Surprising News About Cheaters, Sexual Attitudes And Gender

Surprising News About Cheaters, Sexual Attitudes And Gender

According to these fascinating statistics over at Online Dating Insider:

32% of men earning over $300,000 a year cheat.

32% of men earning over $300,000 a year cheat.

Only 3% of them eventually marry the other woman.

And 75% of THOSE couples get divorced.

But the real news is that, in our post-feminist era, where men and women are given equal opportunity, we’ve pretty much turned into one big, confused, gender.

For years, it was assumed that men were the only ones with wandering eyes, high libidos, and the biological imperative to seek variety. Now, women cheat 60% as often as men do.

Keep pushing, ladies! I’m sure you can catch up!

You’re already making strides when 56% of all Hustler video sales are to women.

That’s equality!

Check out the entire graphic, then discuss.

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  1. 1

    Kinda shoots down the “hardwired” theory some folks adhere to.

    And with so many people of both genders apparently cheating, where does the “Law of Attraction” fit in? 😉

  2. 3

    LOL Star! Happy V’day 🙂

  3. 4

    I guess I don’t find this information all that surprising. We’ve been hearing for a long time that women have been cheating more then they use to. The study still says men cheat more. Apparently you really have to watch out for those Ibarians.
    I’m also not surprised that more women look at porn. Our male dominated culture has very insidiously gotten women to agree to their own objectifcations and degradement.
    This study isn’t exactly ground breaking or even that interesting.

    1. 4.1

      There exists porn for women. I’ve wrote fan fiction, M-rated  ones, and I’ve read as well and not all porn is degrading for women.

      There is TONS of porn out there. The porn men usually see yes it’s degrading, but you should do some research, there is really nice porn ou there for us gals 😀

  4. 5

    JeerseyGirl #4
    I agree with you. This study has  cute graphics, but it’s very light on actual analysis. For example, women account for 56% of Hustler’s video store business, but maybe they are buying more to please their men than to please themselves? Not too surprising that very wealthy men cheat more than others. Is it because they are less scrupulous to begin with? Or because money makes them more attractive to women and gives them more opportunities? Because they travel more? Also, the population of very wealthy people is tiny compared to the general population. I’ve read that the super-rich aren’t even counted in census data.

  5. 6
    Karl R

    JerseyGirl said: (#4)
    “I’m also not surprised that more women look at porn. Our male dominated culture has very insidiously gotten women to agree to their own objectifcations and degradement.”

    I find your characterization of porn rather interesting. It seems to be a fairly limited view of the situation.

    A friend of mine has performed in three porn movies. He’s a man. All his co-stars were men. The majority of potential customers were men. Exactly how did those three  movies objectify and degrade women?

    I’m even  at a loss to see how my friend was objectified and degraded. He wanted to be in the pornos. He had a steady, well-paying job, so he didn’t need the money. He has a sufficiently  healthy self-esteem. He even understands the economic reality that the producers get rich while he gets less than $2,000 for a film.

    But he’s always been a bit of an exhibitionist, so he feels that he got paid for doing something he would have done for fun. Having spoken to a woman who wanted to be in pornos, her motives seemed quite similar.

    Can you explain how my friend was objectified and degraded by his choice to perform in these videos? Can you explain to me why  it is more objectifying and degrading to women who make this choice than it is to men who make the same choice?

    I don’t believe that my friend’s decision was necessarily safe, sane or healthy  (I could make the same comments about other friends’ choice to go skydiving). But that doens’t make the porn industry some insidious male plot against women.

  6. 7

    I think that American culture is turning towards an acceptance of cheating and multiple partners.   Many married women and men live in a fantasy world of lifelong monogamy, but because of financial independence there are more options to meet interesting men and women that it makes it harder to stay with one person for your entire life.   Our culture is changing where it no longer requires just one partner to meet all our needs.

  7. 8

    True our American culture is changing……but I’am not going along with it. To me the best sex is sacred sex. I have had the other, and so I opt out for the sacred…..and find it much more enjoyable. And more rewarding in many ways.

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