12 Rules To Keep A Man

Saw this video on a friend’s Facebook page and wanted to share it with you.

It made me think two things:

1) While we can quibble with the messenger, the message is pretty spot on. Much of it – apart from the appearance stuff – can be read in Why He Disappeared, in fact.

2) I should start making YouTube videos that get 100,000 hits.

What do you think of this guy’s “rules” and are there any with which you disagree?

(By the way, comments that list the equivalent rules for men and what’s wrong with men will be summarily deleted. That’s not the point of this post. –The Management)

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  1. 91

    I’m with SS and Starthrower on this one. Sanctity and love in marriage should always come first.

  2. 92


    I tend to agree with you Star on that. It seems to have lost it’s connectivity component and is almost a false form of intimacy with the way some people approach it.

  3. 93

    I LOVED this and as a female was not offended AT ALL! The guy was sooo spot on and hilarious. I really enjoyed hearing his point of view. I haven’t read any of the other comments, but I think that it should be said that just almost all of the guy’s points can also apply to men, not just women. As a woman (yes, single…haha), when I was hearing the rundown, I have to say that I would want a guy to take heed to a lot of those things too. Shoot some of those points can apply to platonic relationships as well! The only question I had/have is that if you’re a female that already does at least most of those things in her relationship(s) and it still doesn’t work out, what then? Is the answer really as simple as “he wasn’t the right guy”? If that stuff is really all that it takes, then wouldn’t the relationship just keep going? I have a hard time understanding how decent women still get dumped by decent guys, haha. Maybe there isn’t a simple answer, haha.

  4. 94

    I think he is point on for all of his rules.  He’s funny but correct.  Evan covers many of these same points.

  5. 95

    Love It !!!

  6. 96

    Loved the video.
    Yes, I no longer hang out much with single women because their advice doesn’t help much.
    But certainly, I enjoy the company of my male (and female) colleagues who are in
    relationships.  We have teased each other to death (tease = playful talk, not necessarily sexual) and often, some of their feedback is extremely useful.
    Listening to the men is a great idea.
    I think the video was spot on.  Would have preferred less swearing but well.

  7. 97
    Fagan O'Reilly

    I think he’s spot on.  Plus he’s funny.

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