Why Don’t Men Like Smart, Strong, Successful Women?

Hi, Evan.

I’m 41, happy with my rounded self, smart, direct, and articulate.

I’ve been told that my lack of dates is due to:

1) Men don’t like smart, direct women, and

2) I’m centered, which sends the message that I don’t need anyone.

Are men really that insecure? I’m certainly not going to be less than I am just for someone else’s insecurities.

Tell me honestly, Evan – are there any good men out there who appreciate a woman who knows herself?


Hi, Evan:

I don’t know what is going on and why I’m lacking luck in finding Mr. Right. I am educated, refined, and a self made millionaire by age 34. I am good looking. Many men, women, elderly, and children of all ages have told me so. People also told me that I am one of nicest and sweetest people they have ever met. Even though I am 36, most of the people I meet would think that I am only 26. Unfortunately, I have been through all kinds of online dates in the last two and a half years. CEOs, doctors, lawyers, hedge fund mangers, business owners, professional athletes, actors, etc… When I am not interested in them, they work for the relationship day and night. When I am committed to them and act nice and devoted, they start to look elsewhere.  Anyway, in short, I need some serious help and hope to hear back from you soon.  Thank you.



Great letters. Important question. But first I want to start off with a hypothetical email from a man.

Dear Evan,

I’m what you’d call a “nice guy.” I make a good living, I’m pretty attractive, and I treat women well. In fact, all of my female friends comment on what a great catch I am. But then I see those same women dating jerks. Yet they would never consider going out with me! So what do you think? Am I cursed to be alone just because I know how to be kind to women? Isn’t being nice a good quality? What’s wrong with women these days? Please let me know.


It’s not BECAUSE a guy is “nice” that he’s not attracting women.

Men reading this might empathize with Jason. Women reading this may feel bad for him, yet also want to him to know that it’s not BECAUSE he’s nice that he’s not attracting women. It’s because he’s doesn’t have masculine energy. It’s because he constantly seeks the approval of others. It’s because he’s not sexually aggressive. It’s because he sacrifices his personal power to be conciliatory. These are common attributes of nice guys, yet nice guys think that women don’t like nice guys BECAUSE they’re nice.

Not true. Women want nice guys – nice guys with opinions who stand up for themselves and know how to take control.

Smart women are very much like nice guys.

“I’m intelligent, I’m direct, I’m successful, yet I can’t seem to find a quality guy who appreciates me.”

Men like smart women. I do. My male coaching clients do as well. So how is it that all these successful men are not connecting with all these successful women?…

Because there’s much more going on than merely a meeting of the minds.

What never occurs to some women is that:

They’re being evaluated on far more than their most “impressive” traits.

These traits sometimes come with a significant downside that is painful to acknowledge.

Take me, for example. I’m a reasonably bright guy. I make a fair living. I can write a decent joke. These are my good traits. But right behind my good traits are a series of bad traits. Anyone reading this blog can see that:

…Despite her impressive credentials – attractive, successful, intelligent – she might not be giving men what THEY WANT.

The flip side of being bright is being opinionated.

The flip side of being analytical is being difficult.

The flip side of being funny is being sarcastic.

The flip side of having moral clarity is being arrogant.

The flip side of being entrepreneurial is being a workaholic.

The flip side of being charismatic is being self-centered.

Again, not EVERY person who is bright is opinionated, and not EVERY person who is funny is sarcastic. But there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest a strong correlation. And I’m just talking about MYSELF here. And if my good qualities come with bad qualities, have you considered that yours might as well?

So when I hear a woman talk about how “direct” she is, the first thing I think is: “She’s tactless.” I wrote about this in an article for Match.com entitled “Are You Honest… Or Overboard?” Self-proclaimed “direct” people often tell their dates what they think about them even if the date didn’t ask. They often try to change partners who have no desire to be changed. When the partner pulls away because he doesn’t want to be with someone so critical, the “direct” person concludes that he couldn’t appreciate her “honesty.”

If this makes you feel personally indicted, welcome to the club. I’m a “direct” person as well. I write things that are, to say the least, provocative…and yet I always get surprised when I receive angry emails from readers. Hey, I’m just being honest over here! What are you getting so upset about? 😉

See, there’s a price to pay for “being ourselves.” And if you’re going to express your opinion, you can’t be surprised if other people disagree with you. And if you’re trying to win each argument, you can’t be too shocked if he wants a woman who can be a little more acquiescent.

