Are Asians The “Most Desired” Racial Group In America?

Last week, we asked “Is Race Just A State of Mind In Online Dating?” This week, we find out how online dating would look if there “weren’t so many white people” inundating the market.

OKCupid analyzed 82 million messages sent by members of their free online dating site to form their conclusions, focusing on their four largest single-race groups: whites, asians, blacks, and latinos.

According to their data: “white people actually prefer themselves the least, but right now there’s just so many of them. It’s interesting to think what things would be like if the shoe was on the other foot; if another race outnumbered whites 19:1.”

Read the article here, and don’t forget to check out the interactive visualization charts. In your experiences, do you agree that race affects both quantity and quality of messages? Please share your comments below.

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  1. 31

    This whole conversation is kind of silly, or at least only applies if the majority of people involved in the conversation are white.  
    While white people are still the majority population in the U.S. (for now), it’s interesting how often they assume that their beauty standards dictate what the rest of us find attractive.  Not all people (or men) think that pale skin, flat bottoms, blond hair, or blue eyes are the best attributes a person can have.
    So if you poll a lot of white men, esp. in California, you’ll get a lot who enamored with Asian women. And a lot who prefer the Hollywood ideal in white women. Poll them in Chicago, probably not so much, and if you ask people in general why they prefer Asian the answers wind up being icky and venture into the offensive.  
    If you really just see people as people, you don’t lump all people of one race into certain boxes, b/c they don’t look alike or have the same qualities. None of the “reasons” that people claim to like X kind of women (if you aren’t part of that same ethnic or racial groups) are really complients b/c they strip those women of their individuality and make a lot of assumptions that really do not apply to the majority of women.  
    And if this was even remotely true, Asian men should have the same amount of success and admirers as their female counterparts.  They have the same skin color, hair, eyes.  I think it’s ridiculous to act like those things are so amazing on women but make men ugly.

    1. 31.1

      I know what you mean, and you’re right a lot of asian guys are short. The asian guy has to be at least average height or taller to attract women. The only exception is if he is a celebrity or if he is wealthy. I noticed also, a lot of asian women who like asian men are into asian culture. Not many non asian women will go out of their way to be into asian culture to attract asian guys. Guys who like asian women don’t care.

    2. 31.2

      Nicole no one is coming from a place where white beauty is the ideal.  No one here. I didn’t find that at all in the article.

      It’s just talking about the idea that Asian women are highly sought after these days.

      No one is making any kind of judgment about it or why it is so.

      Yes, we all know people are individuals in a group, just because people are of the same race does not mean they are the same on the inside, blah blah blah. We know this.

      1. 31.2.1

        And by the way, I say this as a middle aged white woman.

    3. 31.3

      as an Japanese men, i not attracted to non-asian females at all.. also studies in oxford says only 0,5 or 1% of asian men prefer outside their own race. so i think its kind of stereotype if asian men prefer white female, where this stereotype come from ??

  2. 32

    White men and asian women are the perfect pairing. 

    1. 32.1

      It’s also considered the most accepting and racist (to some).

  3. 33

    I see maybe one out of every hundred couples if even that that are a white man and asian woman. Even less for white woman asian man. Just because there is several couples out there that are white and asian doesn’t mean its preferred. 
    I am Korean  ….but i have to say look around you and you’ll deff see more white and white couples !!! In my own opinion asian girls are not bad but I definitely prefer white girls for long term relationships. I have no ohysical attraction whatsoever to asian women because of the body type and face.a lot of korean guys get tired of korean girls princess attitudes..always in it for money..they do anything to marry into riches and they do plastic surgery constantly all over their face like its nothing. A lot of korean men these days are trying to meet white girls because they are all sooo tired of korean girls. Also, I like thin women but not that thin..I mean a women should look like a women and have curves in the correct places and not no curves at all. I have some friends, white friends who dated asian girls and eventually broke it off and never tried again and all of them have some kind of horror story about how their girlfriend tried to scratch their eyeballs out with their big fake nails…or broke into their appartment and smashed their tv. Not saying white girls are not lioe that sometimes..but I still find it easier to relate to them in almost every way. I also found when I went to taiwan..china…japan..that the girls all wear fake color contacts…hair extensions and wigs…huge fake eyelashes…a ton of makeup and put padded inserts in their bra. Seriously…look online and you can find shows that show asian girls before and after makeup.

  4. 34

    “And if this was even remotely true, Asian men should have the same amount of success and admirers as their female counterparts.  They have the same skin color, hair, eyes.  I think it’s ridiculous to act like those things are so amazing on women but make men ugly”
    Totally agree with Nichole
    In saying that , I’m a white girl that totally prefers Asian men in almost every single aspect.

  5. 35

    There was mention of asian men not being as desireable as other types of men but for me a plus size woman in my own rights as always found asian men and white men desirable with the way I was raised I was taught black men were off limits but I still had a slight atraction to them but not so much hispanic men but being who I am and a slight rebel i dated multi culture and ended up retaining my main intrest in white guys and asain men 

    1. 35.1

      Like I mentioned, usually the desired mate is someone that looks really healthy…for some reason, asian men and black women seemed  to be promoted by the media as unhealthy.  We (as humans) are influenced by pop culture.  I know some ignorant, and racist white dudes (who I consider friends of mine).  I really can’t stand their stupid right wing comments about minorities, but even though they’re racist, they don’t hate (meaning they don’t like seeing anyone getting physically hurt).  There are a lot of people of all races who feel this way.  Most Americans in the U.S. still are not ready to accept equality for interracial dating/acceptance (even though we have a biracial President).  People get jealous too easily.  Remember the Cheerios Ad on youtube with the Biracial girl, and youtube had to disable the comments because of so many negative, threatening comments?

