Shit Girls Say

Are there stereotypes in here? Yes. Does every woman say these things? No.

Do enough of them say things like this to make this a surprisingly funny and accurate spoof? Hell, yes.

So please, laugh, enjoy, and share with your friends.

What other things do women say that aren’t included in this video?

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  1. 31
    Katarina Phang

    It is actually funny…I watched it twice and I laughed at both times.

  2. 32

    This is pretty funny. Now, gotta find the other video.

  3. 33
    That East Asian Man

    My vegan daughter and I like “Sh– Vegans Say” and “More Sh– Vegans Say” the best!

  4. 34

    This is hysterical! And right on the mark- the locking the door part…that’s totally me! Lol.  
    Maria-youve seriously gotta chill 

  5. 35
    Theresa H

    Evan – I assume you’re watching this seasons ‘Bachelor’ on ABC….please please tweet / blog about it!…whenever I’m watching the girl craziness on there I’m thinking “I wonder what Evan would say about that” (maybe they should have you on there as an ‘in house’ dating coach 🙂

  6. 36

    That video is a perfect example why I never had many “girlfriends! I couldn’t relate to that mentality. The one I always hated the most was the one where one girl asks the other to go to the bathroom with her…LOL I even have responded by asking the girl in question, “Why, do you need help with something?” (well, I tried to be kind, LOL) Then I would not go, and would usually use this response, “No, I don’t have to go,” LOL


  7. 37

    Thought it was hilarious – watched all the others I could find after I saw it… at the risk of being un-PC, I’d re-name it “Shit Americans Say” but some of it has certainly gone international – that “screaming when you meet someone” thing is not unknown here!

  8. 38

    One of my favorite parts was the mutual screaming upon one friend meeting another.   For a split second I always think animals posturing before an attack 🙂

  9. 39

    I do the door lock and the purse! Anything else… completely foreign to me. Although, does it count as “I am not even kidding right now” when I say “I shit you not”? (uh-oh, hope Maria’s not reading this comment.) I did work with a girl once who did all those things, so yeah, these women do exist — just not so much in my field of work.
    Nicole, thanks, I found Chescaleigh’s video — wow, cringeworthy. As an immigrant, I get maybe a tiny fraction of that — just enough that I can completely believe that people really do say all those things!

  10. 40
    Katarina Phang

    In’t it funny that in every culture going the to bathroom together seems to be done by gals?  I certainly did that at school with my girlfriends.  What is it about bathrooms and girls?  LOL…

    I don’t do that anymore though (as far as I remember anyway). 

  11. 41

    @ Kris #38,
    Sadly I couldn’t watch the video but so many of you all posted enough for me to go oh yeah, I’m with you, the screaming and shrill talk and the mass bathroom trips annoyed me when I was younger. Actually it still kind of does.  I only have a couple of really close girlfriends that I do stuff with on a regular basis, because they don’t act like that.  I’m sure the video is kinda funny, but I am very, very glad that I don’t act like that, LOL!!

  12. 42

    To me this is not funny. These are ordinary things that everyone says.  NOthing special. THese guys are not writers in my humble opinion. Also they are not creative at all. They stole the idea from dad says which became a TV show. So this shows that they have no creativity and no integrity.

  13. 43

    I thought this was funny, Im an Aussie girl, I get it !
    Its not derogatory,  there really are girls out there like this and theres nothing wrong with seeing the lighter side of oneself and others. 
    We  say some of the expressions on here but close enough and the turn the sound down please …. Did I lock the door … Thats me !  Love it ! 

  14. 44

    This video was seriously funny!  The funny part is I don’t see myself in the video but see trite girls all around me who do this all the time!

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