Do Women Trade On Their Looks To Get Men With Money?


Rich men, beautiful women. It’s sort of a cliche, right? Ugly old man, young blonde gold digger. The Millionaire Matchmaker. Men make money to get hot women. Women try to look hot to land men with money. What is there to argue with?

Evidently, quite a lot. A really interesting article by James Hamblin in the Atlantic goes deeper. Yes, “physical attractiveness is exquisitely, at times incomparably, important to both men and women. Status (however you want to measure it: income, formal education, etcetera) is often not far behind. In real-life dating studies, which get closer to genuine intentions, physical attractiveness and earning potential strongly predict romantic attraction…On these “consensually-ranked” traits, people seem to aspire to partners who rank more highly than themselves. They don’t want a match so much as a jackpot.”

Men make money to get hot women. Women try to look hot to land men with money.

But there’s a caveat, according to a study by Notre Dame professor, Elizabeth McClintock.

“Women spend a lot more time trying to look good than men do,” McClintock said. “That creates a lot of mess in this data. If you don’t take that into account then you actually see there’s a lot of these guys who are partnered with women who are better looking than them, which is just because, on average, women are better looking. Men are partnering ‘up’ in attractiveness. And men earn more than women–we’ve got that 70-percent wage gap–so women marry ‘up’ in income. You’ve got to take these things into account before concluding that women are trading beauty for money.”

It’s subtle but we’re talking about a controlled study here – and McClintock concludes that it’s a fallacy to suggest that dating is a straight-up trade of looks for money.  “Rather, hearteningly, people really are looking for … compatibility and companionship. Finding those things is driven by matching one’s strengths with a partner who’s similarly endowed, rather than trying to barter kindness for hotness, humor for conscientiousness, cultural savvy for handyman-ship, or graduate degrees for marketable skills.”

Most men don’t want to be sugar daddies, most women don’t want to be gold diggers, and, as a result, the vast majority of us are not.

The fact is, reports McClintock, women value men’s attractiveness just as much their wallets. And men value women’s kindness and personality just as much as their looks. To suggest otherwise diminishes what happens in genuine happy marriages, which are based on much more than a mercenary exchange for looks and money.

Most men don’t want to be sugar daddies, most women don’t want to be gold diggers, and, as a result, the vast majority of us are not.

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  1. 21

    This is the truth .Men take notes.

  2. 22

    Fact is women are attracted to men with wealth. Simple truth even if   women won’t admit that. Look at dating sites that actually admit that higher income males are more appealing. But men never sink to that level. No man ever chase women with money, never happen. Apparently men earn more, well we should considering we invented everything, even makeup haha.

    1. 22.1

      They never sink to the level of chasing women with money.   But some do sink to the level of chasing women who are beautiful, young, busty and/ or dumb.   And some sink to the level of chasing women from the 3rd world, so that they can appear rich.

      Honestly, why not simply accept that people are attracted to whatever they’re attracted to.   Don’t be bitter about it.     There are plenty of poor men who find true love and there are plenty of homely women who find great mates.     Go about your business and enjoy the people who enjoy you.

  3. 23

    My dad keeps reminding me every day that women want to find a man so they can “suck his blood like a mosquito and when he dries up, they go to the next one”.

    1. 23.1

      Your Dad like most men, experience this today and so unfortunately, he is right and as Christians say…time is short on this planet.

  4. 24
    Helen Browne

    Men are stupid enough to fall for these bimbos that’s their bad luck! We were at a top private girls school and one mother would boast about her mother telling her to get pregnant to a man who had a $50 million dollar business…. what about old rich farts that have children over 50!!! Ha ha ha MEN  are the joke I’m happy to be single and have my own home, car and children!!!

    Then   men with no money go to the  Philippines  for their women  because they look rich to these woman!!!!

  5. 25

    I really hope that many of these women today that are so very high maintenance don’t break a nail or have one of their false eyelashes fall off. Good grief.

  6. 26

    In short and to tell the truth, women’s #1 priority is money. End of discussion.

