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Are You Starting Over or Taking a Break?

You’re in between men right now.
You’re getting over your ex.
You’re taking a break.
You’re on guy-atus.
You’re focusing on you.

That’s good, because until you feel better about yourself, men, and the possibility of true love, there is little to gain from going out on a date.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.

Nearly 40% of my readers are in the exact same position as you: burned out by online dating, getting over a heartbreak, or recently divorced after a long marriage.

Starting over is daunting, but what choice do you have? Love makes the world go ‘round and you’re certainly not going to spend the rest of your life alone.

So right now, I’m going to show you how to let go of your past and embrace the excitement of new love without all the fear and baggage that can weigh you down.

Believe me, I’m not telling you to “get over it”. I’m not telling you to put up an online dating profile tonight. I’m not telling you to go on ten coffee dates this weekend.

I want you to use this time to better understand men, better understand yourself and better understand dating dynamics, so when you DO get out there, you’ll do so with joy and confidence. Sound good?

  • Morgana R.

    "Being able to check in with Evan each week was like a safety net to give this a go."

    I also discovered that I could attract a ton of quality men, in no time at all, if I needed to go back out there. It's a relief to know I have options. But really, I'm very, very much in love. THIS is the relationship I want, and I have it!

    Morgana R.

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Upset Man

Learn to Understand Men And What They’re Thinking When Dating You!

Your last breakup caused months of painful second-guessing. Why did he pull away? What did I do wrong? Can I get him back? What do I do now? How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? The reason you struggle to answer those questions is simple: you’re not a man. Therefore, you’ve never fully understood what your ex was thinking when he was dating you.

In my bestselling eBook, “Why He Disappeared”, I answer every single one of your lingering questions about men. Soon, you’ll understand why some men don’t want to go out with you, why others will sleep with you without committing, and why your boyfriend might not want to be your husband. I will also explain to you, once and for all, how much of the break-up is your responsibility, and how much had to do with the fact that you chose an incompatible partner.

If you’re sick of being heartbroken and confused, and are ready to finally attract the man of your dreams, “Why He Disappeared” is a must-read.

Believe in Love - eBook and Workbook

Let Go of the Past, Embrace the Present, and Date with Confidence

You’re burned out on dating. Frustrated at relationships. Tired of Tinder. Skeptical about men. Doubtful that love is ever going find you. You don’t know why you’d even bother to date again, given that dating has caused you so much pain in the past.

Yet you know that you’ve never been happier than when you were in love. You remember the joy, the excitement, and the connection of your best relationships. No matter how much failure you’ve had in romance, you still dream of having the whole enchilada – passion, comfort, laughter, friendship, compatibility, and commitment.

Yes, you still want it all. You just don’t want to risk getting hurt again.

That’s why I wrote “Believe in Love.” Because while dating can take a toll on your emotions, it is ALWAYS worth it to keep going. In this inspirational, must-have book and workbook, I walk you through an easy, 7-step process gives you all the tools you need to date with confidence and optimism, and attract the man of your dreams.

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Join a Community of Smart Women That Will Support You in Your Journey!

Let’s face it: dating can be a frustrating and lonely endeavor. You place your faith in a new man, only to find out that he’s not as great as he first seemed. You don’t know what to do next. Take a break? Go to therapy? Travel? Date online? It’s all too confusing.

This is why I created FOCUS Coaching. FOCUS is a monthly coaching and support system that is comprehensive, interactive, and inexpensive – three things that make it my most popular coaching program.

Each month, I cover one relationship topic and answer your most pressing questions about it on a live Q&A. The call is recorded for you to keep. In addition, I moderate an online forum where hundreds of smart, strong, successful women like you get support in their love lives.

If you don’t know what you could be doing differently, FOCUS Coaching is a one-stop shop to help you understand men, stay motivated, and find that healthy relationship you deserve.

The 5 Things You MUST Understand About Men to Find Lasting Love.

I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address.