If You Are Short, Fat, Older or An Asian Man, You Must Read This. But Especially If You’re Short.


If you’re a regular reader, you probably knew that I was on the CBS Early Show in July. Appearing with me was one of my all-time favorite clients, Tom Pandolfo. Charming, charismatic, successful, warm, athletic… Tom has it all. The only thing missing in his life is a woman. So, after hiring me as his dating coach, we set to work in rebranding him on Match.com.

We took new professional photos. We had Tom fill out my long questionnaire and submit to an hour of questions from me on the phone. We wrote two new profile essays that were unique, funny and confident. We renamed him “LookMaNoHair.”

And we watched as his in-box filled up with interested women.

You can see what a great experience it was in this CBS Early Show clip:

What I haven’t yet mentioned is that Tom Pandolfo is 5’3″.
I didn’t want to mention it for the same reason that Tom didn’t want to mention it in his profile: because it’s irrelevant to anything that makes him a good accountant, husband, or father. Yet his height defines him, since it has prevented otherwise interested women from being interested in him over the course of his entire life.

Height is irrelevant to anything that makes a man a good husband or father.

This instantly reminded me of a story that ABC did years ago on this very issue.

To see if the women would go for short guys who were successful, ABCNEWS’ Lynn Sherr created extraordinary résumés for the shorter men. She told the women that the shorter men included a doctor, a best-selling author, a champion skier, a venture capitalist who’d made millions by the age of 25.

Nothing worked. The women always chose the tall men. Sherr asked whether there’d be anything she could say that would make the shortest of the men, who was 5 feet, irresistible. One of the women replied, “Maybe the only thing you could say is that the other four are murderers.” Another backed her up, saying that had the taller men had a criminal record she might have been swayed to choose a shorter man. Another said she’d have considered the shorter men, if the taller men had been described as “child molesters.”

Lest you think this is an example of reality TV finding evidence to support a story, Tom tried his own experiment last week. Sure enough, few women give a fair shake to a man who is 5’3”, no matter what else he has going for him.

I’m going to let Tom take it from here.

So I tried changing my profile for three days just to see what the difference was between being 5’3″ and 5’10”.  I wanted to know if height was the only difference and the constant deal breaker.  So I moved my profile from Pittsburgh and posted it for 3 days in a town where nobody knew me (Philadelphia). Here’s what I found:

5’3” in Pittsburgh5’10” in Philadelphia
Mutual matches080
Reverse matches12400
Petite women w/pics w/in 50 miles45650
Views in 3 days11212
Emails received — unsolicited032
Winks received — unsolicited228
Emails sent out66
Replies received to emails sent out06


This proves, in stark and undeniable terms, two things:…

Life — and people — can be incredibly unfair. We talked about this just the other day. People want what they want. They’re attracted to what they’re attracted to. And no amount of complaining is going to change it.

Oh, and I am one helluva dating coach. 60 unsolicited contacts in three days? Six replies from six emails sent? Come on. That’s pretty damn good!

Okay, I’m kidding about the last part, but only because I’m so serious about the rest of this. Really, it kills me.

Why, in God’s name, is it important for women to stand on tiptoes to kiss a guy?

Believe me, Tom is no “woe-is-me” kind of guy. He’s just been confronted with a very ugly reality that has shaken his confidence in people. And even though we had good initial results, the fact remains, empirically: women don’t want short men.

And although you can feel free to substitute “older women”, “older men”, “heavier women”, or “Asian men”, I honestly feel that nobody gets a rawer deal than short guys.

Honestly, ladies…You can get your own dishes from the top shelf. You don’t really need to feel “protected” from the dangers of suburbia. And why, in God’s name, is it important to stand on your tiptoes to kiss a guy?

So how about it, women? Is there any legitimate reason not to go out with this amazing, amazing man?

Talk to me. I want to hear the truth.