I don’t know Catherine and Michelle. But I do know that they are not alone. Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times, wrote an entire book about this, called “Are Men Necessary?”. One of her main observations is that if an amazing woman like her could be single, there must be something wrong with men. What she doesn’t acknowledge is that despite her impressive credentials – attractive, successful, intelligent – she might not be giving men what THEY WANT.

Why don't men like smart strong successful womenWhen a man goes out with a woman, he’s not as concerned with whether she’s articulate and on track to make partner at the law firm. That’s what women want in men and they assume it’s of equal importance to them. It’s generally not. Men DO value intelligence, but they also want from their girlfriend what they CAN’T get from their business associates. Warmth, affection, nurturing, thoughtfulness. If he finds himself constantly hearing all the things he needs to change, he may just determine that he wants a bright woman who is less challenging. Not a Stepford Wife. Not a bimbo. Not a maid. Just someone who makes his life EASIER and more pleasant.

Listen, I’ve spent my life chasing after women I’ve intellectually admired. Invariably, all of them had major issues with me. They’re not wrong for seeing things I could change. But a huge reason I’m with my wife is because she spends her time loving and supporting me, not challenging me on everything from movie tickets, to travel plans, to wake up times. She’s easy, in the best sense of the word.

Men want from their girlfriend what they CAN’T get from their business associates: warmth, affection, nurturing…

This is a real dilemma. You’re undoubtedly a great catch. You can teach us a thing or two. You are a go-getter and worthy of everyone’s respect. But if that go-getter side ends up emasculating your man, or makes him feel insignificant, or second-guessed, he’s not really getting what he wants out of a partner. Men want to feel masculine. We want to feel needed. And with a generation of women who pose questions like “Are Men Necessary?” it’s pretty difficult for us to enjoy our role as men. This doesn’t mean you should play dumb, or be weak and needy, no more than the nice guy should start acting like a jackass. It might mean, however, turning off some of the things that make you “successful” at work. This is a bitter pill to swallow, perhaps even a double standard. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that “hard-driving, opinionated, and meticulous” are not on most men’s lists of ideal feminine traits.

As someone who considers himself smart and direct, take it from me – there’s nothing wrong with these qualities. But if it also coincides with being difficult, dating might be a long, tough road for you.

It certainly was for me.

P.S. Want better results in your love life? For a deeper understanding of what qualities you should be looking for in a man, I invite you to check out “Why He Disappeared – the Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever”.

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  1. 631

    @Joe #640
    Evan also advocates women know what they NEED in a partner and what they simply won’t tolerate. If you meet a man who doesn’t fill your NEEDS and exhibits actions you can’t tolerate you should move on. This is just as important as being self aware and making yourself into the best partner you can be.

  2. 632
    Karl R

    Rose said: (#625)
    “the boyfriend in question was trying to covertly control Cat in a passive/aggressive way.”
    The boyfriend was trying to change the topic of conversation. A conversation that he was also a participant in (if only as the listener).
    So if the man was ranting about what’s on TV (to use Sparkling Emerald’s example #621), and Cat5 tried to change the topic (or just get him to drop it), then she would be trying to control the man … either in an aggressive or passive/aggressive way?
    Why was it perfectly fine for Cat5 to have complete control over the topic of conversation, but it’s completely controlling and manipulative for the other participant to do the same?
    Sparkling Emerald said: (#621)
    “That is why in an earlier post, I said that in my next relationship I will NOT be asking for emotional support from a man.  I have TONS of girlfriends for that, and they do a great job of non-judgemental listening, not trying to ‘fix’ anything, but of just UNDERSTANDING.”
    Given the example you gave (ranting about the stupidity of someone who left their child in a hot car), that’s a very wise decision. If you want additional support for that decision, read John Gray.
    Most women will listen to and support what their friends say, regardless of the situation. For example, my wife will listen with support and understanding as her friend complains about all of her troubles. Then my wife will come home and repeat the conversation … except when my wife talks to me, she adds in her own thoughts. According to my wife, that friend is the source of every single one of her own problems.
    If my wife points this out to her friend (no matter how gently she phrases it), her friend stops speaking to her for a few weeks. Many women expect their friends to be understanding and non-judgmental … even to the exclusion of being honest or helpful.
    That concept is alien to men.
    If you want to get the men engaged, ask them if there is a safety feature that could be added to cars to prevent babies and pets from getting killed in that situation.
    That’s a problem which can be solved. The men will be completely engaged with it. They may be sufficiently interested that you’ll see a drop in productivity for the remainder of the day.
    Regarding the studies mentioned by Henriette: (#623)
    I read the actual study. One of the limitations with the study (which was acknowledged within the study) was the age of the participants. These were all very young men and women. The researcher even mentioned that men may be inclined to feel this way due to higher testosterone levels, and those testosterone levels fade with age.
    Of course, that could create a whole host of additional dating issues (if it’s the cause), given that many women are attracted to men with high testosterone levels.