  7. 27

    Isn’t it the opposite? Wealthy men trade looks for money.

    1. 27.1
      Karmic Equation

      Wealthy men buy looks with money.

      Beautiful women buy money and/or status with her looks.

      1. 27.1.1

        Karmic, I’m curious…then what happens when those beautiful women get older and lose their looks?

        1. Amy

          The men move on. Rich men know not to marry a young woman so she won’t get a dime.

        2. ML

          by then their men are   so old, it does not matter

  8. 28

    We are all digging something. How is a woman who digs gold worse than the one who digs hight or big his member?

    1. 28.1

      It’s not about “digging something” it’s about digging something about your partner, not what he has in terms of equity. That is sick and twisted.

      1. 28.1.1
        Sarah Lund

        Yes. Exactly. If a man tries to win me over with money, I find the nearest exit, and I walk away. You can’t buy love. It’s meant to be priceless. You can’t put a price on love. Only money-hungry people date others for how much money they have.

  9. 29

    men will use their money in a heartbeat to get a women. love for most men is no where in the picture.Most men believe that money can get them a giddens if that have the money to get here.In the low income reality its all about who has to best jodoh playing the most money.They most of the time wind the woman over LOVEING preachers Drug dealer pompa hustlers robers.These are the ones   who end up with the getto goddest.Love is not the door.Still there are some that like myself that believe in love.Hacking a relationship base soul’ly on money is like risleting a dead horse.You not going no where.Stock in the hear and now.And we all know afther that short ride what crimes next.The CIMATERRY. OR THE FIRE.SO LOVE IS BY FAR THE FOUNDATION IN WHICH TO BUILD A STROUNG LASTING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN KING OF LIKE LIVEING A ZILLION YEARS+×A ZILLION YEARS TOTALLY HAPPY PEACEFULL JOYFULL.BUT THATS MY OUT LOOK.

  10. 30

    “most women don’t want to be gold diggers” I can’t stop laughing LOL

    1. 30.1

      If it was laughable I’d laugh too but being a raped financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually as an doting father > this is NOT a laughing matter; in fact, there are so many fathers today who have hellish stories to tell yet NONE of the them appear in the media, that an accelerating number of men will not and never will commit to a relationship.   The grave risks are far to high for a scarred lifetime especially IF a child enters the scene.

  11. 31

    A woman wanting a man with more money is so unattractive I dumped my last girlfriend because she wouldn’t get a real career. My 90k + her 30k a year… No thanks I’ll find someone who can match my 90k+ a year and we can live comfortably on 180k a year. Not some whore pestering me for my finances on $120k a year

  12. 32

    Guys I’m so happy I read this cuz this just made my faith stronger.

    I don’t wanna write anything long but all the people mentioning problems here all have a solution to them in Islam.   Media makes Islam look bad and makes it look like women are oppressed and what not. The truth is Islam is the relegion of god and it specifies a women’s role as a wife and a man’s role as a husband. No men and women are not equal cause we are different mentally, physically, in nature etc… Women have their own set of rights and men have their own set of rights.    Society has tried to equalize men and women as one and has really screwed up big time. People wanna go back in time but it’s almost impossible now. A man can’t become pregnant, cant give the same love to a child, can’t breast feed,is stronger emotionally to be there for his mate and physically stronger to protect her etc… A woman can’t be a man and a man can’t be like a woman. A father cant take a place of a mother and a mother can’t replace a role of a father. Every is special in their own way and everyone is different mentally, physically and sexually. A women is stronger and better in some aspects, and men in other. A woman goes through more emotionally, physically, mentally which tends to make her more emotionally weak but bearing. A man   goes through less in all these aspects which tend to make him stronger and more pateince to be there for her when she needs him as a man. A man can’t bear what a woman goes through and that’s y god has created man that’s less emotional but pateint and stronger to be there for her at all times.   Islam has appointed respective roles for each gender to keep households intact, societies intact and allow for everyone to be happy in their own lives.

