any of his business until we both like/love each other for me to share my heart.

  20. 21

    I’m 21, have pink blond and red hair.. Used to be blue and black I stand out 😉 a lot of people would would not guess that I was a Sunday school teacher for 6 years but also myself a virgin.. And For a reason. Not because “i cant get any”..My best friend lost hers at 14 and I’ve lost count of how many guys she’s been with.. 40 Probably.. She now has a 1yr old. And has a different guy every week at least, and I think that is disgusting. She has tried to set me up many times and I have denied their one night stands because I will not stoop to her level. She is extremely emotionally unstable, and incapable of committing. Has been “engaged” at least 5 times and she is 1 year younger than me.. So yeh.. I love my best friend but you know?
    After observing her from the side over the years…  Being the “3rd wheel” countless times. I have to say I am MUCH more proud to be a virgin than to have followed the crowd and end up with a baby on my hip!! And addicted to cigarettes! Or alcohol! Or drugs and No STDs! (which don’t have to do with virginity, that’s referring to things I didn’t follow the crowd on lol) so yeh.. I have options :) and am loving it…

  21. 22
    self controlled

    I’m a virgin as well hey Lance you are being one sided the man rejected the woman for 3 months also.
    I’m 24 i never expected to still be a virgin this long especially when i am known for being someone who has alot of drive and motivation.
    There are times when i feel sadness for being completely ignored and rejected by man also. I start to feel a bit silly sometimes like i have many talents why still a virgin.
    In my country you can have sex at 16 so think about it i have been rejected for 8 years by men too believe me rejection can hurt like hell but it just makes you stronger and now i’m applying for a job in marketing and sales.


  22. 23
    self controlled

    Guess what i have even been to art college, social gatherings, i’m going to my 5th university and i have met so many people yet i’m still a virgin so that just proves beautiful well i know i’m not ugly and talented women still get rejected too.

  23. 24

    i think that its awesome that you wait till you know them better before sleeping with them. if i had a chance to get to know you i would love that bc i want to find a virigin wife.

  24. 25

    I was a virgin at twenty, and so far I have not met any guys (or girls) who have dropped me for that reason. Most of them directly pursued it. There are several reasons why things didn’t work out with them.
    However, I was afraid that it was going to become a problem later, so I had sex with another virgin that I was not even physically attracted to. That’s the only thing I was looking for, really. Physical attraction. I didn’t neccessarily want commitment. The problem is that I am a little shy and hence don’t exactly meet a lot of people. So I chose to ‘get it over with’ as the saying goes, before it was too late.
    What I think is that those guys or girls who refuse to DATE (as opposed to only have sex with) virgins purely because they are virgins just aren’t great communicators when it comes to sex. And I’ve noticed that most of them aren’t very open to feedback themselves. Sex is nothing but communication, so the quality of sex with those people is questionable. I would rather have sex with a virgin again than with someone who just can’t communicate what he/she likes. I’ve also noticed that people who DO seem to understand that communication is key aren’t afraid of telling a person with little experience what they like and how to do what. Sadly, they are harder to find than you’d think.
    So looking back, I have mixed feelings about what I did. In a way I wish I could erase the memories because I am disgusted about ever having had sex with him. On the other hand, I still think it’s the rational thing to do because it can save you a lifetime of rejection later on. Most people only hear the word ‘virgin’ and they’ll start looking for the nearest exit. Don’t assume that they are going to stick around to hear your story, because what they’ll assume is that you’re rigid and don’t like sex, that you’re a ‘religious nutcase’, or that nobody wants you. All shallow reactions, yes. But they are likely to happen. Keep that in mind.

  25. 26

    Don’t waste any more of your time regretting what’s done.
    And don’t live your life according to what shallow people or “most people” may or may not do. Especially when they’re not even people you know.

  26. 27
    self controlled

    Yes i’m a virgin because women get rejected by men too its just no one wants to talk about it, no woman wants to admit that she gets rejected from men on a constant day to day basis. 

    I’m a virgin because:
    1.) I get rejected by men a lot
    2.) I found out a guys personality before things move to sex so i reject men also if i don’t like their personality
    3.) I am efficient at masturbation and i have experienced 20,000 orgasms already i enjoy these very much so i’m not anti-sexual so i don’t need men for sex i need companionship
    4.) It just never happened to me 
    5.) I feel uncomfortable making a real sexual history with men or women for that matter
    6.) I have experienced sexual feelings for men and women but i can’t do jackshit about it if they don’t feel the same way likewise if they like me and i don’t like them either!!

  27. 28

    If you are an extroverted person and fall fast and hard staying a virgin longterm is unrealistic.  On the other hand if you are genuinely an introverted and or shy person, getting intimately close to another person–any other person–is a big deal and you shouldn’t do it unless you are with someone who appreciates or at least recognizes this element of your personality.
    You don’t want to put yourself in the position of “getting rid of it” with someone who might say “that’s not a big deal”.