  3. 633

    Sure, but needs and wants are very frequently conflated.

  4. 634

    I think EMK has written ad nauseum about people adjusting their wants list. Having a partner who is at least 6 inches taller than me is a want that I can adjust. Having a partner who doesn’t criticize me or tell me to shut up when I am voicing an opinion is a need. Surely you can agree that women have the right to leave men for such behavior.

  5. 635

    @starthrower68 #638
    I agree with you, where you say,  “I can do my best, to be meek, gentle, docile, gracious woman, but at the end of the day, I am who I am,”…..testosterone levels increase in women at 50, almost to the levels that men get in their late ‘teens and twenties….and there is little that can be done about it….

  6. 636

    sparkling emerald #635
    …the female mind was built to follow a man….most women stay bonded until they reach 50…..

  7. 637

    647 648 hunter, no. Testosterone levels decrease in menopausal women. see http://women.webmd.com/guide/normal-testosterone-and-estrogen-levels-in-women?page=2  Also where is your proof for your saying that the female mind was built to follow a man.
    644 karl, did the researcher say that testosterone levels drop enough in older men (how much older) that men in their 30s and 40s don’t feel that drop in self-esteem when they hear that their partner performed well? I didn’t think testosterone levels dropped that much from 30-40 compared with in their 20s, in any case not enough to make a difference in how men feel about other people’s success. You still see men striving to do well late into their lives. It might not be about testosterone (or just one part), but about what society expects of them. Anytime someone doesn’t achieve at some level they think society expects of them, their self-esteem drops. This happens in women too.
    639 Sparkling Emerald, it sounds like you already have everything that you need right now, from a job where you get compliments to friends who support you, hobbies, etc. then you don’t need a relationship unless that changes, that you need something a relationship can provide that these other things can’t. Good for you.

  8. 638

    @ Julia #646:
    I don’t disagree with you re: a partner who doesn’t tell you to shut up when voicing an opinion.  However, I will say that some women often go on far too long when voicing their opinion.
    Also, while you seem to recognize that having a partner 6″ taller is not a need, other women may not be willing to give up that criteria, or they may have other criteria that they think is a need, but is really a want.

  9. 639

    Some men do to. I know them, I grew up with them as father and brother, I’ve dated a few of them. I’ve gotten really good at tuning people out and allowing them to speak. Talking to much is neither a male or female trait. Telling someone to shut up, however, is universally rude.

  10. 640

    Men can handle any kind of woman. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for women.

  11. 641

    BTW, has anyone seen the column in today’s UK Daily Mail? I can’t share the link from my phone but the author is the woman EMK warns us not to be. 

  12. 642

    I’m a fairly young professional woman, and this article told me much of what I had already felt was true about myself and my peers. It breaks my heart, knowing I’m in a loop- one which I am expected to be strong, assertive and direct to my male co-workers, then switch off what I do 75% of my waking hours to revert into being “female” again when I get home. This is compounded by working in an almost exclusively male environment, Where female energy is hardly valued or respected. Also, i independently earn the same or more than my male peers with equal or higher degrees than myself. I’ve mourned the prospects of having a family where I must carry a child & be the breadwinner not only for that child, but perhaps an adult child (house spouse) as well. I live a very modest successful life, and ideally I would love to be able to fully realize my female potential  with a partner that could wear the pants, however I run into too many men that simply are looking to be “kept” themselves, stay students forever or choose to live off the backs their aging parents. In short, these men dont seem to be at peace with becoming independant adults, let alone being a man that a woman such as myself could respect.