    Islam teaches not to bash women, rather take care of them realizing their different from men and in need of all kinds of support. You wanna stay with them, you’ll also have to be patient and bear all that comes with it. “It’s hard to live with a women, and harder to live without one”. So your’s to choose. Women require kindness, support, shoulder to cry on, love, attention etc.

    Islam teaches women to respect men, give them support, protect their property in their absence , loyalty (from both sides etc

    Islam has given so much attention to women’s rights, I’m lost on what to write for men lol. Point being is both have their own rights and their own roles which help to keep marriages intact, keep families toghther, societies intact and free from hate and destruction.

    There are many thing’s I can elaborate on but don’t wanna write an essay. Many articles I read these days and I realize people going towards things or wanting thing’s that Islam already possesses and teaches.

    This is the Islam I’m talking about that’s thaught by our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and not the one that’s portrayed by the media.

    I’m telling y’all. All the solutions to ur problems reside in Islam. Look into it with an open heart and u will never regret. Matter of fact you’ll regret all the time u missed out on something so perfect, beautiful and complete for humanity. Bet on it!!

  13. 33
    WHo cares

    If I may add to this conversation as a 36 year old single male living in Toronto Canada.   Women here in the DOWNTOWN city of Toronto (not so much outside of the city) are pretentious, shallow, materialistic and superficial.   Allow me to explain.   There are MANY gorgeous females and lets not confuse that remark with beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, We are talking about females 5’2-5’11 all slim and in amazing shapes, ya they look drop dead gorgeous in their evening dress and heels and they have a gorgeous face and femininity to match, No joke, they are killer here. Sadly, they all want men over 6′ in height and with money or high established careers.   First thing they ask if you are lucky enough to not get rejected when you approach them is, WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK?   Now let me add,   I am (from what I get told)   A very highly attractive guy,   I am 5’8 200 lbs with a strong sexy muscular build.   Not that ugly bodybuilder look, just very athletic,   I am also in real state, trust me when I say this,   these females ages 20-40 wont even look at me unless they are not very attractive or overweight.   Not going into personalities here, simply looks, most females won’t look at my even though I am very friendly, intelligent, educated, handy, and ready for marriage and kids. NOPE, they want height and money, then they get used by those self entitled douchbags who are lawyers doctors, pro hockey players etc etc, and end up being in their 40’s with kids divorced looking for a good guy!   That is how it is here,   I have never felt more appalled about my height or career until I been rejected and not given opportunity since I noticed Toronto females are so disgustingly shallow.   If you want love, Toronto is not the place to find it, if you want a slut, and you are tall and have $, this is your playground to pick up these whores.

    1. 33.1

      Toronto is the epicenter from which all 3rd wave feminism cancer has spread in Canada. It’s the single last city I would want to be a single male in. Sorry dude, I hear it’s a rough town for younger single men. Also, if you’re running in higher-society circles, women wear heels more. A woman who is 5-5″ is as tall as you in 3″ heels. Go on a dating site like POF that allows you to sort users by height and go after shorter women. Although some shorter women still want a guy 6-0″ or taller, I think you’ll have better luck with slightly shorter women. I’m 6’0″ but it’s my width I have to work on! Don’t feel bad – I am divorced man with two kids and I have 50% custody. When I ask a woman out for coffee it’s because that’s all I can afford! hahaha. So, I am going to be single for a long long time until such time I meet a nice rich woman to take me in!

    2. 33.2
      Emily, the original

      WHO cares,

      Kind of ironic that you decry the women in Toronto as shallow for rejecting you for your height, and yet you define them as highly desirable … We are talking about females 5’2-5’11 all slim and in amazing shapes, ya they look drop dead gorgeous in their evening dress and heels and they have a gorgeous face and femininity to match

      in terms of their appearance. Pot … kettle?


      1. 33.2.1
        To Tell The Truth

        If females keep on justifying their rampant obesity even in their 20s these days, longer waiting times at hospitals coupled with an even lower level of fertility will result so English Emily, you’d do better in life not trying to be a defense lawyer for the fairer sex.   Your type of thinking is not Original or the exception; it is the rule and is why the acronym MGTOW is accelerating like a wild fire with no rain in site.

