My Husband Refuses to Have Sex with Me

Do Men and Women Think About Sex Differently?

I know it may sound irresponsible to say that given your marriage vows and the fact that I don’t know you. But I have had way too many women turn to me after 25-year marriages just like yours – and ALL of them wish they had the guts to prioritize their happiness sooner.

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Is Evan Marc Katz’s Marriage Sad and Uninspiring?

Is Evan Marc Katz's Marriage Sad and Uninspiring

I haven’t done this for a long time, but an individual comment on this post just rubbed me the wrong way. Since I couldn’t shake the feeling, I figured this would be a great opportunity to explain myself to anyone who may have the same perceptions as this reader about me and my “uninspiring” marriage.

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129 Ways to Not Meet Your Husband in 2019

two couple see each other again

For all the talk about how women are faced with sexual harassment, emotionally stunted men or the hell that is Tinder… for all the talk about emotional labor and the death of marriage… the truth is, there’s never been a better time to be alive and dating. Don’t believe me?

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Does Marriage Mean Suffering Through A Lot of Horrible Years?

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As a longtime reader of your blog, I know you’re a proponent of good marriages as opposed to marrying solely for the sake of not being alone. I was recently watching a late night show on which Michelle Obama appeared and said, “If you’re married for 50 years, and 10 of them are horrible, you’re doing really good! Anybody would take those odds.”

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My Boyfriend of 5 Years Hasn’t Proposed to Me Yet. What Should I Do?

man in black suit proposing to a woman giving her an engagement ring

I’m 42 years old and my boyfriend is almost 48. He was married once before and has two young adult children. We’ve been together for five years. Three years in, I asked about marriage and he told me he wasn’t ready. I was ready to break up with him until he gave me a sweet promise ring and swore that he really does want to marry me, but he just wasn’t ready and needed more time.

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