Have You Ever Seen the Same People on Multiple Dating Sites and Rolled Your Eyes?

Have You Ever Seen the Same People on Multiple Dating Sites and Rolled Your Eyes

Have you ever seen the same people on multiple dating sites and rolled your eyes?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

To hear what I feel about being on multiple online dating sites, click here.

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    The thing to watch out for are the guys who have multiple profiles on the SAME site, sequentially or even simultaneously, and in different countries, so that if they tell you they’re off the site you won’t know that they’re lying !! I recently discovered this about someone I’d had an awful experience with. Reported it to the site – an affiliate of match.com – and they dismissed it out of hand. Watch out on any site owned by match.com.

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    I was looking to join a dating website as a busy professional I thought this was the way to go.  How wrong was I.  I did my homework and looked at the men on different sites and to see how each site was run.  I was not looking for a one night stand.  And I kept seeing the same face popping up all the time but numerous different names.  I was intrigued and found that it was not just English sites he was attatched to but American and German.  He goes by the name sexymann72, sam e, sam ehis, sam ehioghiren, wonderful72 and many others.  i actually clicked on him to see what he would say and Oh My Gosh what a player, within three days he asked for money.  He is Nigerian but located in London England.  On the site I joined you get to see his other (victims!) I feel for the ladies as you just know thay must have been scammed by this criminal thier locations varied from America England Vienna etc.  He is a very handsome gentleman but he is also is very clever with words.  For a lady with low self esteem or self worth they are easy targets.  After he emailed me asking for £100 I actually emailed one lady who continually kept sending him hearts and sweet nothings.  She said they had been a couple for over a year they had not met yet but she was sponsering him from America as he was a student and when he graduated he would be joining her in America.  You had to feel for the lady as you know this is not going to happen.  I was honoured as the night before he asked for the money he declared his undying love for me lol.  There should be something put into place whereby if the gentlemans name or photo should flag up as belonging to other sites.  This would help the decent honest people looking for a patner would not have to suffer at the hands of men and women like these.   

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    Yes, the guy I was recently seeing and dumped was caught on several dating sites by me, some paid and others unpaid. 
    I didn’t mind him still being on the dating site we met on because we only saw each other for around 2 months and I hadn’t removed mine either so that would be hypocritical of me.
    However, I found him on an adult dating site because I was curious and had a bad feeling about him so I posted a free profile up on then and lo and behold, he had used the same user name (a unique one) for all profiles on all sites so I  dumped his ass, athough he denied it. 
    I deserve better than that. 

  4. 34

    I totally agree with the comments from princess…The very same thing happened to me.  Same time frame of dating etc.  He had just left my house and was instant messaging someone on match as soon as he got home.  Then I discovered he was on at least 2 other sites, and changed his picture and profile while we were dating!  He was calling and texting at least 3 times a day, probably a blanket text to many other women.  I sent him a message on match, then blocked his number, email and profile.  What a player!! Who needs this?

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    Why no use as many free sites as possible?  Why limit yourself?  That’s ridiculous.  You never know who’s using which site.  If you’re going to be online at all, be out there!  I know one thing, POF makes me feel so old with all the old men it matches me to!  You can’t control who can search or message you.

  6. 36

    Haha,  match.com hijacked my profile and posted me as living in New Hampshire.  This is not funny and they wouldn’t reply to my complaint about it. These dating sites are unscrupulous. Just look at there offshore address.  That’s why they can’t be regulated. 

  7. 37

    I always chuckle when the sites try so hard to “match” you with others. I live in an area with about 200,000 people in a 25 mile radius. I check the dating sites about once a month and find about 15 new profiles.  Not really hard to check the 0-2 profiles where someone “might” be what you are looking for.
    I’ve been on these sites since maybe 2004, got a total of 2 dates from them, one was a relationship that lasted a month, but mainly because I was sort of desperate at the time. Its been almost 5 years since I last went out with someone I met online…..seems to be more of a waste of time than it was in the past.
    Can’t figure out why someone would choose a paid site over a free one. I tend to send 2-3 emails a month and get 0 replies. Is it any better on a paid one?