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  1. 81

    In response to Mara (I know her post is really old but I still wanna respond to it)

    We have had a short president James Madison America’s fourth president was 5’4” They’ve also been many short men who have become world leaders and men of power, authority, and distinction
    Winston Churchill who was prime minister of the UK was 5’7”
    Sarkozy the President of France is 5’6” Silvio Berlusconi the prime minister of Italy is 5’4” Vladamir Putin President of Russia is 5’5” There are also many more

    I also think the whole “because we have so many Asians that’s why men are short” is absolutely absurd and racist.

    Futhermore the whole “hunter gatherer” theory of why women choose tall women because of genetic instinct that tall men are better hunters is also absurd in cavemen days it was short men who made the best hunters not tall men their small frames made it easier for them to hide and get the drop on prey (hiding behind a rock or crawling unseen through prairie grass) shorter men also had quicker reflexes which made it easier for them to hurl projectiles and prey infact the average neanderthral was only 5’5” shorter men consumed less energy and less food (which was important because food was always limited) so in caveman days it was short men doing all the hunting the hunter caveman being this tall hulking man is just a romanticized version of what prehistoric humans were but not in any way a scientifically accurate one

    Even in war and battle (or anything for that matter) the tallest one is not always the one who leads it’s the one who’s most intelligent has the most resources and the most charismatic

    Look at the Vietnam War, the average American soldier was 7 inches shorter then the average vietcong soldier yet it was the Americans who lost Vietnam

    just some stuff to ponder about.

  2. 82

    Here’s what I don’t get. Why do many people–male and female–think it’s OK to make comments about the height of short people (especially short men), but would never think of making a comment to someone about their weight, skin color, or physical disabilities? We all have at least some control over our weight and body toneness (is that a word?), but none of us can control how short or tall we are. I am a 5′ 2″ man. Countless times I have been asked how tall I am. I would never consider asking a heavy person how much he/she weighs. Why the double-standard?

  3. 83

    re: James – I don’t think people asking your height is the same as asking someone their weight. I think because it’s an uncontrollable thing people are more comfortable with bringing it up. And it doesn’t just happen to shorter people. My boyfriend is 6’4″ and gets asked all the time how tall he is. I don’t think it’s a double standard at all, just our humanness that makes it easier to ask about inches rather than pounds.

  4. 84

    I finally feel as though I can comment on this topic. I’m short (5’1″) and have never had an issue with any of my date’s heights (which have ranged from 5’4″ to about 6’4″). Last night, however, I went on a date with a man whose profile said he was 5’4″ (but in reality, he wasn’t). I wore 2″ heels and at the end of the date I actually had to lean down to kiss him on the cheek. I don’t mind kissing a guy who’s head is level with mine, or taller, but that sensation of going down? No way. That moment made me feel as though I was with a kid, which does not me want to engage in any other physical activities with the person.

    Maybe it’s because this was my first time that it completely shocked my system, but I have to agree with the women who want someone who’s at least as tall as they are.

  5. 85

    Wow, this comment train has been going on for a year. Like I said in Comment #2, I question why it’s okay to say things and ask questions which could lead to a person feeling self-conscious about his/her height, but it’s not okay to do the same about a person’s weight.

    Then again, I do it too. I’m 5’8” and I’m dating a girl who is 5’1”. The top of her head comes up to my chin. More than once I’ve just had to say “you’re so little!”

    I’ve NEVER done this, but I’ve heard very small women complaining about people trying to literally pick them up. (in some contexts that’s harassment). I doubt that any fat people get requests for people to use their fat folds as stress balls.

  6. 86

    I went on a dating site, and set my requirement for meeting a single woman, no less than 5’4″ and got very few prospects. I noticed the number of single women increased as, I lowered the height status…

  7. 87

    that was five feet, four inches…in the previous post…

  8. 88
    Ashley Ju

    I’m pretty short myself being asian 🙂 5’3. For some reason I’ve always been more attracted to guys that are aout 6 feet, over, or just under since I started dating in the 8th grade. Its very simple really. Women like to feel feminine sometimes. We can have better jobs, or have a higher IQ but we like having a man around to make us feel girly every once in a while. I know the most amazing and sweetest guy thats about an inch taller than me but it just feels like I’m not standing next to a man… like I’d be dating a boy if I went out with him. Shallow I know but most men are too so I say it’s a fair trade. Do you think a man would rather go out with an ugly girl or a hot girl?

