Do You Have a Broken Man-Picker?

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1. You’ve had sex with a man who “ghosted” or did the “slow fade.”*
2. You’ve dated a man for over three months without knowing if he’s your boyfriend.*
3. You’ve dated a man for over three months with no idea if he ever wanted to get married.*
4. You’ve been afraid to have an authentic conversation with your partner*
5. You’ve been in a relationship where you gave but didn’t receive.*
6. You’ve put up with emotional abuse, verbal abuse or physical abuse and were embarrassed to tell your friends about your relationship.*
7. You’ve spent months – or years - pining for the one who got away.*
8. You’ve found yourself acting “crazy” or having unhealthy, obsessive thoughts.*
9. You’ve stayed in a relationship even after you knew it was doomed.*
10. You’ve wondered if there’s something wrong with you or if you’re meant to be alone.*

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