  28. 29

    I, for one, think it’s absolutely beautiful that you’re a virgin.  If you want to be a virgin and “lose” your virginity to the man that you love and marry, good for you.
    If you don’t care about it, go ahead, sleep with the guys (no judgement here by the way).
    The only time I’d tell a man I’m a virgin, (well at 60, I’ve tried but………) is, if I knew him and wanted to marry him and my virginity was important to me for that reason.
    Hm.  Another few thoughts.  You’re inexperienced and maybe he isn’t (or is).  It will give you “practice” for the man you love (if virginity isn’t the issue).  It could make you radiant with happiness (sex can do that) or as miserable as hell (cos if you get attached, note gentlemen, I did say “if”, and he couldn’t give a toss, what about the emotional side of it all?
    I always taught my own kid this.  She thought being a virgin was hilarious (sorry to say that, and wish I could say the opposite but that’s a lie).  So I told her, if you seriously love him, and you think he acts as if he seriously loves you, go ahead and make love, because at least you will have made love, and not just had meaningless sex.
    To this day, her first lover (I think he was a virgin too, but you don’t like to ask your daughter’s boyfriend, right?) means something to her, even if they are not together.
    Something to think about.

  29. 30

    I am a 22 year old virgin, though I do not think I will be a virgin for much longer… 
    Please, let me explain… 
    I have felt a lot of pressure from my peers to have sex (it is amazing how people feel like they can have such strong opinions on my sex life). But a lot of my friends don’t care that I’m a virgin, and those are the lovely accepting ones I keep around! 
    For a long time I thought I was still a virgin because I ‘hadn’t met the right person yet’, and even though it is important to surround yourself people who value you as a human being (like a partner), over time I realized there were other factors at play.

    What I’ve found is often forgotten is asking yourself ‘Am I ready?’ and ‘Do I want this?’ Its the simplest thing really, but it is so easy to forget to check in with yourself! Especially when you’re so worried about what other people think. Because even when I met great people who I had chemistry with and felt connected to, I didn’t have sex because I wasn’t READY to have sex. Which is why I’m still a virgin! 

    Why I think I will soon no longer be a virgin is because I’ve changed my way of thinking about my virginity, and I’m learning to know myself and my body better and what I am looking for in a significant other.
    So instead of looking at is as ‘loosing’ my virginity, I am looking at it as the beginning of my sexual exploration! I will know when I’m ready because I will WANT to have sex. I will know when it’s right to loose my virginity because I will feel comfortable, safe, and prepared, and that my partner feels the same way.  Yay, consent! 

    During my first sexual experience, I was told by the person I was making out with, “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to”. Regardless of your gender, you should ALWAYS be checking in with your partner to make sure they are ok. Ask if they want to have sex. After that, you can check in with a simple, “Do you like that?”, make sure you listen to them and their body language. There are other things you can do in bed without having to have sex right away, and really helped me get comfortable. Test out the waters! Just say you’re not ready for sex, but would like to try…other things! 

    If sex is scary to you, like it was for me, try doing some research! Watch some luci green on youtube and/or have some fun and fool around with someone you like without doing the whole sex thing right off the bat, because a lot of anxiety may be from feeling like you don’t know anything, and you can fix that. Let’s be brave! And remember, don’t give yourself time limits or worry about your age, because everyone has their life experiences at different times (plus, as you can see from all the comments, look how many virgins there still are! We are not alone!). 

    Also, a helpful thing someone told me that I like to remember is no matter what your size, shape, appearance, WHATever… most likely that person you’re with is just super stoked that you are naked;)

    I hope this post maybe made someone else feel better about their situation. Coming from someone who has had a lot of anxiety on this topic, reading internet posts about other peoples experiences really helped me… simply because now I know that there are other, similar people out there in the world:) and that I’m not weird for being a virgin! And neither are you! Peace y’all! 

    1. 30.1

      I feel relieve knowing that I’m not alone. What sometimes makes it difficult is not having anyone to relate to. I’m a 30 year old virgin and I agree this you and most of the previous post. So yes I am this way not because of church but because I just have not found that connection with anyone yet to Want to have that experience with. There are so much people now that don’t take sex as something special but just something fun to do. It’s sad really. I want something that thinks that its something special to share yourself with and therefore believe your are even more special for sharing something that means a lot to you with them.
      I believe the problem in today society that it is no longer thought or preach to young people that your body is like a temple and you not have be ashamed or pressured into allowing any and everyone to worship it especially when they don’t intend to remain a vivid follower or stay true to you. I have decided more now that ever to stay true to myself and not give into loneliness or pressure. One need to learn to love themselves first before they can allow anyone to love them cause how can them appreciate you if you don’t even appreciate yourself. 
      Reading all this have help me a lot and have put my mind at ease for I to was questioning if something was wrong with my for wanting what I did since I’ve met no one that feels or wants the same thing. I could go on and on, on this topic.
      I have been searching the internet for something like this and I’m so glad that I found this blog/site.
      So I would like to say Thank You Dear Evan for doing this topic and also thanks to everyone that posted. You all have no idea how your views have impacted my conscience. For that I’m gratefully appreciative,.
      Again THANK YOU. 

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