Hey, this is Evan Marc Katz, dating coach for smart, strong, successful women and your personal trainer for love.

evan marc katzCongratulations on coming to this page.

The fact that you’re here tells me you’re sick of wasting time on the wrong men and you’re serious about finding love now.

I hear you and I’m excited to show you how quickly you can turn things around.

In my signature program, Love U, I will personally coach you through everything you need to know to create lasting love:

Confidence. Meeting Men. Dating. Understanding Men. Relationships. Commitment.

You can take Love U with me one-on-one or go through the course with an intimate group of women, whatever suits your personality, schedule, budget and desire for fast results.

By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll be able to make healthy relationship choices that lead you to the long-term happiness you deserve.

If you’re interested in Love U and my dating coaching and want to know how we can work closely to get you into the relationship of your dreams, the process is simple.

Before you begin, I want to make sure that this is the right fit for you.

That’s right. Love U isn’t for everyone. It’s a life-changing education, but, like any meaningful form of personal growth, it requires time, energy and practice. The students who have the greatest success in my signature coaching program have these three things in common:

You’re dedicated. Joining Love U is an incredible opportunity but it doesn’t eliminate all the ups and downs of modern dating. The only thing that will change is how you confidently you can navigate them. I will provide motivation, insight, and tools to help you – but you’re the one who has date. Dating coaching without dating is like trying to become an Olympic swimmer without getting wet. Nice in theory, not so effective in practice. If you can’t dedicate a half-hour a week to learn, an hour to talk to me, and one date each week, this program is not for you. I only want women who are ready to find love now and are willing put in the effort to do so. If we can agree that your love life is a mission worth always prioritizing, you are going to have great success in Love U.

You’re coachable. I don’t expect you to agree with every word that comes out of my mouth; smart, strong, successful women can very well think for themselves. My only point is that our goals are exactly the same; to help you meet a man who loves you, respects you and wants to make you happy every single day. That means I need to speak freely about how you can get better results in love, and you ought consider my advice, even when it challenges you. Hiring a dating coach and not listening to him is like working with a personal trainer and then eating fried chicken for dinner, German chocolate cake for dessert and skipping the gym the next day. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get what you’ve always got. You want different results? I will show you the way, with love and compassion.

You can afford coaching. If you’re a middle-class woman, I’ve consciously made the price something that should be within your range. After all, nothing is more important than love, and if you can invest in creating a deep and satisfying long-term relationship, I promise you this will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

So if you are if you are ready to invest in yourself and find love NOW, pay close attention.

I only have a handful of private coaching slots for Love U in any given month and I only open enrollment in my Love U Inner Circle periodically. Right now, doors are open.

Women are considered on a first-come, first served-basis.

All you have to do now is fill out the application below, which will help me get to know you better and give me a better understanding of what you’re looking to achieve with coaching.

We will then set up a short appointment to connect on the phone and help you discover if working together is the right opportunity for you right now.

I sure hope it is, because I believe in you and I believe you deserve to have it all.

To get started, please take the time to thoroughly answer those questions below so we can have a productive conversation and get you on the fast path to unconditional love.

I can’t wait to connect with you and show you how it feels to be safe, heard and understood by a man. There is nothing in life worth more than what we’re doing here and I am honored that you chose to turn to me for guidance.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,

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