First Date: Do You Want To Come Upstairs?


Upstairs by shawnwines

Loved this. I have more embarrassing sex stories than anyone I know – but I can’t share them here due to the very public nature of this blog. But give me three drinks at a cocktail party and you’ll be highly entertained for a solid hour.

What’s YOUR most embarrassing sex story? It’s funny if the other person did something stupid; funnier if you did.

Look forward to your tales of debauchery.

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    @Marc 20… is the story of Tammy, true?

  2. 22

    ValleyForgeLady – what supplements do you take? I’m 49 and you sound like a good role model for me 🙂 🙂

  3. 23

    Loved this video! hilarious!

    My story involves no sex but was quite strange.   Always had great conversations with a out of state business associate.   We both agreed to having a date when he came back to New York.   Since the office was not that far from the hotel, he did not rent a car.   I drove to his hotel to pick him up.   When I went to his room, he opened the door (he was behind the door).   He was completely naked! He asked if I wanted to eat first or “F” first.   He said Sex first always made the meal taste better.   I said   “of course” but I had to get this super sexy perfume from my car.   That was six months ago – haven’t spoken to him since.

  4. 24
    David T

    @eeeej 10                
    Now there is a man who really gets into his work! 😀

  5. 25

    I didn’t laugh at all. How sad…

  6. 26

    I would love it if they added some actual sex here. I want sex like with private parts and boobs showing. 😉 me n my boyfriend always have sex in his house and my parents and his parents don’t care. They say we are perfect for each other

  7. 27

    Me and my boyfriend met at a HUGE party some ppl were hosting at NYC. Omg it was so much fun. After the party he took me to the coat room and no one was there. Then he told me I was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and I blushed and said thx. Then….. HE KISSED ME!!!

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