Shit Girls Say

Are there stereotypes in here? Yes. Does every woman say these things? No.

Do enough of them say things like this to make this a surprisingly funny and accurate spoof? Hell, yes.

So please, laugh, enjoy, and share with your friends.

What other things do women say that aren’t included in this video?

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  1. 1

    Maybe my sense of humor is underdeveloped, but I didn’t really find it funny.  Not offensive either, just sort of blah.  Maybe this is more funny to men than to women?

  2. 2

    Funny!  I am totally guilty of doing more than half of those things!  LOL Twinsies!

  3. 3

    OMG, I thought this was hysterical!  I saw myself in so many of these scenarios, I never realized…so true.

    What’s missing is:  I have to go to the ladies room, do you have to go?  

    Love it, I’m sharing this video…     

  4. 4

    I also thought this video was not at all funny. There was nothing remarkable about it. In fact, the repetition was annoying.

  5. 5
    Jackie Holness


  6. 6

    Honestly, Evan, though I generally respect and appreciate you. you are supposed to be a WRITER. I always thought that this meant a talented person who could craft thoughts and ideas in an exceptional way…using his exceptional vocabulary and language skills.
    When I opened my e-mail and saw the title of this entry, I was DISGUSTED. I won’t even bother to read it, if you, or the person you are citing, couldn’t even bother to find a word that doesn’t mean excrement to express an idea or observation. I feel that you are becoming part of  “The Dumbing Down of America.” by placing this video on your site.
    One more stunt like this and I will be an EX-subscriber.
    I am so disappointed!
    Thanks for listening.

    1. 6.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Thank you, Maria, for your candid feedback. Best of luck with your future dating endeavors.


      1. 6.1.1

        Hihihi 😂

        How satisfying every time you react this way to ridiculously critical people.

        I’m thinking of kicking her butt for being a prick. Game ?

    2. 6.2


      Darlin’, please, climb down from that soapbox, and remove the stick from…well, you know. I’m sure you’ll feel much better without it up there (and I’m sure everyone around you will, as well). I mean, it’s only a word, (even if it’s one of the seven George Carlin said you can’t say on TV)

      1. 6.2.1

        Buck I just wanted to say you’ve started to sound a bit more aggressive of late in your posts, not quite as thoughtful as the new Buck, but a bit more like the old one. Is everything okay? I hope so, I rather like your contributions of late 🙂

        (I want to make this clear that I being 100% sincere, I do care if something’s up and do hope you’re well)

  7. 7

    Hilarious!  Especially the crunching potato chips part!

  8. 8

    This was really funny, and love the wig! i’m glad you posted it, it lightens things up for the weekend.
    My more serious reaction would be that it kind of implies that women are all Valley Girls with low intelligence. In truth, I know some sharp, amazing women who talk a little like this some of the time…. but hey!  guys still love us!
    Evan, in all fairness you should try and find a clip of how guys talk…. that might be even funnier for us girls. Thanks for the levity.

    1. 8.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      There is a clip of a woman impersonating a man. I didn’t find it as funny. Maybe it was because she spoke like a guy on Jersey Shore. The best one I saw was a black woman imitating a white woman. Find it on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed.

  9. 9

    I ironically watched all three episodes this morning before I saw that you had posted it. Hysterical! Especially episode 2.
    Hilariously true — thanks for sharing!

  10. 10

    Yes, I saw that one too! Very funny.

  11. 11

    I love these clips…hilarious! thanks for brightening my weekend

  12. 12

    Maria….what makes you laugh?  I think it is great to laugh at ourselves!  I loved all of the other parodies!

    Great break from all the serious stuff that is happening!  