  6. 36

    White women more than any other race of women are obsessed with blacks. Most women and men prefer their own culture however white women seem to think jumping in bed with blacks is a status symbol, really weird in my opinion.

    1. 36.1

      No, it’s not a status symbol lol. I think you’re thinking of black celebrities like sports stars or musicians etc. You’re right there are a lot of white women with black men and there are a lot of white men with asian women. Black men and Asian women are very desirable because of their stereotypes which tends to be…well…sexy.

  7. 37

    In Europe, Asian men are starting to be the most desirable men especially with all that things coming from Japan or Korea.
    And tbh as a Finnish girl, i have a crush for a Vietnamese guy but im too shy to make the first move…

    1. 37.1

      No, I don’t think that’s true. Women like guys who are tall and you’re probably seeing some tall asian guys plus there are very few asian men in Europe which makes it seem like they can find dates but that doesn’t mean asian men are the most desirable race.

  8. 38

    I’m a white girl and only from my experience. I’m white but I’m Native America French Dutch European Hispanic
    I hate that I’m just considered just white because I have white skin.
    But back to the point
    from my family
    White americanmen yes
    Few but still white European yes
    Mexico central southern men no
    Asian no
    India no
    Middle Eastern no
    Black no by death
    I like all the board with the exception of black men (I’ve never had a huge drive to date a black guy and plus my family would kill me)
    I do get hit on by Black and Hispanics men more than white men but then again i think they just know what they like and just voice it. I feel white guys are super shy. I’m shy so it’s kinda hard to get out there .
    For the main subject recently I have found that Asian men have been on my radar more than normal. This might be off the subject alittle but I hate hate hate if I’m even near the same size as my guy so it’s hard. Then again that’s just my personal preference.

    1. 38.1

      I don’t think being shy has to do with their race, you’ve probably ran into guys who are super shy. That’s interesting you find asian guys attractive…usually they’re not.

    2. 38.2
      I love me

      Girl bye!!!!!

  9. 39

    I am a white female, and am very attracted to dark skinned, dark haired men. I also find Asian men very attractive. White men not as much. I have been married twice, one Swedish/Norweigen and the other Italian. I am not that attracted to American white men, because of their attitudes. They seem to think they are God’s gift. Even the overweight men act as if you are lucky to get them. I am not impressed.

  10. 40

    So far the non Asian men who contacted me, about 90% have this Asian fetish thing. It gets tiring after a while.

  11. 41
    Jayden Fong

    As someone who has had an asian fetish, it is possible that being the most desired group is not a good thing.

  12. 42
    james block

    good conversation!

  13. 43

    whitemen.asiangirl is most desired race forsure

  14. 44

    How many hot white women do you see on dating sites? Good looking white women are the most desired and never have issues meeting men and finding partners and therefore what you’re left with on dating sites are average or ugly white women. Asian women on the other hand, even the hottest ones, have a far smaller dating pool to choose from in the real world. There’s a specific type of guy that is into an Asian chick. Usually nerdy tech white guys (who could never get a hot white woman) or other Asians. That’s why so many Asian woman are on dating sites. But give a white man a choice between a hot white girl or a hot Asian and 99% of men will choose white.

  15. 45

    I am African-American, I am a short guy(5.5). One reason I think Black Women are not prefer is body type. Media is always s shows romantic scenes, with Men picking up the women.  I have primarily dated plus women, I do not feel to be Black women 1st choice. I recently dated a West African women, and always felt we did not connect culturally,(though I am very knowledgeable of African History as a whole). The clash might have been education status.

  16. 46
    I love me

    EVERYONE LOVES A BLACK WOMAN IN SECRET OR NOT. ASIAN WOMEN HAVE BEEN STEREOTYPE HAS BEING submissive. And with so many men becoming metro men and sooo on of course that would look for a weaker woman.

  17. 47

    This is the least thought out “statistic” I’ve ever encountered. Has anyone stopped to consider the demographic of online daters? If a white male who fears rejection is sitting behind a computer screen (on a site like okcupid) looking for “love” (likely sex) he himself is of the least desired group, this would result in him seeking out the most likely mate. I would like to see the results from a more modern site with desirable younger men and compare the numbers.

  18. 48

    I think Asian women of the.continent Asia are beautiful on average and age way slower than White women, especially Filipino women and Thai and can have healthy children even in their early 40’s.

    Hapa/Hafu and Mulatto women ate exotic n beautiful on average!

  19. 49

    Asia, is a big continent. Is this a preference for the mongoloid Asians? or are South West Asians also inclusive?

    Chinese, Vietnamese and mongoloid Asian women have no figures, flat on both ends, unattractive faces. I don’t understand why a white man would choose a figureless/featureless Asian mongoloid over a curvy, caucasian woman with genetic diversity?

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