    1. 88.1

      being muscular/fit and having a masculine body type is way more important than height in terms of making a girl feel “feminine”; not many women would want a guy who is tall but also lanky and frail. it’s understandable if you want them to be somewhat taller than you, but 3-5 inches more is already a good difference. also, keep in mind that attraction goes both ways; some men would probably find you too short, or even worse, facially unattractive or not “curvy” enough

  9. 89

    on post #88

    Women all over this planet are attracted to men 6 feet tall and over, that is just, plain, basic law of attraction. Tall men tend, to make a woman feel “safer”. Making a woman “feel” safe, is the foundation of most relationships.

    I work around herds of men, and, have noticed, most have married the plain, average, girl next door type.

  10. 90

    I don’t know how I missed the end of Sam’s comment (#85) but I will say that it’s true about people trying to pick up the shorter folks. I’m 5’1″ and my best (female) friend is 5’10”. I’m the one who always seems to get picked up and thrown around (including over a guy’s shoulder in Peru where I almost flashed the whole audience…long story). She, however, always remains firmly planted on the ground even though I have a fuller figure than hers. Apparently there’s something about little people that just screams, “Pick me up!” Can’t say I’m complaining though. Particularly since my dating pool is far larger than my best friend’s, due to the variance in our heights (she wants a guy who’s 6’+).

  11. 91

    Post 88 Ashley Ju:

    The average height of a North American male is 177cm that is about five feet nine and a half inches. Men who are 6’0” and over. Make up only a small portion of the male population (around 20 to 25%) and that’s being generous. It could very well be lower then that. The fact is that by insisting on only dating men who are 6’0” or over you have eliminated more then half of the male population. and your chances of finding a compatible mate plummet. because let’s face it. Height is perhaps the worst indicator of future compatibility. You are really selling yourself short (pardon the pun) by weeding out such a large portion of the male population before you’ve even gotton to know them. If you are attracted to tall men that’s fine. but rejecting a shorter guy and not even giving him a chance is rather shallow and immature.

    You say dating a short men would feel like you are dating a boy. Are short men not real men? By the same logic should I assume a tall woman is not a real woman? because women are always suppose to be small and dainty? don’t you see how your logic falls apart? Futhermore being “short” and being “ugly” are not the same thing. Far from it. Being ugly is subjective it’s not something that can be measured like height. Ugliness differs for every person. What’s ugly to you may be attractive to someone else. So therefore you can’t compare being short to being ugly.

  12. 92

    to Zain on post #81,

    Fact is, a woman’s world of relationships, is not about statistics. It is about the word, “attraction.” Most women are attracted to very tall men, even if there is a smaller number of tall men in existence. Mostly, women don’t seek compatibility, until they are 40 years old.

    Also, most of the time, the word “Logic” does not exist in a woman’s world/relationships. Its us guys, that are limited by logic………LOL!

  13. 93
    Michael Ejercito

    This would mean a lot of women would be alone during their 20’s and 30’s- unless they are willing to share a man.

  14. 94

    to post 92 hunter

    You sound quite rigid in your convictions I must say. First of all, I never argued the fact that women are attracted to taller men. However while many women prefer tall men that doesn’t always mean they will NEVER date a short man. Even on this site a few women have even defended short men so what you are saying is not in stone, there are always exceptions. I find it interesting you say “very tall men” though One of my good friends is 6’7”, He often complains women reject him because he is too tall. So taller does not necessarily mean better. You bring up the point about safety and how tall men make a woman feel “safe” While I agree with this I still find it rather irrational. “Safe” from what exactly? What is it that she needs protection from? Futhermore no amount of height is going to save you if your assailant is armed with a knife, a gun, a 2×4 etc. Most crooks carry weapons. Height is not a guarantee of safety. All it is, is an illusion.