  13. 643

    @comment 654 – Jennifer – You can be strong and independent. Just because you have a guy at home to refer to him as a child is a symptom of the problem. It is disrespectful and probably that attitude is why women (as awesome as yourself) get turned down by what would otherwise be supportive partners to your goals and aspirations.
    How would you like to be referred to as a child if you were at home looking after children and taking a break from your career or even unemployed due to plethora of reasons outside of your control? in your 30s and 40s in front of your peers?  This is always coming from women, I never see this with guys. Women seems to have this attitude that hey I’m working, I’m earning, I’m I’m I’m…  It comes down to bad manners and superiority complex. They can’t let go of the ego. They do not have capacity to love.

  14. 644

    Hunter – there are great ladies out there, who do socialize. 
    I find it interesting that men often want to date just after work.  For heaven’s sake, a woman is still in work mode after work.
    If a man would have the courtesy to ask a woman for a date at the weekend, during the holidays, or weekends, most women will be more relaxed.  (They’re not at work, right??)
    If they aren’t, well, NEXT! (By the way, I’m 60 and still get told I’m a really attractive woman, so some of us “professionals” do get it right.
    Some of us are single because we haven’t found the right person yet.

    1. 644.1


      ..a woman is still in “work” mode after work?….please….that woman is not really into that man……….at 60 you are told you are attractive?…there is  a good chance the men who say that want a date with you….


  15. 645

    I’d add that my greatest gift given to me by a very great guy was to tell me that I look strong and independent.
    Don’t know when this changed – because these terms were never used of me before.
    Maybe because there are too many assumptions???

    1. 645.1

      There are people that when they think of those words twist them into overpowering and bossy then run the other way. That is someone unworthy who knows it too and just had no balls to be good enough to be equal he wants a submissive please help me type.

  16. 646

    gotta agree with you. I am full of admiration for any man or woman who can look after little kids all day. My job is a doddle compared to that.

  17. 647
    Sparkling Emerald

    [email protected] – (Men, please pay attention)
    Judy, no disrespect intended but  you don’t speak for all women.   I actually LIKE dates shortly after work. In fact, for an introductory date, or still early on in the getting to know you phase, I PREFER after work dates.   In fact, I like to get OUT of work mode ASAP, and what better way than by meeting a  date after work !  That’s another reason I usually wear a day into evening outfit to work when I am going out afterwards (weather for a date, or to meet friends)  Changing my outfit up a bit, by adding a sparkly accessory, or layering a spagetti strap top under my business casual jacket or sweater, and re-doing my hair and make up a bit, helps to get out of WORK mode and into FUN mode.  And judging from the size of the crowds at Happy Hours, I doubt that I am alone in my thinking. (I realize that the crowds sometime consist of people who are still in “work mode” if they are entertaining clients or business colleagues, but I see a lot of girls “just having fun”, and couples getting cozy also)  Meet up is my friend.  I search my Meet Up groups for fun things to do after work.  I don’t want to spend M-F in work mode 24/5. And I rather unwind with some fun loving people, rather than home alone.
    When I am working my 2 jobs (I am a seasonal retail worker), sometimes I have a 3 hour lag between jobs.  I will utilize that time for a short introductory date if the opportunity arises.  It actually gives me a much need break from a loooooooong work day, and helps me switch from office worker to retail cashier. 
    Perhaps you, and your GF’s can’t switch the work mode off M-F, but there are a lot of gals like me who LIKE to unwind after work, and welcome the opportunity to do so.  In fact, if I have had a really bad day at work, I look MORE forward to that after work PLAY TIME !!!!!!!

  18. 648

    ..I have seen clubs/restaurants filled with women on weekdays, during happy hour….

  19. 649

    Sparkling Emerald 659, where in my text did I speak for all women?
    Please READ what I said first.
    And I’m happy for you if you’re content to just add a few sparkles to your outfit.  Personally, if a man wants me, he’ll make the time to add me to his weekend/holiday time, and not just after hours in the week.
    By the way, we have an expression, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights – actually in German, DOMIDO, as in…….men can go out with DOMIDOS because on Mondays they’re shattered from the weekend, and on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, etc., they’re with their real girlfriends and wives.
    No disrespect and I jolly well hope that the men are paying attention.

