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dating coach for smart, strong, successful women Evan Marc Katz
I hope you enjoyed last Tuesday’s blog post.

It’s not often that I show my vulnerable side on here, but the reaction from you was overwhelmingly positive.

Maybe I should consider sending out a tweet every time I trip over my son’s toys.

In any case, I’ve got three great things to offer you today.

One of them is a video.
One of them is an offer.
One of them is a challenge.

But before we get into all that, I want to give you a quick update on my new site.

After nearly a year, there are only three days left until the new goes live.

Now, finally, it’s done, and I can breathe once again. For that, I am grateful.

I’m excited: The site is GORGEOUS. This ain’t a paint job; it’s an overhaul.

If you’ve ever hired a contractor to redo your house and were surprised that it took twice as much time and cost twice as much as you planned, you have an inkling of what I’m talking about.

I honestly had no idea how tricky a new would be: colors, fonts, borders, spacing, headers, footers, video, audio, responsive design — My God!

For a writer like me, it just made my head hurt — for nearly 11 months. The designers did 15 iterations of it before it got final approval – and then it took my team four more months before I felt comfortable sharing it with you.

Now, finally, it’s done, and I can breathe once again. For that, I am grateful.

Grateful to Edgar, Tyler, Riley, Marisa, Deb, Chris and Mas, all of whom worked tirelessly to bring you the fancy new site you’ll see on November 1st.

Grateful to my wife, for listening to me and putting up with my venting at the end of every day.

And, of course, grateful to you for turning to me for advice. It’s not false humility to say that without you, there would be no Evan Marc Katz, dating coach.

Evan Marc Katz, insurance salesman, would be more like it. ☺

Before we move forward, how did you feel when I said I was grateful to you?

Pretty sweet, huh?

It’s nice to be acknowledged. To be appreciated. To get credit for what you do at work, at home, and in your relationship.

You know what else is pretty sweet? Doing the acknowledging.

Which brings me to the 3 things I’m giving you: a video, an offer and a challenge:

1. The video is an absolute delight. I got a glimpse of it a few weeks ago on Facebook (and if you were my Facebook friend, you would have already seen it.)

Click here to view the magical power of gratitude
. This is a simple video with a handful of people calling loved ones to acknowledge them.

If you don’t start to tear up near the end, please, check your pulse.

2. The offer I want to make is a preliminary one. You’ll get the details in a separate blog post on Thursday.

But since I’m in full-on gratitude mode, I wanted to give you something that would rock your world and change your life.

So next Tuesday – one week from now – I’m going to make you the proverbial offer you can’t refuse: SIX HOURS of FOCUS Coaching for $1.

That’s right; I’m pretty much giving away my best stuff for nothing. I’m only letting you know what’s coming so you have time to save up. ☺

Seriously, if you have 1 dollar to your name, I expect to see you invest it with me next Tuesday, then watch as your investment compounds to a lifetime of happiness.

Time to overcome your fear, embrace your vulnerability, and express gratitude to that one special person.

And before I bid you adieu today…

3. I want to give you a challenge.

In the video I linked to above, you got to watch various folks calling one special person to express appreciation and gratitude. Great stuff, huh?

Well, as soon as you’re done reading this email, I want you to do the same thing.

Call one special person to express appreciation and gratitude.

I know you’re busy. You’re at work. You’ve got kids. You’ve got errands.


Fact is: if you’re hesitant to do something that immediately increases your joy by 17%, then you’re really just admitting one thing:

You’re afraid.

Afraid to be vulnerable, authentic, and grateful to the one person you love the most!

How crazy is THAT?!

Time to overcome your fear, embrace your vulnerability, and express gratitude to that one special person.

Pick up the phone, dial, and share your love and appreciation.

You can do it!

And you’ll be very glad you did.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


P.S. Have you connected with me on Facebook and Twitter yet? Hope so!