Ethics? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Ethics!


After some very intense and lengthy discussions on this blog about overweight women, the definition of patriarchy, and the value of hooking up, I wanted to take things down a notch.

Witness this site, which is a sign that the apocalypse is upon us. I kid, but not really.

Essentially, the folks at Virtual Dating Assistants profess to do everything that I do as a dating coach – except instead of teaching you how to do it yourself – as I do, they do it for you!

Yes, for only $480.00 a month, you can have an unskilled laborer put in 40 hours a month (at $12/hr with no overhead, apparently) into your online dating love life. For this, you are guaranteed at least two dates per month, and years and years of bad karma. I only have two words for you: Awe. Some.

Finally, the rich and busy lazy can just sit back and just marvel as their calendars magically fill up. All your Virtual Dating Assistant has to do is talk to you for a half-hour on the phone, and he will then know enough about you to write your profile, your headline, a few “initial contact templates”, and all of the future emails that you’ll want to send to attract your future life partner.

Says the website, “Once an interesting candidate is qualified, your 007 Dating Assistant works to stimulate interest, build comfort, and flip her attraction switches.” These guys must really know what they’re doing! I dated for 15 years and I have NO IDEA where these switches are located.

And lest you think you have to DO anything except give your credit card, your VDA will actually set up the date for you. No joke. The email correspondence, the dinner reservations, everything.

You just read your “pre-date executive brief”, charm her pants off, and rest easy, knowing that you may be going to hell, but at least you’ve saved time by subcontracting the most personal of interactions.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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  1. 61

    @Selena, post #59

    Have you been pricing prostitutes lately? 🙂

  2. 62

    reply to #59 – Of course, there is a difference between $1k+ per hour and $50 per night call-girls, but let’s see … if VDA’s service just meant “date”, then you are taking chances on landing deals outside of the bed post – especially when you didn’t even “flip the switch” yourself. Where as if you spend say…$500 a night on a call-girl, that is a guaranteed, “quality”, and let’s not forget – instant gratification. Plus, there are plenty of girls who don’t even look anywhere near that hot dating profile pic, but you will have a better chance to land on a hottie in a high-end prostitution business.

    The reason that I compare this company with other escort services is not that I encourage every potential VDA customer to consider escort services. I question the business model of this company. What is its target market sector? Why is it superior than other escort services? How does it differentiate itself from other date sites (such as, or other non-string sex date sites). What is the competitive advantage to make this service worth $480?

    Personally, I will be angry, but at the same time, flattered to learn that someone spent $240 to “flip my switch”. At the same time, I highly doubt that my profile will be in their “qualified candidate pool”. In fact, I highly doubt that any person in this forum will be their victim.

  3. 63

    @ Steve #61

    LOL Steve. No, but I have a friend who at one time ran a service. The charge at the time was around $200 an hour not including tip. I can add, this wasn’t a Heidi Fleisch-high-end type operation either. So Fount is way off in his cost effectiveness analysis.

    The whole concept is rather icky, but I shudder to think what Fount thinks one would get in the $50 call girl range.

  4. 64

    @Selena #63- Wow, and I thought I had interesting friends! 🙂

  5. 65


    Yeah Jennifer, it’s funny. I grew up in a small town in the midwest. It’s amazing to me sometimes the number of “colorful” people I’ve met over the years I’ve lived in Florida.

  6. 66

    @ Selena: There are so many women offer sex without any string attached, and there are sites specifically dedicated to this market. Since “many of [VDA’s] clients are dating without marriage being the main goal”, I guess my question is, would you rather spend $0-$1000+ on a 1-2 hour hot sex v. $480 on a 40 hours hired monthly work + an hour or two minimum face meeting (which would probably not work) + possible 0 second of sex?

  7. 67

    Put that way, it certainly makes sense. I also doubt this VA service is a front for anything; merely poking fun at their advertising. Smile.

  8. 68

    @Selena post #63

    Thank you for the “education”. I had no idea that tipping was expected in that sector. :).

  9. 69

    Excellent blog, thanks for the tips

  10. 70

    There is definitely a market for this. But these rich guys who can afford this service will invariably fail on the dates if they lack personality. I am in a boat where I am thinking of using this service because there is too much BS on the internet and you can get stuck navigating the maze. There are so many women that will waste your time.. if some one can cut through the BS and get me quality dates, that is worth the time. But still this is expensive. I wouldn’t mind paying $200 / month

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