Should I Text Him?


One of the most popular questions I get is about texting. When should you do it? When should you not do it? I think this chart just about sums it up.

Personally, I think texting is great for sweet nothings during the day, to tell someone you’re running late, to ask for directions, or when you’re in a meeting and too busy to talk. Otherwise, as a means of communication, it SUCKS. There should never ever ever be a meaningful conversation that takes place via text. And if you disagree, don’t get mad at me when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text.

A larger version of the chart is available by going here.

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    I have been dating this guy for 9months now when he first started pursuing me he would call and text me all day I on the other hand wasn’t that into him but after 7 months decided to let my guard down we have been intimate he never calls me ever unless its something extremely urgent i called him several times on the phone and he never picks up my calls or returns them just resorts to texting I have confronted him about it several.times and he doesn’t respond its got to a point where I I’m wasting my time I don’t he is serious about anything we talked about in the beginning he talked about   the future marriage and settling down now all that has changed and if I ask him how he feels or his opinion on anything in regards to that he gets mad and doesn’t respond our communication lately has been horrible he doesn’t want to communicate to me anymore I could get a text from him once or twice a day no phone call I only see him once every weekend and he never calls or texts once a day mind you he’s 48 I’m 10 years younger than him I don’t even remember the last time he called me i have been thinking about ending things with him and I think I finally got the strength to do so   with no hard feelings this is just not what I was looking for I think I finally got my answer

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