Ashley Madison: Not Just Immoral, But a Total Scam as Well

girlfriend trying to catch boyfriend cheating

I know I’m late getting to this, but I did want to weigh in with  a tiny bit of schadenfreude.

So, Ashley Madison, dating site for married people (slogan: “Life is short. Have an affair.”) has been hacked and their database was revealed. People who are far smarter than I am pored through it and determined a few things that are pretty mindblowing for a site that was supposed to connect married male cheaters with married female cheaters:

That is a scam, pure and simple.

It  was pretty much just a bunch of men who were writing to fake accounts. Those fake accounts were created by Ashley Madison to convince those male cheaters to continue spending money, given that there were no actual women on the site.

There were supposedly  31 million accounts  for men and 5 million for women, BUT:

  • Only 1,492 of the women in the database had ever opened their inbox to check their messages on the site. That’s compared with more than 20 million men.
  • Only 2,409 of the women had ever used the site’s chat function, versus more than 11 million men.
  • Only 9,700 of the women had ever responded to a message from another person on the site, versus almost 6 million men.

That is a scam, pure and simple. Ashley Madison created the illusion that there were lots of married women open to extramarital affairs via the Internet, and, in fact, there were not. I’m not sure which is more scary: that there are infinitely more male cheaters than female cheaters (so much for men and women are “the same”) or that Ashley Madison could make $150M/year on a business that didn’t deliver on its promise, since virtually no women were on the site to consummate these affairs.

I’m against hacking, in general – I believe people deserve to have their privacy – but I do think it’s a just comeuppance for Ashley Madison. They may not have created the market for cheating men, but they certainly monetized it.

Your thoughts, below, are appreciated.

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  1. 21
    Susan Taylor

    I was one of the few married women hooking up with married men from AM.   Now single, and comparing to other dating sites, AM men are 1) great in bed and 2) better looking and in better physical shape and 3) rich! Many men from regular dating sites are also just looking for sex.   They lie to get it saying anything you want to hear to get it.   Then, they split.   Married men give loyalty to their wives or girlfriends especially when it comes to feelings.   Mrn from both sites do not see woman as anything but a vagina or lips to suck cock.   Its really all just free sex.   That is the only difference between you and s prostitute.

  2. 22

    End of the affairs: at the time of the leak, Ashley Madison claimed to have 37. members, all of them assured the site was totally discreet.

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