        1. GoWiththeFlow


          In the U.S, the rate of obesity in men is slightly higher than for women.   So Emily was correct:   Men criticizing women as a group for obesity rates should take a look at themselves first.

          And as far as infertility goes, fat cells are estrogenic, they make estrogen.   The increased estrogen in obese men is just as likely to contribute to their own  infertility as it does in women.   That whole pot, kettle, black thing again.

        2. Emily, the original

          To Tell The Truth,

          I’m sure it will be no loss to the female community if you join the MGTOW movement.

        3. To Tell The Truth

          For EMILY The Original: What I said once again is “If, females keep on justifying their rampant obesity even in their 20s these days, (even Oprah the supposed Queen of insight/introspect has been justifying for obese women for years may I add) longer waiting times at hospitals (true because chronic illnesses of which there are many deadly ones are associated with eating wrong food that cause obesity for the most part, may I add) coupled with an even lower level of fertility will result so English Emily, you’d do better in life not trying to be a defense lawyer for the fairer sex (many of them whom are over weight in epidemic proportions, may I add).   Your type of thinking is not Original or the exception; it is the rule and is why the acronym MGTOW is accelerating like a wild fire with no rain in site (I will add some thought s w.r.t. MGTOW in my next response.   

          Now, what your response “These things take time” but obesity had been accelerating and not decelerating for decades, so the hour glass has still not been inverted; so how much time?.   “In the U.S, the rate of obesity in men is slightly higher than for women” but I wasn’t speaking about men, plus we don’t hear men on talk shows or any media going on and on justifying their weight.   “So Emily was correct” it sounds as if being correct is your primary goal/mission.   Not mine.   “Men criticizing women as a group” I wasn’t only sharing that for obese women, they shouldn’t be justifying this; like them saying take me for what I am and if you don’t like it too bad.   These same women then have children who eat what they do thus inheriting this same trait so often.   Not healthy.   “should take a look at themselves first” so no-one, man or woman can make such a statement?   If no-one addresses this truth, how can the obese person ever gain a proper state of health?   Someone has got to say it, rather than justifying it as pigheaded ppl do.
          “And as far as infertility goes, fat cells are estrogenic, they make estrogen” one doesn’t need that many fat cells all over one’s body with protrusions everywhere to make estrogen.   My mother had 6 children, as did her 6 sisters average ~ 4 and all of them retained a healthy figures and flat abdominal areas where most of the essential organs for a healthy body function.   “The increased estrogen in obese men is just as likely to contribute to their own  infertility as it does in women” I have read that certain foods we have been eating in recent times, do have quantities of estrogen For example, plastic milk bags. Also, men’s fertility rates are also on a down turn, true.   If men cannot say one thing in assessing one women or a group, without women turning the tables, it is like corresponding with many adolescents who just can’t not accept or learn anything from an older person.   This is why I said, you are the Original or the Exception; instead, more the rule among your gender. “That whole pot, kettle, black thing again” don’t know what you are inferring here.   Next response …

  14. 34

    Well most of the ones out there these days sure do.

  15. 35

    So many very selfish and greedy women out there nowadays that will do anything for a buck.

  16. 36

    A Man will never be anything more than a temporary means to something, and that’s a fact that every Man must come to face at some point in his life, or go on to kid himself.
    It’s all pretty simple, Love is a fictional word on earth.

  17. 37

    Here’s my take.

    Aim for your own level, but if you’re insecure about some areas of your life,   aim for a bit lower. Don’t aim too low though. You’ll feel you can do better, and that leads to resentment. And the person you are with, will feel insecure, bitter and resentful.

