What If Women Were Like Men In the Bar Scene?


All I’ll say is this:

I’m not sure if it’s tougher to be a man or a woman in the bar scene. Guys face a lot of rejection. Women face a lot of creepy guys.


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    Alpha Girl

    Thanks for reposting the video Evan!! This series is funny!!  

  2. 2

    It’s so annoying because it’s hollow. Everything you just heard was said to someone else 5 minutes earlier. or the day before. or the weekend before. or they forgot and said it again to you. The motives are not good. Just be NORMAL! you might have a chance!

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    Karl R

    While certain people have an easier (or tougher) time in the bar scene, it seems to be equally distributed among men and women.
    The people at the top (usually the most  physically  attractive, though that can vary with the crowd) have an easy time finding dating opportunities with partners they’re attracted to. The difficulty increases further down the pecking order until you get to the people who are essentially invisible/shunned.
    I’d imagine the people further down the pecking order also make the easiest targets for predators. While women face more physical risks than men, men can also become the victims of predators. I learned that lesson (before I was old enough to enter bars) by listening to a fellow student (who was also too young to legally enter bars) who had sex with men so she could steal their sports cars while they slept.
    The most important lesson I learned from observing various bar scenes: if you’re in a bar scene that really doesn’t work for you, find a different scene (which might not be a bar scene) which works better for you.

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    of course! i forwarded on fb with a bahahah 😉

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    Same thing comes to my mind each time after I’ve seen one of these videos (this one, Harvard Rowing team, etc) – this is the closest I’ve ever come to observing the beautiful people in their natural habitat. You know the ones – prettiest kid in kindergarten, most popular guy/girl in middle school, prom king/queen in high school… I don’t ever get to see them around me as adults, so I have no idea what happens to them when they reach that age. Apparently, this. Very educational, I’d say. Not that I can relate to any of that stuff, but it’s good entertainment!

  7. 8

    Very, very funny. My takeaway was how easily men navigate through the world. Yes, they face rejection, but at least in the video, they don’t seem too troubled about approaching women, and seem to roll with it, even the creepy one who gets her (his) face slapped. However, none of the women were unattractive. The one unattractive guy (girl) gets ignored. Women do get free drinks, though.

  8. 9

    This one I like. The ending is funny and the detached look on the woman in beds face after the hook up is priceless   

  9. 11

    I LOVED this video! It was hilarious!! I was traveling around Istanbul, Turkey back in ’08, and the guys were just comining on to western female tourists really strong. So me and another female companion decided to flip the switch and starting talking to them in the same manner that they would talk to us just to see what would happen. They were totally baffled and flustered! So much do that they were stammering and blushing. It was both priceless and hilarious!

  10. 12

    This is too funny, great laughs for a cloudy day!   What would happen if it were true?   Guys might get creeped out too.   They are the hunters, ladies are the gatherers. Thanks for sharing!

  11. 13

    This was friggin hilarious.   Thank you for posting this.   Hilarious to see the roles reversed- all the women standing in line in the cold while the men moved right to the front. LOL.   The only thing that would make it funnier is if it were performed by gathering of  former best Saturday Night Live members.   Would   love to have seen the roles reversed version of Will Farrell and Chris Kattan’s double dance move with the girl in the middle!!   What is love…baby don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more………LOL!!!!!

  12. 14

    “I’m not sure if it’s tougher to be a man or a woman in the bar scene.”
    I agree with Karl R # 4 that it’s easier or more difficult for different individuals depending on their attractiveness, how outgoing they are and how they react to alcohol. But on balance I prefer being a guy in a bar as I can control who I interact with, by choosing who to talk to (not always, obviously).
    Ruby #8
    “My takeaway was how easily men navigate through the world. Yes, they face rejection, but…they don’t seem too troubled about approaching women, and seem to roll with it, even the creepy one who gets her (his) face slapped.”
    Don’t forget though that we have to spend years training ourselves to deal with this rejection so we don’t take it personally — we (generally) don’t arrive in the world naturally oblivious to repeated rejection. Every man was young once, and we all had to learn — usually through multiple painful experiences — how to take it with a pinch of salt.
    This pain can stay with some men, which then numbs the guilt when they start rejecting women as they get older. I know it’s wrong to carry the feelings from previous encounters through to a new person, but that’s what can happen.
    Carol # 12
    “What would happen if it were true? Guys might get creeped out too.”
    Yes you’re right — we do get creeped out.
    It happened to me once when I travelled in Thailand. In every single bar and even on every street I was approached and hassled by women — not just hookers, but regular women too. At first I thought it was funny and flattering but it got annoying very quickly. At one point two women approached me — one grabbed my crotch and one my ass at the same time! I was very freaked out and had to start scowling at people from then on, which is not my natural disposition.
    I know this probably had more to do with economics than anything else (I’m not particularly handsome or anything!) but it still made me really  empathize with how women are treated by (some) men.

  13. 15

    i love it when she says at the end “I’ll call you”.   Yah right, we all know that’s GUY SPEAK for “you will never ever hear from me again” !

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    This video is priceless!
    @Ruby #8

    “My takeaway was how easily men navigate through the world. Yes, they face rejection, but at least in the video, they don’t seem too troubled about approaching women, and seem to roll with it”
    I think sifting through women in a bar hardly serves as an appropriate microcosm for navigating through the world, but point taken.   However, it is a very good observation.   Experiencing repeated rejection can be a blessing if it is handled in the proper manner.   It forces you to define your self-worth on your own, and not let others define it.   That’s why a lot of guys don’t think twice about getting rejected.   As I got older, I began to think it was funny to get shot down.   I remember when I was single, my friends and I used to go out and have contests on who could get shot down by the most women in one night.   It was a blast, and the reaction by some of the women was fantastic too!   It is a great character builder… makes you grow thick skin, and nothing can offend you.
    I would recommend that more people (male or female) try the same thing.

  15. 17

    I might be really weird.   IF I go into a bar at all, it’s only with friends who I want to hang with anyway and I’m not interested in getting *picked up*.

  16. 18

    I’m the same. not wierd. what’s wierd is trying to desperately seal the deal with a complete stranger before closing time while intoxicated.

  17. 19

    Loved the role reversal.   Great video!

  18. 20

    I don’t think a bar is the best place to meet people, but I still know plenty of people who married someone they met at a bar, so it happens. Unfortunately, women are encouraged to just sit on their bar stool and wait for men to approach them – the passivity encouraged of  women is a disgrace and does many women a great disservice. At the same time, directly approaching men  to ask them out  isn’t ideal.
    Then I started going out to bars with a group of (male) pickup artists last fall and it was extremely informative. Through that, I figured out a more positive and proactive way for women to expand their opportunities in and out of bars – just go around talking to everyone!  Girls,  guys, old people, young people,  bartenders, mixed groups, whatever (I usually walked around  with a guy or two). By doing so, a girl doesn’t seem like she’s hitting on someone, she’s simply smiling and being social with everyone in the room. As someone who in her earlier years  struggled to overcome shyness and awkwardness, going out like that was great practice and boosted my confidence.  

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