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    I have. I know this guy from a dating site. We met once and traveled together. He comes from another country. Things happened, so I started googling about him, which I should have done it before I decided to meet him. It’s really shocking to find that he’s in several dating websites, honestly I kinda think it’s a little creepy cause he seems like he’s desperate or something. I even found his profile on this dating website called bangme, then I came to a solution maybe he just wants to hook up. 

  9. 39

    I’ve tried Spice of Life & RSVP, met a few men…most lied about their age, one man (I’d driven an hour to meet & liked tho was older than he’d said..) said they’d love to meet again (after an initial ‘coffee meet’ then I found a ‘sorry, not my type’ email when I got home! Why can’t people be frank? We’re adults! I use ‘real me’ photos in my profile…wrinkles n all..I’m 63) 🙂 (I think being who you are is important!) Doesn’t everyone want to know someone likes them as they are? For who they are?? Also, I am legally married…I’m 9 years into my absolutely-permanent estrangement from a husband happily involved with a partner (just as long). Many sites won’t accept ‘separated’… I dated (not for long 🙂 ) two different men who actually were ‘clueless players!! Showed me their bedroom with computer ON Dating sites & immediately sat down at computer to show me womens photos! with commentary about them! Shaking my head! 🙂 …What were they thinking!! I met a terrific man 9 mos ago who lives 1600 k away! We Skype twice a day and no invite down in 6 mos! Oh my Gawd, I’m in an internet-relationship!! So not what I want! I am fairly frustrated with this internet dating scene, especially as I’ve no alternatives, living rural & retired. I appreciate having a bit of a vent here, Thank you 🙂

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    sorry, guess I didn’t actually answer Evans question! Yes, I’ve been on two different sites & saw many of the same mens faces! With different nicknames, and same photos as 5 years earlier! (which were definetly not current in the first place). I think it’s kind of sad when people don’t feel confident enough to be seen as they are. My ex did me an Enormous favor about 20 years ago…I was the typical female who, upon looking at photos of themself would go ”omg” & promptly tear them up! He grabbed my hand as I was about to destroy a photo he’d taken of me, surfacing from a dive into a stream…and gently said “but love, that’s what you look like”…it was a real ‘Ah Ha’ moment and I’ve never destroyed a picture since. I can still cring…but then, by the 3rd or 4th time I look at a photo I begin to accept ‘that’s me’ … that’s how I look to others and they like me, so why shouldn’t I!! That ‘perspective’ is very freeing!

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    Not only have I seen the same men on multiple sites, I have had men abruptly stop returning messages on one site, only to find me on another site several days later and introduce themselves, and clearly they did not remember me.  I had the same photos and the profile was consistent.  WTH?  Do guys message that many people, are they that ADD when online dating?

    Then there was the guy from POF who I determined was lying about his age, and after finding out about his lie I had dropped him right before we were set to meet up.  He shows up on Match days later, suddenly being honest about his age.  Hmm, guess he learned a lesson ….

  12. 42

    Have just come across this site and thanks for confirming my suspicions. I was just about to join an over-fifties dating site and so I was just doing a little research on who runs them. I discovered that one company operate several dating sites and charge different membership fees for the same services. So I then looked at the profiles and found that they were the same with only a few extra faces on one. It isn’t the members choice to be on several sites [mainly]. They are unaware that there profiles are up on other sites too. Years ago I discovered that my Match profile was on Dating Direct and then I believe I was on a Sex site [after certain comments for male members ]. I was horrified and so I contacted Match who confirmed that they were one and the same company. That made me even more angry as in the past I had paid for a membership on both sites. I’d say they took my second membership fraudulently. Since my experience with these dating sites I have met another woman who had the same awful experience of being on a sex led website. The industry is not truthful and they are making millions out of vunerable people.

  13. 43

    I feel sad for people on multiple dating sites. I hope that someday they find the one.

  14. 44

    I don’t know how old this blog is but… yes I’ve seen many of the same men on other sites, and well, I’m there too, so I can’t really say much about that.  What I have noticed, is that some of the men I’ve seen before, are from a different town than the they listed on another dating site.  And not a town close to where they listed before.  And in some cases, they have a neighboring state listed as their location.  That is certainly strange and a red flag for me.

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