  18. 38

    Ok, I only read the article and a few of the responses to said article.   Here’s my take.   Bull$hit.   I see it in regular life, social media, and the world over. I’ve tried my whole life to build myself up to what “girls” wanted.   High school, college and young women.   I saw all they were worried about was status, in regards to looks.   Unless of course they were below a five on that dumb a$$ 1-10 scale idiots drill into their own heads.   Yes I’m guilty of it too.   Moreover I’ve come to realize, I’m now 40, best shape of my life.   6’1″ 235lbs, muscular and what I’ve been told by women as handsome and very good looking.   That girls want that, women want a fat wallet.   I see these women, who as girls flocked to guys like me when they were younger but now pay attention to your wallets status not your looks.   I’m a father of 4, not a whore, all with the same woman.   Divorced work a great job get paid very well but my money goes towards my children.   I don’t have nice cars, big boats or lavish things.   When I go on a date and the woman sees a mini van and not a beamer, Cadillac, Lexus or 80k dollar suv pull up they make their instantaneous judgments.   Don’t even lie ladies you know it’s true.   My status with them drops.   Immediately!   Because I hold my children in high regards not my status. Then I see these fat slobs, these less than attractive men who drive big beautiful vehicles, have Boston whalers and huge houses getting women who in that idiot scale are 9’s and 10’s.   If what I see daily goes against all the bull$hit this article spews than how am I to believe a word? Hmm?   Case in point, my ex-sister in-law just married a man that chased her for years!   Years!   He make high six figures but was never good enough for her.   When she was in the mindset of a “girl”   now that she’s a woman she wants money, wallet status.   I even heard her say a while back that she can learn to love him.   Wake up!   See the truth for what it is.

  19. 39
    To Tell The Truth

    It all boils down to 1. the differences in types and levels of hormones that differ in the 2 genders and, 2. anatomical differences.   Hence, women naturally seek security = wealth from men yet trouble is, in today’s women’s liberated culture, tons of women are not finding that wealth from men plus, in the meantime, they are comfortable making their own Income.   This is a recipe for complete disaster IF we the people still wish to have chil(dren), and healthy ones that are breast fed. taught to walk, talk play, love by their parents but more so mothers during the early years.   Up until the hmm late 60s, that is the way it was since the beginning of time in all cultures however, we are so screwed up into thinking that natural lifestyle, was somehow, wrong?   Our ancestors over centuries IF they could return to have a word or two or three, they would all say Oh My God !   (in other words, take me back and get me out of this insanity)

    1. 39.1

      Yes, women making their own income is a complete disaster. How dare they be liberated??   Autonomy and agency for women is just the worst thing to happen to a man.   It means men have to bring something else to the table other than grunting and money.   Oh MY!!! How will you poor neanderthals cope??   It appears you aren’t coping at all with women making their own money.   I suggest you get over it fast because the next generation of women are going to be even more autonomous and powerful than ever.   With over 50% of university graduates being female you can expect huge changes on the domestic front.   And no, we don’t want house slaves, like you do.   We want EQUAL   status in our relationships.   Something very few men can cope with.   And in fact mothers staying home while the men went out is actually a very short lived part of human history- we certainly did NOT have ancestors that did that – we wouldn’t have survived to today if we did – I can’t be bothered showing you but learn about it for yourself, if you have non-confirmational bias ability to research, that is.

  20. 40
    To Tell The Truth

    To EMILY The Original:   Even before I got a chance to reply, you have sent 2 replies of which this second one is really personal and rude.   Sent to someone you don’t even know. It is amazing how many pl online do this though.   I’ve read tons of awful replies in different topic areas, even music.   So here’s yours   “I’m sure it will be no loss to the female community if you join the MGTOW movement” well Emily, here’s the truth.   if I had said asked out all the females who have shown interest in me over time, it would have been a several hundred, may more plus, most were well above average and not over weight either.   In any case, i am taken.   I can’t say the same thing for the crisis that has precipitated a whopping number of men. especially under 40-ish to not take the risks associated with a long term relationship whether it be common law or marriage.   One reference point to start with this Truth, is Dr. Helen Smtih. Most of these men don’t wish to go their own way, it is a matter of survival EVEN if they to have wealth…Helen and a growing number of other Professionals are coming out more and more stating the facts.   And if and when a child is born, this only escalates the associated risks.   Time to watch some sports.   Salut     

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