Do You Have a Secret Crush?

I just got a call from a friend who produces reality television. She’s trying to cast a new show that is designed to empower women – not exploit them. Check out the description below and email her if you’re interested in finally doing something about your secret crush…

Do you have a secret crush? On your boss? On your next door neighbor?On your best friend? Do you want to share your secret on national TV?

We’re looking for a female who lives in Southern CA (preferably the Los Angeles area) who has a crush on a guy who knows her, but has no idea how she feels. Maybe there’s a mismatch: she’s Goth and he’s Ivy League; or he’s the life of the party and she’s shy; or he’s good looking and she needs a makeover; or different religious backgrounds keep them apart. Our experts will help her work her way through the problems so she can tell him how she feels.

New Screen Concepts ( is an award winning television production company producing SHARING SECRETS, a pilot for a reputable, prime-time cable network.

Write us at [email protected] with your story and/or a number where we can call you.Tell us about yourself and your crush “target” and why he’s the one for you.

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  1. 2

    dear lord- there’s no way I’d have the balls to do this.

  2. 3

    Could they set me up with Jon Bon Jovi?

    I’d be willing to get a makeover!

  3. 4

    RFLMAO @ Lucy’s comment!

    How about if he’s much younger then you? (thinks about Nolan Funk sigh)

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