  13. 13

    other things we say:

    “Do you have any candy?”
    “Do you have any chocolate?”
    “Can I have a sip of your wine, beer, coke, Diet Coke, _____, ________”
    “Do you have any tampons?”
    “Is he single?”
    “I’ve GOT to have those shoes!”
    “I would kill for your hair, skin, body, that dress, those shoes, _______; _________.
    “Is he straight?”
    “He was a jerk and he can’t kiss at all.”
    And in the South, some version of the following:

    “Her house is lovely, bless her heart, but her children are little monsters”

  14. 14

    Personally, i didn’t find this funny. However, i found the other video about sh*t black girls say waaaay funnier… and plus, those aren’t only black girls reacting like that… Especially the ‘do you love me’ line. Always cracks me up to hear it. Was it because of PC reasons that you decided NOT to put the link with the black girls? Just wondering 😛

  15. 15

    Evan, you’re going to have to give us more than that to go on, re the clip you mentioned…

  16. 16

    ROTFL!  My favorite one was the greeting scream… My friends and I SO do that… and the scream gets up to deafening levels when it’s a long-lost friend or someone you are surprised to randomly run into.
    And the mouthing scenes were funny… the one where she’s mouthing she’s on the phone…

  17. 17

    I think that what makes this hilarious is that he does for broke with the clothing(and he has surprisingly good legs in those heels and skirts) and the wig and I think he just nails the tone of the way that a certain type of 20 something female talks to her friends…

    So if this was just a list, it wouldn’t work, but getting acted out, yes, it feels like being in grad school or a bar or a store with young American women.  

    I think it’s interesting that some women take umbrage with it b/c it’s basically the truncated You Tube version of Sex in the City…and I didn’t hear a lot of women getting upset with that portrayal of a specific demographic of urban, well-heeled 30-40 something women.  

    I kind of get tired of people who take any kind of satire as being offensive.  Some things are offensive, but in my female opinion, this isn’t one of them.   

  18. 18

    Oh sorry for the double post but the one by Chescaleigh where she imitates a white women captures a lot of the things that get said to black women by their white “friends.”  And people are mad about that one too…

    She too does a great job impersonating a certain type of young and privileged girl too. 

  19. 19

    I’m 47 and my teenage sons showed me this clip last week.  I think it is hilarious – those guys really pegged a majority of females, including tone and inflection in voice!!! While I don’t say “twinsies” or scream when I see other females, I do say just about everything else spoofed.

    There is another video Shit Guys Say which if a former beer ad and definitely right on also.  

    It is daily that I wonder how males and females can possibly spend their lives together when they are inherently so different. I hate to say it but our evolutionary history says women live in groups and raise children while the men are really here to populate the earth.  If God truly wanted us to mate for life, he wouldn’t have made men so frustrating!!! It’s very easy to conceive a baby and to give birth relative to having a lasting relationship with the opposite sex. Think about it.  

  20. 20

    Oh for the love of Mike, are we so uptight that we can’t laugh at ourselves anymore?  I just went through this same exhausting type of rigidity on FB as a couple of posters here have displayed.  Personally Evan, I loved it and thought it was great!  It wasn’t just the phrases but the facial expressions that went along with it!  The only thing that was missing was that thing some women (Kim Kardashian anyone?) do with their voice that they hit such a low pitch it sounds like their voice is cracking.  Good stuff!

  21. 21

    @Ileana #16, there’s one for Asian girls too.  I’m waiting on one for Redneck girls.  I’m not a redneck girl, but it would still be funny.

  22. 22

    All girls may not say these things but I know that my friends I say at least 80% of this stuff.  Love it:)

  23. 23
    Laura S.

    I didn’t hear one “fabulous” in that clip!    I know a few women who overuse it so badly I have the urge to choke them out when they speak.  

    I thought the video clip was cute, but it did remind me why I prefer to hang with guys, choosing to operate heavy equipment instead of working in an office.  Then I had 3 daughters!

  24. 24


    You are definitely a crazy but delicious dude.  I have read all of your blogs and have found it most helpful.  Yes, I even purchased your Ebook.  Wow!  I have learned so much from you.  I now know when the guys are just BS artists.  Who knows when I will find just the right one, but at least I can’t be fooled anymore because of your teachings.  Teach on – please!  Thanks so much for all your help.  God Bless you, your wife and beautiful  baby girl.  Mazel tov!