  20. 650

    1 of all, Agree with almost everything Hadley Paige says.
    I think the main topic “smart, strong, successful” women should be something like “manly-tough, career-smart women”..because the areas those feminist women are “successful” at, are not what makes a woman successful, achievement in the outside world is masculine..so those women are only successful as “men”..not as women in their nature, which is to strive to become a good wife and mother. I don’t feel good about the title because those women who are not “smart, successful, strong” in the man world, are somehow seen as inadequate, as not “whole” human beings, at least in the eyes of feminists, as if those women are useless burden to society. While in reality it’s those feminine women are doing the most difficult job of all, to get pregnant and raise kids. It’s sad that the responsibilites stay at home moms have are not appreciated the way it should these days..also being a housewife does not mean to just sit at home and be lazy all day, when she bring a whole new human to the world, she should educate herself to raise the best children, it’s NOT easy..I think most people just get kids and then leave them grow on their own..no, they need good parenting to grow into healthy human beings with sense of purpose and values in life..
    Those men who “adore” career women and at the same time expect her woman to be a good wife and mother, are cruel for expecting her to both be a man and woman at the same time. Don’t complain that she gains weight, doesn’t take care of herself, doesnt give you time enough time, or that she puts her kids(if she have any) in the kindergarten in the hands of some strangers to raise her kids because she’s married to her career. 
    So I don’t get why people say “you don’t have to either choose career or love” because, actually yes, women only have one choice..if she chooses both, she’ll either fail both or do poorly/not good enough at both, since both needs lots of time and energy..
    Something that makes me sad is that it’s now so popular to let the man THINK he is leading..I mean it may work in the beginning, I doubt it lasts..sooner or later the womans dominant traits appears and again there will be unbalance between them..there’s a typical “nice” guy who really likes me, but he’s so super feminine and submissive that I who is not the most masculine woman, feel masculine around him..so the thing to let the man “lead” doesn’t always work..it can only work with naturally dominant men. Women like me who are not doormat, nor as aggressive as alpha females can not lower herself to the nice guy, but it’s easy to let a confident masculine man take the lead..
    I don’t know why it’s either stupid woman or smart..It’s possible to be as strong and clever as Roxelana, but in a womanly way, and yet spellbound a man, the way she did to Sultan Suleyman..I like the way she influenced him, she did not try to force or lead him..hahhaha “force” a sultan

  21. 651
    Sparkling Emerald

    656 Hunter – there are great ladies out there, who do socialize. 
    I find it interesting that men often want to date just after work.  For heaven’s sake, a woman is still in work mode after work.
    If a man would have the courtesy to ask a woman for a date at the weekend, during the holidays, or weekends, most women will be more relaxed.  (They’re not at work, right??)
    Sorry, but that sounded to me like you were generalizing that women don’t want to date after work.  You did say “a” woman, but honestly, I didn’t think you were LITERALLY giving advice based on literally “a” woman, meaning only one woman in the world. 
    I like to go out after work AND weekends too, but for an introductory date with a man I haven’t met in person yet, after work is fun for me.  Also, in the first few getting to know you dates.  I am sorry if my post offended you, that’s why I prefaced it with “No disrespect intended . . ” (maybe you weren’t offended, but the joys of internet blogging, no voice tone or facial expressions to give non-verbal clues)
    Also, I might have misunderstood what you meant by “just after work”.  I thought you meant “just” as in “immediately or shortly after work”, but judging from your follow up response, maybe you meant ONLY after work.  ONLY after work would rub me the wrong way, if we had been dating for awhile.  If he was still avoiding me on weekends, I would assume he’s not looking for a serious relationship with ME.
    Also, to me “dates” are the early pre-relationship happenings.  As things progress, I won’t settle for dates ONLY after work.  If I’m not getting on his weekend schedule eventually, then I’ll assume he’s not that into me, and move on.  Once a relationship is established, I want a mixture of weekend and week days.  JUST during the week would not suit me, but neither would ONLY weekends.  Evan says in his 8 things a boyfriend does is reserve every weekend for you. ITA with that, but only if he’s considered a boyfriend.  I don’t expect that of someone I’m merely dating.   
    Judy – No disrespect and I jolly well hope that the men are paying attention.
    Are you from the UK ?  Usually when I see I phrase like “Jolly well” I take that as a clue that the poster lives in England.  Could be that you and I have slightly different expectations regarding courtship, dating, relating, etc.  due to living in different countries.
    So, MEN, if you are from the UK, pay attention to Judy, you AMERICAN men, pay attention to ME  🙂

