Falling in Love: It Happens Faster Than You Think


A Syracuse University study revealed that love-at-first-sight causes the same euphoric feelings as cocaine. Yes, you heard correctly: cocaine. And they say it only takes a fifth of a second to “fall in love”. A fifth of a second. Not the three-to-six months of dating that you might expect.

MRIs showed that 12 areas the brain work together during the falling in love process, releasing euphoria-inducing chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin.

Dopamine is responsible for reward-driven learning and a variety of highly addictive drugs, including stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamine, act directly on the dopamine system. Oxytocin plays a role in orgasm, social recognition, pair bonding, anxiety, and maternal behavior.

The researcher who conducted the study, Stephanie Ortigue, says that her results confirm that love has a “scientific basis.”

Personally, I don’t believe the sensation that is being described is actually “love,” but since it’s the feeling that most people want to associate being “in love,” it’s still a useful study.

Read the full article here. Your thoughts, as always, are appreciated. How many times have you felt the rush of love at first sight? And how many of you are still dating your love-at-first-sight guy?

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  1. 41

    Three years ago, at a new job, I met a male coworker who I made an almost instant connection with. We laugh, joke, vent to one another about work and personal. We’ve become close, can tell one another anything without judgement and I trust him without question. A year and a half ago we began working closer together, his joking and teasing became more intense and it was in one moment as we were both laughing, he looked at me with this giant smile and I saw it in his eyes, I felt it. This man, the one who I never thought of as more than a funny coworker who liked to pick on me and made my work day better, the sweetheart of a man with his awesome personality,   wasn’t just some random coworker anymore. I’ve apparently spent the past three years falling in love with him.

    In my opinion, based on my past relationships, you can’t make love happen. You can’t settle for someone you aren’t attracted to. But you can become attacted to someone you have great chemistry with, a trusting friendship and a full acceptance of their flaws. I’m not perfect. He’s not perfect. We aren’t together, he has no idea I love him, but he does know I like him. And maybe one day it’ll work out for us if we can both take down the walls we’ve constructed around our hearts. I’d like to believe one day it will. He’s the one who sought out my attention and slowly made me develop these feelings. Without the chemistry we have, I wouldn’t be holding out hope. I don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship with him or anyone else, but if it is someone else, I will still look for that connection, the chemistry, because I learned that no matter how good someone is, without the spark, it’s not going to work.

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    Real true love only happened in the past the way that it did for our family members that were very fortunate to be born at that time.   Today it is like trying to win the lottery since many of us men just happened to be born at a very bad time unfortunately.   And many of us are still single and hoping today.

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    I’ve never fallen in love that fast, but the guy I’m seeing now seems to have fallen that fast for me. I find myself wondering if I’ve been duped, if it’s a con, but then that makes no sense. Basically this guy is a consummate actor if he doesn’t have any feelings for me, because he’s been fully about it and into me since our first date. Focused like a laser beam. Part of me just wants to let go and fall just like he has, and the other part of me won’t allow it.

    Fun stuff.

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