    I find it very disturbing and sad when you say compatibility and logic don’t mean anything (or very little) to women. As if you are saying All women are dictacted by their vaginas and are not intelligent emotionally evolved adults. Yes I am attracted to women with large breasts and an hourglass figure, however those aren’t the apex of what I’m looking for, personality and compatibility are much more important.Hence why I wouldnt automatically reject a women who didn’t have those physical traits if she had other things I was looking for. That’s what it means to be a logical intelligent, emotionally evolved adult.

  15. 95

    I’d like to respond to Zain’s last post (and don’t confuse the two of us — I’m Zann, female, and he’s Zain). I’m actually a little shocked that this short-man debate has gotten so much mileage…you’d think we were discussing the roadmap to world peace or something. Sheesh. Anyway, I appreciate Zain’s defense of women’s concerns with compability and putting other male traits above a man’s height. And (surprise, Hunter) women are actually quite logical. Women spend a hell of a lot of time and precious energy trying to understand and accommodate the behaviors of men because personality and compatibility are important to us, and I believe that’s true of women well before age 40. For most women, even if a guy has great physical endowments (which is very subjectiive and relative) he’s going to need more than that for her to consider him more seriously. In my opinion, that’s a very fundamental difference between men and women, because I’ve known many men who can ride the shallow wave of a woman’s physicality for a long time, no problem, no questions asked. But in terms of the “safety” thing with women who seem to want a great big man, I have the same question as Zain…safety from what? I’ve known some pretty bad-ass short men, and if someone’s armed or psycho, Mr. Tall Guy isn’t going to automatically save the day. What I hear women say is they want to feel “little.” As in small and helpless. As if being a taller or bigger woman is taking up too much room or means you’re not lady-like. Nonsense. Women don’t do other women any favors by wanting to be small and helpless, because, for one thing, it’s a lie. We are NOT small and helpless, regardless of how tall or short we are. And why would you want to be? If you’re competent and believe iyou’ve got a right to walk tall with confidence, people will regard you that way. So, damn, don’t waste time wishing you were smaller or taller. You are what you are. Different strokes and all that.

  16. 96

    I wouldn’t necessarily take a guy’s advice on how a woman chooses a mate. Women don’t fall in love by looking at a guy’s appearance. They fall for a guy because of what he says & how he treats them. Physical appearance plays a role in the initial attraction, but it’s certainly not the be-all, end-all.

    At the same time, however, it’s fruitless to point out that women’s desires for a taller man is ridiculous and shallow. Attraction is what it is. Though some don’t like the comparison to weight because people do have some influence over it, there are many other factors over which people have no control, with race being one of the primary ones that come to mind. Asian men may be discriminated against by white women, but black women are discriminated against by almost all other races of males…how many times will a man’s profile list his willingness to date any race, so long as she’s not black? Instead of arguing that a guy is racist and really should consider women from all races a black woman just realizes that this obviously isn’t the right person for herself and moves on. The same should hold true for anyone else barred from someone’s list because of disabilities, race, height, etc.

    My $0.02.

    1. 96.1

      That’s all true, and well said. There’s just one problem.

      There ARE many women who would indeed date a short guy, if the social stigma of doing so weren’t so severe.   We’re not talking minor inconvenience. Some manifestations of it..

      -Often, there is public ridicule in the form of snide comments meant to deride the man.   In similar situations, one may see men come up and flirt with the woman, right in front of her date (being the short guy).   I forget the proper term for this, but it’s a very real phenomenon.   It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens too often.   It definitely puts a strain on dating relationships.

