Did You Know That You Can Make Other People More Fun and Interesting by Asking Them More Fun and Interesting Questions?

Did you know that you can make other people more fun and interesting by asking them more fun and interesting questions?

What are some of the most interesting or fun questions you’ve asked that have elicited successful responses?

What are some of the most interesting or fun questions you’ve received from some of your matches?   Did you respond to these questions in a positive or negative way?

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    When talking online before meeting up in person I would always ask if she’d rather fart confetti or burp fireworks. It quickly weeded out the people that were too sensitive or PC for my tastes and some of the answers gave me a great look at the sense of humor they had.

    Myself, I’d burp fireworks for sure.

  2. 2

    I’m looking forward to seeing the comments on this.
    Finding unusual things you have in common is fun because then you’re both bursting to tell your own stories and, one would hope, listen to the other person’s stories. For me this ranged from us both knowing of an obscure philosopher to a shared and rather rare ethnic background.
    But recently I was with a man whom I knew loved to fish and I simply asked him about it. I got more than I bargained for — a funny and touching story about a childhood experience plus so much passion and excitement about the subject and his happiness to share it, that it was a pleasure to listen.

  3. 3

    One of the most enjoyable questions I got was when a man asked me what kind of person I was in high school. I enjoyed being asked and hearing his answer as well. It gave each of us a kick-start insight into each other’s personalities while we were getting to know each other.
    I also like it very much when a man asks me sincere, non-defensive questions about the nature of women. It makes me feel like he really does appreciate women enough to want to understand us. Granted we’re all individuals, but there are quite a few commonalities.

  4. 4


    However, if the only way I can have an interesting conversation with a person (doesn’t matter male or female) is if I am leading it, there is not a chance that this relationship will be long-term.

    It’s exhausting to have to do all the work, and very unfulfilling.

  5. 5

    Traveling interests me. I can sit back for hours and be in a trance when people tell about some place that I have never been. When I ask people questions about their journey to different places, you can really connect with some people.

    I love to travel and have been doing it my whole life. Even if I can not afford it and I have to sleep on the streets, I will do what ever it takes sometimes to get where I need to go. I could be climbing Pic de Coma Pedrosa in Andorra, escaping old man winter by sleeping in my car for a week, only to get up every morning to walk down the streets of Key West in late December, attending a Japanese festival in British Columbia, …. I have fun where ever I go, not matter how bad the situation seems to be. We all have a little belly fat, so I can starve a little from time to time. It is worth it to me so that I can wake up on the beaches in Malaga to look into the sea or watch a boat race (America’s Cup) from the shores of Valencia. Even though it was raining hard the entire time that I was in Prague, it was an adventure just to try and read the maps in the subway station. I am seriously over weight, but I am not afraid to put 200 pounds of camping gear on my back, hike 25 miles a day for several days, just to see a view.

    When I mention these things to others and some of the other places that I have been, it opens a lot of people up. I ask them where they are from and some of things that they have seen in their journeys. I love to hear where others have been and like to find out about places that I have never heard of before.

    People love to talk about themselves. Sometimes, but not always, the most introvert person will really open up when they start to talk about their home town, especially if you have actually been there before. I have had people open up and rattle on for hours without me even saying a word when they start to talk about where they are from and where they have been.

    I find that people are more relaxed around you and trust you more, the more that they reveal to you about themselves. If you are truly interested in what they have to say, they will let the walls down and give other details about themselves other than where they have traveled.

    That is when you get to truly learn about the person.

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    Wow. I didn’t intend to make so many comments — but what a great subject! And Thomas is so right. We love to talk about ourselves. Because we’re self-centered? No. Because we love that someone wants to know about us… and our opinions.A man can tell me I’m beautiful or sexy all he wants, (and I do dig that — don’t get me wrong!) but nothing has ever turned me on more than hearing, “What do you think?”

  7. 7

    I would have to agree that it is really a turn on when someone asks about you. I went out with this woman recently for about 3 months and one day i realized she didn’t want to know anything about me. I asked her where i grew up, how many siblings and about my job and she couldn’t answer any of those. Kind of makes you wonder how much she was really into me. Needless to say the relationship didn’t last long after that and she still couldn’t understand why that was a turn off!

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    This is really interesting,,,,how there are only seven posts on this blog…

  9. 9

    Well, I can’t remember exactly how many interesting questions I asked people online, but I will usually say something about myself that will reveal my unique nature or mindset, kind of like a screening mechanism. I can find out right away from that. Most dudes really like conformity. Most get intimidated by someone “out of the box”. One really fun thing that happened was a guy came along who would write a paragraph of some erotica to see if I would continue the thread. That was fun. I like to write and so does he…(kind of like really safe sex!) I ended up dating him and he is great. It gives you some interesting insight into what the person likes. Possibly too risque for most?

  10. 10
    Sara Reed

    Usually people alude to their passions in their dating profile, or conversation, I know I do. That is a great thing to discuss, I love when ppl want to talk about something I am passionate about and I think that’s a universal human quality. If you are comfortable together and he/she is the confident type, ask his/her opinion on some hot topic related to their passion. such as “I’ve heard that ____________, is it true?” or “What do you think about how the media has been portraying that?” or “I read an article in the paper recently about that, they said ___________________ …..[wait for response]”.

    Sara Reed´s last blog post…Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

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