Do You Know How a Woman Likes to Be Courted?

Do you know how a woman likes to be courted?

If you’re a man, share what has and has not worked for you.

If you’re a woman, help the fellows out and let them know what you like.

With my private coaching clients, I help them through the stages of online dating: emailing, telephone conversations, and the first date.  You can now access this invaluable information in my 5 CD set Finding the One Online.

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  1. 31

    OMG, JuJu, that would gross me out too. I really do try to do an exhaustive screening before the clothes come off. I don’t like men with hairy backs, either, so I try to gauge the likelihood of that beforehand. I’m all for full disclosure up front on both sides: surgical scars, serious health conditions, extra toes (just kidding–hopefully), etc.

    1. 31.1
      Randall P Stevens


      Basically, every non-blond male over 30 has back hair.  Some of us, however, choose to do something about it.

        1. Randall P Stevens

          Then you are lucky my good man!

  2. 32

    Yeah, moon, we already had a poster describe that intimacy in detail here and here. 🙂

    Only neither I, nor the other posters quite grasped the meaning of such “abstinence”. 😛

  3. 33

    It happened to me again last night.

    I had just met a guy last night, and later, we came across two women. He was interested in one, so I backed off. I backed off and made very little contact with either of them. After everything was said and done, the two of them asked me to go back to their place with them. I had spoken little to either of them, I did not even know their names.

    When the demand was made that I go back with them, the guy that I just met and I gave each other a questionable look. The invite was clearly for me and me alone. He was not invited, I was, and they were ready to leave for their home.

    This morning, they took me out for breakfast. When the server came to see how the checks were going to be handled, before I could even say a word, one of the ladies said one check. I even threw down some money, only to have it thrown back at me.

    All I can say is that you want to court a woman, or group, act like she does not exist and keep your thoughts somewhere else. They will be banging your door down just to hang out with you. They will even pay for breakfast the next day.

    For some odd reason, I can never get a woman’s name. When I ask, they always get mad. Same is said for this morning. I had never been introduce to either of them, so I had no idea who they were. That is another mistake that I seem to fall into, I should never know a woman’s name. I do not why, but I guess that it is just the rules.

    You want to court a woman, ignore her and never find out her name. If you do this, you will have more dates then you can handle.

  4. 34

    after reading the above, I want to make a correction,

    “the two of them asked me to go back to their place with them. I had spoken little”

    It should read, “the two women asked…”

  5. 35

    Thomas, you lucky dog…….I am moving to your city.

  6. 36

    Hunter, it has nothing to do with the city. I have traveled my whole life and have been to somewhere around 15 different countries and around 35 of the states in the US. It has happened to me just about every where.

    Just be relaxed and never push something that is not going to happen. I do not know any women that likes to be courted against her own will.

    When ever I meet a woman, there is never a formal introduction, so we could go on for months before I ever know her name. Never grill a woman the first time you meet her, do not ask her for her birth certificate, 3 references, and a note from her 2nd grade teacher verifying who she is. Also, let her talk as well.

    I am blunt and to the point. The opposite sex always knows where I am coming from. If she has some odd looking bobble, she has an exposed tattoo, … just point at it and say “what the hell is that.” It always helps to point what you are looking at as well. I hate fluff statements. They are full of hot air and mean nothing. Do not talk about the weather, you will have no idea who the person is that is making you dinner. Empty conversation bores me and I will just walk away. You will be surprised how many women will follow you up and chase you down with something decent to talk about after you have walked away from her.

    I can not tell you how many women have told me that I was arrogant to only take me out for breakfast the next morning. Do not look like a lost puppy when you are in public, do not look lonely, do not have a care in the world as to how your day/night is going. Do not be timid, but then again do not be afraid to say “thank you mam.”

    You want to court a woman, first be comfortable with yourself and everything else will fall into place. Accept what you have and be happy with what you got, even if it not much. Do not be negative or down on yourself. I have been homeless a few times and still manage to have well to do women chase after me only to take me back to their place and make me lunch.

    You can be the dirtiest dude, the ugliest of the ugly, a whale of a man, ….. but if you are negative or an introvert, you are never going to get anywhere. Just relax, look to have a good day (today does not always have to be the best day but at least try to make it good), always be goal driven, do not let anything get in your way, and be in control of yourself and where you want to go.

    The way you carry yourself and talk to people has a reflection on you. You want to court a woman, do not be in love with yourself, but put yourself on top. Do not look to a woman as a crutch that will carry you where you need to go, that is a mom, not a companion.

    1. 36.1

      …aaaahh…traveling expands the mind, the average man does not travel as much as you do….

  7. 37
    Courtney Berndsen

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  8. 38
    Erik Ramirez

    When I write a short poem or note after I talk to her for the first time.
    Offering my friendship and time
    Being funny by using the same phrase in a different tone.
    Telling them that they are always look beautiful
    If they are with another guy, respect their space. Time always will come around
    Filling their hearts
    Showing protection with my body
    Being ready for the spontaneous, inside the plan
    Showing my dedication to my family and projects
    Being a mystery by being the silent one among the noise
    Being decisive when ask I ask them out, and I know they want me to pass a test…
    …they also lose
    Telling them how much I spend on them
    Choosing them among everything else, my job, my school, my geographic zone, my car
    , my reading, my mom, my vacation,
    Showing respect towards other people, that they considered valuable and in general
    Defining my decision on the spot
    Showing my feelings, even when they are painful or embarrassing
    Being kind and playful to children, specially when you think they are not watching
    Picking on clues, by reading her face, her posture, her hands, and her overall state…
    …even if she is saying the opposite
    Talking alot, and paying attention to her
    Being funny when she appreciates a possitive thing about me anda I ttease her that she is not
    By helping her define her values
    By pursuing more than one women because they always break my heart
    Committing  to her at the right time and in the right way
    If I fuck big time, i know never will be the same
    Being sensible to her breast and genitalia
    Using cologne
    Being socially capable
    Do everything in my hands before I fuck up,
    Using her as an inspiration
    Talking indirectly
    Recognizing when we lost
    Letting them go out with other guys, so they recognize the value of my feeling….
    ….. sometimes some women, will think they don’t deserve it, they like pain
    if they are single moms, they are not the ones who fucked up, we did
    If she is young she wants all the attention, if she is older appreciate her family
    If she is smart, don’t be scared to recognize that she is what you need
    If she looks attractive, recognize that her decision is not your fault
    Being a good person, doesn’t add points in her eyes, but to your existence
    Being a strong character at first, and then become softer
    Being softer at first, you will lose her
    Using the Ying yang theory
    Not having sex with her is even more dangerous than having sex with them
    Reading about fashion, seduction, poems, love stories, relationships, psychology,
    Having determination to pursue her, sometimes for years, and letting her go…
    ….. they will bear others guy children, but you will have a space in her heart forever
    Not everything is money, love is a matter of __________________
    Being cold and hot at the same time
    Being strong and humble at the same time
    Being Intelligent and flawed The same time
    Being romantic but serious at the same time
    Knowing what you want and doing it, if not the relationship Wil run dry
    Recognizing that life is not fair, become a leader in the relationship
    Being equal under the law, does not mean that we have less responsabilities..
    …as a man
    The true goal is the pursuit of love, set high standards for yourself

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