      -How many times have you seen(or been part of )  a group of women ripping on short guys?   Let me tell you AS a short guy, I’ve had it happen with me in earshot.. so.. many.. times.   How often has it happened behind my back? I can only imagine.

      I’ve never seen women do this with regards to ethnicity, at least with members of said ethnic group, within earshot.

      -How many times have you seen a short guy get publically chastised for simply defending himself against this kind of discrimination, no matter how it manifests?   I have been told some form of, “shut the F up, you have short man syndrome” even in situations where I calmly confront the offending party.   And when I say “calmly”, I really mean it quite literally.   In those situations, the people usually respond with something like, “oh c’mon, don’t take it so seriously”, or, “quit acting like a short man”.   And I thought, *yeah, substitute ‘black’ for ‘short’, with the proper offensive language (i.e. n—–), and see how that goes*   But no, since it’s a short guy, it’s okay. :\

      So, would you agree that all of that prejudiced thought spills over heavily into the dating arena, and allows for such hateful behavior that makes dating a shorter guy, very difficult? Would you agree that the stigma of a short guy dating a much taller woman, is so awful as to be on par with a black woman and a white man?   It may not be the same dynamics involved, but the stigma for both is very very strong.   Although I will say this: there are many parts of the country where an inter-racial couple will have no problems whatsoever from the public.   I honestly can’t think of one city in the USA where that would hold true for a tall woman-short man couple.

      Again, it’s cool for people to be naturally attracted to whatever, but it should also be okay for people to date whomever they want, regardless of height, and   expect not to be ostracized for it!


  17. 97

    I hear this quite often “it’s pointless to argue about it attraction is what it is” I’m aware that my rantings on how shallow and rediculus it is to discriminate on height are probably not going to change any minds. It’s not about changing minds it’s about opening them. Yes many women are shallow when it comes to height. and there is very little I can do about that, but I really don’t see what obligation short men have to be quiet about it. I’m not saying women don’t have the right to be shallow or they don’t have the right to date who they are attracted to. I just think “shallow” choices should not be certified as “good choices”

    I mean if we are going to discriminate on the basis of a trait they have no control over why stop there?

    “I’m sorry i can’t date you, your neck is too wide”

    lol whatever.

  18. 98
    Maddie Cartoonist

    I’m a slender 5’4″ woman in my 40’s, considered good-looking. My 2 ex husbands were 6 foot and 5’8″. I’ve dated seriously two men who were 5’3″ – 5’4″ and lots in between.

    I actually prefer shorter men. Guys in the 6 foot range are just too uncomfortable to deal with. They are problematic to kiss–it gives me a stiff neck trying to reach up there. It’s hard to walk together with our arms around each other. Their stride is too long for me to keep up when they walk normally.

    Also, tall men in their 40’s and 50’s always seem to be wrecks. Knee problems, back problems, neck problems, etc etc. Give me a well-proportioned man who is structurally sound any day!

    Finally, tall guys are inconvenient. They take up too much room in bed (& they will complain unless you have some kind of extra special long bed), they always claim the aisle seat on the plane (because they’re so “uncomfortable” otherwise–but hey, I’d like to site in the aisle seat sometimes too!), and they insist on moving the driver’s seat of my car way back even if they are just taking it to the gas station, while never remembering to return it to it’s proper place.

    On the other hand, reasonably-sized men…..mmmmm! I like my short men strong and fit. But you guys gotta be confident! 1) Don’t lie about your height or wear lifts in your shoes! Total turnoff. 2) Don’t whine about me wearing heels when we go out. This makes me feel bad and you look like an idiot. 3) and of course it goes without saying, Napoleon complex = not dating me!