  22. 652

    Hi Sparkling Emerald – thank you for that clarification.  I think we are on the same wavelength there and it’s true that some words can be loaded and ditto, the interpretation thereof.
    The point I was making was, if the only time a man can find time to go out with a woman after, some of us find it more difficult to switch from being work focused to man focused.
    Of course you can have fun on a week day – but if he did that too often, without including me on the weekends/holidays, I’d assume I was just a DOMIDO.
    Nationality? I don’t like the idea of nationality – we’re women and they’re men, and as long as we’re in the same culture or manner of thinking, there should be no problem and no need to say our origins.  Sorry if that sounds dismissive – it is more protecting more whereabouts. 

  23. 653

    …I have found women to be very smart, bright, and intelligent, with the ability to make the switch over after work, from “work mode to female mode”….

  24. 654
    Sparkling Emerald

    Sorry Hunter, I replied to a post from Judy, and misattributed it to you, because she started her post to Hunter.

  25. 655

    …I was wondering…

  26. 656

    ..so, are you saying most women are unapproachable by men on weekdays, during happy hour?…..’cause I do know men, the kind that work in office environments, say, for example, in government buildings,  that don’t care about going to happy hour, they work around powerful women all day….

  27. 657

    Hi Hunter 668 – actually, I hadn’t seen your comment so sorry for the late reply.  Also, been doing rather a lot of thinking recently.
    Yes I’m aware that men and women meet up after work.  I don’t actually consider myself to be a powerful, career woman because it is not my main priority. However, as a single woman, money has to be earned.
    It’s the switch from career minded/strong/independent woman that a woman has to learn or relearn when she is around men after work. 
    Personally, I stay well away from the work neighbourhood and relax and let my hair down with people from a totally different environment – I choose these people very carefully so that work is not discussed (otherwise you never actually leave it behind you).
    For me, weekends, holidays etc. are when I can drop the capable/energetic/dynamic/competitive (or whatever) Judy and just be me.
    Of course women and men can be approachable on weekdays – it just won’t be around me.

  28. 658

    This woman Catherine is obviously highly insecure and phony because nobody should be pride themselves on being “direct and opinionated”. This means you have no tact and no class. Opinions need to be given when asked  NOT  in every situation because nobody needs to hear it. This woman is not that educated nor a “self made millionaire” nor that attractive. No man would ever want to approach a woman like this and she should work on her own issues before priding herself on such negative traits that would not get her nor anyone anywhere in life. 

  29. 659

    This has been a very interesting discussion with both men and women really letting it all out!
    Clearly the statement that ‘men are intimidated by strong successful women’ is not true. The real turn-off are the traits that usually go with a woman being strong and successful, referred crudely as ‘b…busting’ by us men! 🙂 
    As to why men don’t just change and just accept it (as many women are suggesting here), that’s an evolutionary process that may eventually happen but probably not in our lifetimes! So in the meantime, it will have to be a deliberate decision from sexes, individually made of course, whether to compromise and adjust to get and remain married, or be stubborn and stick to your guns and remain single! Fortunately, both options are getting more acceptable now! :)

  30. 660

    Hi. I love succsecful strong woman i find it a major turn on! Your missing the point tho its not the men so much its actually the woman. Woman who are strong and succesful have followed a career and gotten to this point often at the expense of a relationship. More to the point woman like this have NO INTEREST in low earning men below there bread line. Unlike men who go for looks mainly in a potential mate woman look for a man who can support them or who has a high status! If you a woman who can support her self and has status why settle for the care assistant or the guy in Mac Donalds!? Yet a man will happily take a woman in a low paid postion and of low status just for her and her beauty.

    So thats the issue not the men. Woman want there cake and to eat it too! You want to earn but you also want men to match you! You cannot and will not get everything! Try aiming lower try aiming for the care worker who works hard but gets little money but cares deeply for people. Or the Petrol station clerk who works hard and has a good laugh. Its time you opened your somewhat sexist eyes to the feminine movement that is becoming WAY to overpowering and leaving men in the dust.


    Feminists are ruining modern life FACT> !

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