  25. 25

    Too funny 🙂

    The question is…how badly does this annoy men!! hehe 🙂 

    1. 25.1

      “The question is…how badly does this annoy men!!”

      Oh, I dunno, Annie; usually somewhere between an annoying fly that keeps buzzing about, but doesn’t light long enough for us to swat it, and a mild case of poison ivy, depending on what kind of a day/evening we’re having. 🙂

      Now I have a question. When men go to the bathroom, we just go; we go when we have to, do what we have to do, and that’s that. Women have to turn a simple visit to the head into a social event, which absolutely, positively, requires the presence of one or more of their girlfriends; for what, I have no idea. Exactly what the hell do you ladies do in there, as a group, that you can’t do by yourselves? Inquiring (male) minds want to know.

      1. 25.1.1
        Emily, the original


        Exactly what the hell do you ladies do in there, as a group, that you can’t do by yourselves? Inquiring (male) minds want to know.

        If we’re at a restaurant, we talk about our hot waiter.   🙂

        1. Buck25


          LMAO! You all take that long just to do that?  Really? What are you doing, keeping the discussion going ’til you all have a mental orgasm (at least) fantasizing about him? Uh-huh. I see. Well, then, I don’t want to hear any more from the distaff side here about how much men think about sex, because I do believe you have us beat! Why, with a fantasy life like that, no wonder so many of you can do without actual sex for months or years! (I always wondered how you manage that) 🙂

        2. Emily, the original

          Buck 25,

          I don’t want to hear any more from the distaff side here about how much men think about sex, because I do believe you have us beat!

          Yes, women think about sex a lot. If you are getting served well, you think about ways of getting more of it! If you aren’t getting served, you think about how to get your hands on it! (And if you’re getting served badly, you are thinking about ways to extricate yourself from the situation.)

          To be honest, when women go to the bathroom together, we usually just talk about the plans for that evening, how nice our hair looks, etc. Boring stuff. But if the waiter does happen to be hot … we talk about ways we can drop something so he has to pick it up!    🙂

        3. Callie

          I believe Emily was making a joke, though of course yes talking about someone hot likely happens. If we’re talking about the stereotype, then generally what it is is a moment for the women to have a private tete a tete. It could be about how the evening is going, especially if it’s a double date with relatively new SOs. It could also be the only chance for them to really catch up about more personal things they don’t want to talk about in front of the boys. It could just be peeing at the same time, touching up some makeup and making small talk until one’s return (remember women often have to wait to use the bathroom as there’s generally a line, so that contributes to the amount of time it takes).

          I marvel that men marvel so much at this because quite frankly we all know that when we go away we have likewise given you the chance to do all the above (I suppose minus the peeing, peeing in the restaurant is not the best idea 😉 ). We know you guys are talking about us, or talking about something you don’t want to talk about with us or whatever. Heck a male screenwriter wrote about just this to wonderful effect in SIDEWAYS. So you’re welcome for being the ones to get up and move to a secondary location, take all the flack and mockery for “silly women doing silly women things” so that you guys get the privilege of also getting to do exactly what we are but in a different location.

          But seriously, it’s not a big deal. And not all women do this anyway. Sometimes we just go to the washroom ourselves to do what needs to be done.

  26. 26

    Very Funny! Thanks for the laugh.  Sometimes we take life way to serious! Just look at some of the above comments. Wow.  Not finding something funny should result in not laughing. But setting off a pissed off rant? Lighten up a bit, learn to laugh at life and yourself. It makes life a lot more enjoyable.

  27. 27

    I’m with Ileana, didn’t think this was funny and didn’t relate. 

  28. 28
    my honest answer

    Dan – I think the repetition was SUPPOSED to be annoying – that’s kind of half the point.

  29. 29

    Totally did not relate to it but then I have not been a girl in a very long time. 

  30. 30
    Katarina Phang

    Gee, lighten up, Maria!  Something else probably annoyed you yesterday.

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