4 Week Romance Course4 Week Romance Course

Attract the Best Men Online

If you’ve ever tried online dating, you know how frustrating it can be. The wrong people contact you, the right people ignore you, and just when you think you’ve made a connection – poof! – it disappears.

And while there’s strong temptation to just give up, quitting’s not the answer. After all, how many men do you meet in “real life”? Not that many. And if you’re only going on five dates a year, you’re not going to find love any time soon. Which is why the trick to creating love from scratch is in learning to make online dating work for you.

That’s my specialty.

Within a few weeks, you’ll have a new profile, new photos, a new email technique, a new understanding of the opposite sex, and a new lease on your love life.

Below are just a few of the things that we’ll cover during your online dating coaching sessions:

  • Ever wonder why men ask for your phone number and never call? An insider’s psychology lesson into the mind of the male online dater…
  • The 2 qualities that matter most in determining whether it’s worth your time to write to someone. If you’re not screening the people you’re interested in with these 2 simple criteria, you may be attracting less than desirable individuals!
  • How to use “The Questionnaire” technique to save a failing email exchange. I’ve never seen this taught anywhere else, but it works like a charm!
  • The biggest mistake that ambushes 98% of all online daters like a bear trap… and how YOU can avoid it!
  • Why writing to fewer people each month instead of using the typical “numbers game” approach will get you more quality matches, guaranteed.
  • A specific technique to slow down men who push too hard to meet, without turning them off completely .
  • How you can be more selective than Harvard and still have plenty of dating options!
  • Why people with average profiles are usually better in real life and people with amazing profiles are often worse…
  • 2 surefire techniques to write an amazing first email that gets an eager response…
  • The deadly “Pedestal Principle” and how it could be silently killing your chances of online dating success! If you don’t know what it is, chances are, it is already affecting you…
  • How to go from online exchanges to an offline meeting as smoothly and quickly as possible. And exactly how long it should take to get to your first in-person meeting…
  • The REAL reason why people disappear in the middle of emailing you. It’ll save you hours of agonizing why your “perfect” match suddenly stopped communicating.
  • How to set up a magnetic and appealing online dating profile. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can do this, and stunned at the amount of quality responses you get!

As a dating coach, your success is my success. Your happiness is my happiness. I take pride in seeing the results you get after just a few months of working together.

Soon you’ll understand everything there is to know about the opposite sex, so that you can create the love life you deserve – without further coaching!

That’s right. My job is not to keep you as a client forever. My job is to get you results – and show you how to make healthy decisions on your own for the rest of your life.

When we’re done, you’ll not only have confidence and peace over the dating process, but you’ll also have the one thing that you should never be without: love.

So if you’re ready to take a huge leap in the most important area of your life, I’m committed to helping you with my Romance Course, where you will receive:

  • Online dating profile written by me – I will create two 200 word essays for you after you fill out my e-Cyrano questionnaire and we discuss it on the phone for an hour.
  • Professional online dating photos taken by LookBetterOnline or DatingHeadshots.
  • A softcover copy of my signature book, “Why He Disappeared” – Everything you need to know about why men choose some women and not others.
  • Believe in Love – an easy, 7-step process that gives you all the tools you need to date with confidence and optimism, and attract the man of your dreams.
  • My “Finding the One Online” audio program – A comprehensive home-study guide about how to master online dating: 7CDs, a 180 page transcript, and a 35 page workbook.
  • FOCUS Coaching – My popular monthly lecture series with a live Q&A, digital downloads, physical CDs, and access to a private online forum filled with hundreds of women like you.
  • 4 weeks of private online dating coaching – Together, we log into your dating account and learn to understand the male online dating experience, look up attractive men, email, flirt, learn to handle the online dating process, and screen men from the phone to your first date.
  • All private coaching sessions recorded and emailed to you upon request.

Please click below to fill out the application below to learn more about my affordable and customized dating coaching packages.

I look forward to showing you a new path to love.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz

  • Shelagh M.

    "Dale and I have been together for two and a half years and will be married in 3 months."

    Two and a half years ago I was frustrated, sad and a little hopeless. I had had yet another man leave me suddenly and I was so confused. I knew I hadn't done anything to warrant his departure and yet I could not deny that the only common denominator in all my failed relationships was me! I had started to read Evan's blog and everything he said resonated: I really believed there were good men out there - after all many of my friends had met and married good men- and I had finally come to accept that the only thing I could change was me. So I signed up for private coaching and promised myself that I would do whatever Evan suggested even those things I knew I would want to resist.

    Evan helped me with my profile, recommended a photographer for professional photos and I started to date using his advice. Within a month I met Dale. Now, in hindsight I can see something which was not obvious to me then: when I met a man who was really open to a relationship, and who I might like, I wanted to run - made excuses as to why he wasn't right or talked myself into moving onto a less available man. And of course this was true of Dale too. In this case though I had Evan - who encouraged me to " stop paying attention to how I feel and start paying attention to how he treats me".

    Never before have I received better advice! To make a long story short Dale and I have been together for two and a half years and will be married in 3 months. I love him and am so happy and excited to start a new life and family together.

    It's not that I don't think I wouldn't have found love and marriage eventually on my own but I do know that I would not have found it as quickly nor as painlessly without Evans help. And who wants to wait to be happy?? Evan thank you for everything!

    Your ever grateful client,

    Shelagh M.