Do You Actually Read People’s Profiles Before Putting Them on Your Favorites List?

Do you actually read people’s profiles before putting them on your favorites list? Or is it all based on looks?

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  1. 1

    Uh, yeah! How else am I supposed to know if I’m interested in them? The written profile is what tells you the likelihood of you two having any potential and a photo, no matter how good, can’t do that.

  2. 2

    I don’t favorite anyone – frankly, I don’t understand the purpose of doing so.

    But in order to decide whether I am interested in someone, of course I will read the profile, and carefully, not only to determine if we are on the same wavelength intellectually, but also to see if we click on any level.

    It can never be just their physical appearance.

  3. 3
    Michael Ejercito

    Of course I read people’s profiles. At the very least, I need to know how old they are, whether or not they have been married, etc.

  4. 4

    JFYI, Evan, these questions are fun and get me thinking. Other people’s comments are very enlightening–can’t wait for the teleclass. Back online after almost 4 months off, so this is a good refresher.

    Yes, I always read someone’s profile before adding him to my favorites. If you look at the favorites list as a list of “maybe’s,” a few are usually maybe maybe’s, the rest are definitely men who have potential to me. But I’m picky–picky about looks (don’t need to be 10’s but need to strike a certain chord with me), picky about grammar (again, doesn’t have to be perfect but I’m not looking for a boyfriend I have to chase around with a red pen), picky about having some similar interests and values, etc.

  5. 6

    Yes, I do read the profiles first.

  6. 7

    Both, depending on time constraints. Without writing down a user name, “Favorites,” is the only way to come back to a profile and spend more time with it.


  7. 8

    Definately. Just because a man may be physically attractive to me does not mean I am going to like him. What he says or does not say in his profile can tell me a lot about him.

  8. 9

    I ALWAYS read a person’s profile before tagging him as a favorite. I will admit, though, I first have to find his photo attractive in order for me to then go on and read his profile.

    I enjoy reading profiles of men who take the time and effort to write something substantial. No matter how good looking a guy’s photo is, if I open up his profile and it’s only a sentence or two long, I’ll pass.

  9. 10

    Of coarse i do! But i might be a little different than most guys. I’ve been dating again for 2 years now so i’ve already gone through the “hot and horney” stage. I will admitt, there was a time there when i would go after anything in sight but after doing that for a couple of years my priorities have changed. I am looking for a friend, a partner, and a lover. So what the woman is like is way more important than what she looks like. Now don’t get me wrong, a still have physical requirements and i like what i like but i have dated many a pretty women who wind up being empty shells, at least in my opinion. I would lke to find a woman who turns me on emotionally as well as sexually! So, depending on where you’re at in your dating state of mind will dectate how you go about picking your favorites.

  10. 11

    I much prefer a great profile to a great face. And…. any guy who shows a bare chest in a photo (with rare exceptions which include maybe a sporting event where no shirt is appropriate) is probably NOT for me.

    Only after I determine if the profile is of interest do I decide if the guy is anywhere in the realm of acceptable looking.

  11. 12

    I always read the profile thoroughly and consider if they may find me a match as well. If I wanted to collect hot photos I would look somewhere else;)

  12. 13
    The Inbetweener

    I actually wait until we speak at least once.

    Why put someone in your favorites that might disappoint you later?

  13. 14

    Sometimes, I don’t have time to read it at the moment and I put him on my list for a later read. But, after I’ve read a profile, and I really like him, I’ll put him on my Favorites list as a “drop the handkerchief” invite to him. This way, I don’t have to come off as being aggressive, and it allows him to feel as if he’s made the first move. Then if he doesn’t email me , I take him off of my favorites list. And no one’s feelings are hurt, especially mine.

  14. 15

    I look at the photo first, then read the profile. I make them a favorite if I like both. I also make favorites of people who post discussion forum comments that I find intriguing, intelligent and/or hilarious.

  15. 16

    Yes, I always read what the profile says. Only then do I put them on my favorite list. I do update my favorite list. I delete if after emailing them there is either no great response or they have not responded back.

  16. 17

    I tend to be picky.. I never favourited anyone, until I noticed that I thought that there is absolutely no-one I would be interested in that site. (Since I forgot the profile the moment I closed it)

    So.. now after half a year I have maybe 20 men whom I think are ok, profile and looks-wise. Do I intend to get to know them? Not really.. If they come to talk to me , then maybe but at the moment I don’t have that much extra time (I live 250 km away from where I work) to get to know anyone, I just chat online, and that is something I do without any real interest of getting a partner.

  17. 18

    People use “favorites lists” for different reasons. Also the way the lists are and what you can do with them are different on many sites. On Yahoo I might put someone in my favorite list to go back and look at them or email them later only to find out they’ve “hid” their profile the next day and I can’t view it. So what I do is keep a seperate no picture recon profile the I use to wink at them so that even if they hide their profile I can still review it later(because I’ve winked) and send it to my real profile to email them when I feel like it. This works great on Yahoo but wouldn’t work on Match. I would never go on a site thet tells someone when you add them to your favorites. It’s an invasion of privacy.

  18. 19

    Typo – it should read “THAT I use to wink at them” so that even if they hide their profile I can still review it later.

    The reason is, on Yahoo women hide their profiles so fast that you could have 10 of them “favorited” and the next day 8 are hidden so you unless you’ve contacted them you can’t see the profile until they “unhide” it.

  19. 20
    Karl R

    I read the profile completely before I decide whether I’ll add the lady to my favorites.

    In my opinion “Favorites” is just a tool so I can access the profile more quickly when I have the time to send an e-mail.

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