The Night’s Young, So Find a Gray Bar

Published: March 11, 2007

NEW YORK does not lack for hip bars that drip with beautiful people sipping $12 drinks, being assaulted by thumping music and feeling that they have found the center of the nightlife universe.

But that’s a universe ruled by the under-40 crowd (and haunted, despite laws to the contrary, by quite a few under-20s). So does that mean weekend visitors who own a graying mane or, the horror, receive a regular Social Security check, must head from a pricey meal, Broadway show or Lincoln Center concert and straight to bed without even a cocktail?

Of course not. They just have to look for the tip-offs that indicate that a bar attracts a more mature crowd, the kind that doesn’t trust anyone under 40.

Those helpful hints include an upscale, old-school setting (though downscale, old-school Irish bars work pretty well, too); background music that stays where it belongs – in the background; and closing hours earlier than the city-prescribed limit. There’s no need to stay open till 4 in the morning if a good part of your clientele wakes up at 7 without an alarm clock.

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  1. 1

    I agree with you Marc, but I think you should change that to the over 50 crowd. I am 43, but look much younger than my age. I don’t mind going to the clubs, but I can identify with having only married friends. I wish there where more options out there to meet people (single people).
    Especially in the suburbs. : )
    Thanks Marc.

  2. 2

    Now there is the most over used cliched sentence on this web site ” I look younger then my age ” I hate to break to you but you probably look your age ex specially when your standing next to those 20 somethings at the club you think your hip enough to go to, good grief.

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