  19. 99

    I am 5″7 and am what most would consider a “girly girl”. I love looking feminine, and I embrace my curves. I enjoy getting dressed up to go out, and have quite the collection of high heeled shoes, 3-4 ‘ stilettos being my favourite. When I go out to clubs, I often feel as if I am towering over everyone. So if I were to date a shorter guy, I feel as if it would just accentuate my height and rather than appearing feminine, I would appear to be a gargantuan/amazonian beast. Women are supposed to be petite and delicate. How are we to feel protected when we are with a man that we tower over or outweigh. I personally refuse to date anyone under 6ft tall. I want to feel as if he would be able to protect me in a dangerous situation, I want to feel small, and delicate, and feminine, and I want to be able to wear my heels without making my partner insecure. I think its bizarre to see tall women dating shorter men… It looks awkward, and more like a mother and child than two consenting adults in a relationship. I feel for the short guys, but there are lots of petite women out there. My sister is 5’2. So they should stick to people of similar stature when looking for a mate. Personality can only get you so far in a relationship, that animalistic physical attraction needs to be there as well. And that just does not exist for me when it comes to short men.

    1. 99.1

      Women and men.. Chelsea is a perfect example of someone who is indoctrinated with the prejudice I (and many others) have spoken of, in this comment section.

      Hopefully, I don’t have to spell it out. But just the fact that Chelsea implies short men are weak, and that they shouldn’t date taller women, along with insistence on her 5’2 sister only dating shorter men, says so much.

      I would like to have a critical discussion with Chelsea, but I fear I would have better results sparring intellectually with a carrot.

        1. Scooter

          I assume you’re referring to the ad hominem.  Point  taken.

        2. Evan Marc Katz

          I’m referring to the 50 posts on the same subject. It’s like you went into a bar, looking for a fight, and are taking a swing at everyone looking at you.

          We get it. You’re short. It sucks. Life is unfair. But there is no upside at ranting at individual women who don’t want to date short guys. So why bother?

        3. Scooter

          Evan, there’s no need to (not so subtly) feed into stereotypes, here.   I expect better from you.

          I get it.   Despite the fact that you have made a few articles concerning dating short men (or lack thereof), you don’t want to ruffle your reader-base.

          But Evan, if women can make derogatory and prejudiced comments about short men, off-the-cuff, then why can’t I defend myself?   I haven’t even come close to addressing every woman who has made such comments.

          Evan, you seem to indirectly acknowledge the prejudice-because let’s face it; it’s a largely unchecked prejudice that allows for (among other things)  less pay, open ridicule, and consequently a very hostile dating environment.

          And speaking for myself only: I can deal with strong societal prejudice, head-on.   But prolonged loneliness, and intractable requirements resulting from such thoughts, that have no logical basis?

          -Umm.. I want to wear heels. *Go ahead!*

          -Umm.. I want to feel protected. *And height determines that?*

          -Umm.. I hate short men because of Napoleon Complex *Complete fallacy of a stereotype*

          It’s awful.   And I bother because I want to help enable change.   I don’t want future short men to go through what I, and many other short men, have had to endure.

          Can you not sympathize with that?

        4. Evan Marc Katz

          a) Wrong. I don’t give a shit about ruffling my reader-base. I’ve been doing it for 8 years and have never shied from offering my unpopular take on things.
          b) I acknowledged the prejudice in the original piece. At the same time, you can’t legislate what people are attracted to. I could TELL you to be attracted to a heavy woman because it says nothing of her character, but people don’t operate that way. You may make the case that weight is different than height in that you can somewhat control it. But that doesn’t really matter for our purposes. The point is that you can’t force yourself to be attracted to someone. And as unfair as it is, I can’t force women (or shame women, as you’re trying to do) into being attracted to you.
          c) I sympathize with you. I also think the amount of time you’re investing in writing to individuals who haven’t been on this site in six years, trying to prove your logical point is OBJECTIVELY a a waste of time.

          Which is why I say to you: stop yelling at strangers on my site. Go out and find that rare woman who appreciates you despite your height instead of arguing with all the women who don’t.

        5. Scooter

          I acknowledged the prejudice in the original piece. At the same time, you can’t legislate what people are attracted to.

          Hey, thanks again for responding, Evan.   Always cool to have the author engage in direct conversation.

          I know I can’t “legislate” such.   I never said so. I am trying to dissipate much of the prejudice (or at least be part of that effort), by pointing out its illogical, hateful origins.

          I don’t know how many of my posts you have actually read, but in most of them I explain the hate as being irrational.


          . The point is that you can’t force yourself to be attracted to someone. And as unfair as it is, I can’t force women (or shame women, as you’re trying to do) into being attracted to you.

          You’re misstating what I am trying to do here, and most likely it’s by accident.

          I’m not just doing this to try and have some women look introspectively, or to lessen the prejudice.   I am also doing it for the fruits of those endeavors, which is to get “short man hatred” (for lack of a better phrase) to a point that it is openly acknowledged, and stifled, as it should be.

          Evan, if we could get short guy shaming to be as taboo as fat-person shaming (which is a low bar, indeed), I guarantee the dating pool for a shorter guy would expand.   It would widen because women who genuinely don’t mind dating a shorter/short guy, but are too frightened due to the public ridicule, would no longer have that huge fear barrier to overcome.   You’re a dating coach.. perhaps you suspect there are a significant number of such women?

          So, when you say “you can’t force attraction”,  I say I  have   agreed in past posts, and do so now.   This isn’t for those women  who genuinely do  not  find short men attractive!

          And finally, Evan, I’m not trying to “shame” women here into finding me attractive. That’s just a disingenuous  ad hominem attack from you that is meant to “shame” me.   You know that’s not my purpose.

          Furthermore, I have no idea when these posts were written, as I see no time-stamp. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter, does it?   There shouldn’t be a statute of limitations on replying to bigots.   Plus, when other short men read it in the future (and plenty will), perhaps my posts, and those of many others here who side with my views, will uplift them.

          You don’t know Evan.. it could save a guy’s sanity. I could offer just enough hope to save his life.   And if that sounds extreme, then I would just recommend you use Google, because short men are at much higher risk for suicide.

          Anyway, thanks.   I’ll let you, and this site, be.

  20. 100

    Post 99 Chelsea

    I find your post quite shocking from what I’ve gathered you seem to think there is only one physical standard when it comes to dating. The man must always be bigger and taller then the women. You say it looks bizarre when a tall woman is with a short man? by the same logic do you think it’s bizarre when you see:

    A black man with a white woman?
    A skinny man with a large or chubby woman?
    A rich woman with a poor man?
    An athletic man with a out of shape woman?

    Ever heard the phrase opposites attract?

    lol I could go on and on and on. You say that a tall woman and a short man look like mother and child. I could say the same thing about a tall man and a short woman that they look like father and daughter. Futhermore, You have any idea how many women outweigh their husbands and boyfriends? Women put on weight much easier then men do they carry more fat cells. and have a higher percentage of bodyfat. On average women aren’t THAT much smaller then men contrary to what Hollywood has taught you. The majority of women (especially black and caucasion women) are anything but “small and delicate” A woman does not need a large hulking man to feel feminine. A woman is a woman regardless. The problem is YOU not him.

    See the gapping hole in your logic? It seems to me. Height is very important to you but it’s for all the wrong reasons. You need a tall man to protect you in a dangerous situation? Wow I had no idea tall men were bulletproof and resistant to knife attacks. Your boyfriend could be as tall as Hulk Hogan but if a dangerous violent crook wants to do harm to him or to you.

    He’ll find a way.

    The majority of violent offenders are armed with weapons. He could also have several of his buddies to back him up in which height and size will be of little help. If you really want to feel safe when you go out perhaps you should avoid seedy areas that make you feel unsafe?

    It seems to me that physical requirements are at the apex of what you are looking for. This is rather sad.

    You are by all means entitled to date whoever you are attracted to However your justifications are laughable and Your logic is very weak as well and flawed. Animalistic physical attraction? lol what drivel. Humans are logical thinking creatures it is what seperates “us” from “them”

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