I Have Tried Everything And Online Dating Is Still Not Working!


Hi Evan. I read what I purchased from you faithfully and followed everything you said. I am a 36-year-old East Indian woman living in New York City. I would say that less than 10% of the people I write to write back to me. No one is really writing to me. I did EVERYTHING you said.

This is incredibly frustrating, especially after I checked your blog and saw that in a question you asked about response rate, ALL these women said that they got at least 50-60% response rate. I write to all kinds of men who are both younger and older, of all races,single and divorced, etc, etc. and I’ve been very, very careful to use all of your tips, and I read your blog faithfully. Why can’t I even get a response? I feel like I’m the ONE outlier who can’t make your tips work for me.

That’s my feedback–it’s not working for me. Is it because I’m Indian? Is it because I’m 36? Is it because I’m in New York City? If you can help, I’d appreciate it. —Mellie


First of all, I want to give you credit. You’re doing something.

If you’re writing to men who state that they’re looking for women 24-32, you can’t be too surprised that they’re not writing back.

Unlike most of the lookie-loos who read free blogs and newsletters and don’t try anything different, you put your money where your mouth is and invested in Finding the One Online. And now you want to know when the payoff is going to come.

I hear ya. And I don’t blame you in the least.

However, there are a few variables that might be affecting your experience…and I’d just like to point them out to you.

Since I don’t know you at all, I’m just going to be objective and theorize why you might not be doing as well as you’d like.

1. You’re not as attractive as you think.

In this famous OkCupid blog post, OkCupid takes great pains to illustrate that while women think that 80% of men are BELOW AVERAGE in attractiveness, men actually have a fair appraisal of women’s attractiveness. And while they still write disproportionately to the best looking 33% of women, normal women still get plenty of attention online. I’m not saying you’re unattractive — I have no idea what you look like — but if you were expecting men to be knocking down your door, take a look at the most attractive women in New York City between the ages of 25-35. I think you’ll see why you’re not getting as much attention.

2. Your age and race do matter.

Not to only have one source, but OkCupid also did a post on race. And what they observed is that yes, in fact, the percentage response that Indian women get from white men is less than they’ll get from men of all other races. It’s not my place to judge, but everyone’s entitled to his/her preferences. Write to more Indian men and your response rate should go up by 15%.

As far as age goes, I think it goes without saying that men prefer younger women if they want to start families. Check out the preferences of the men you’re writing to online instead of just writing to the men you prefer. If you’re writing to men who state that they’re looking for women 24-32, you can’t be too surprised that they’re not writing back. No more than a man who is 55 should be too surprised that you’re not replying to his query.

3. You’re writing to the most attractive men.

According to the aforementioned blog post, the average woman will get a 30% response rate from the most attractive men. The least attractive women get less than a 10% response from the most attractive men. And it makes sense since the most attractive men get 11 times more email than the lower-rated guys.

In reality, failure is the default setting in dating.

The point is, Mellie, you’re dealing with men who are at the top of the dating totem pole — 35-40 year old cute, successful guys in New York City. It’s a seller’s market and they can afford to be choosy.

4. Your expectations are out of whack.

It’s not that you’re wrong for wishing that things came a little bit easier; it’s that you’re hoping for a different reality, which generally is not a good use of your time. In reality, failure is the default setting in dating. I don’t know where you pulled up that women get a 60% response rate — maybe one of my customer testimonials — but the reason I used it is because it’s unusual and impressive. You can’t judge yourself against the best, no more than I judge my writing on this blog against Philip Roth. Give yourself a break, okay?

And if you think YOU’VE got it bad, go check out the numbers for men who are writing to women. It’s pretty much the same, but worse, because the most attractive women receive TWENTY EIGHT times more email than the least attractive women. Talk about fierce competition.

Take a deep breath and realize that this is a process and that all you can do is make the best of it. But that doesn’t mean you’re done yet.

5. Your profile and first emails aren’t as good as you think.

Just because I got a personal trainer at the gym doesn’t mean I’m going to be on the cover of Men’s Health. Just because I get guitar lessons doesn’t mean I’m going to be performing like Clapton any time soon. And just because you bought Finding the One Online and rewrote your profile and tried my email technique doesn’t necessarily mean that you nailed it. The best way to figure out if you nailed it are your results. If you’re not happy with the results, it sounds to me like there’s more tweaking to do. Try E-Cyrano or my One-on-One Coaching. Just do something different, because right now, you’re too close to the process to be objective about it.

I just listed a few things you can’t change — your age, your looks, your race — but there are many other things you can probably do better.

Please let me know how I can help.

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  1. 101

    @ Julia I agree with what Mark is saying. I don’t understand why what Mark is objectionably – perhaps the key is to see people for who they are and not to judge them by reference to all the parameters you list. Also, I think Mark is just suggesting that people have to give a little, I don’t think he’s suggesting that you have to compromise on all fronts.

  2. 102

    @ Mark #102, re your #5, I’ve heard different things from different people. A close friend of mine once told me that, if a woman pays her half on a first date, there’s not going to be a second. He finds it insulting. Not that a woman   shouldn’t still do the reach 😉 Pretty sure there’ll be different opinions on your #4 too. Some men probably like to be asked out, but my guess is most will feel uncomfortable if that happens.
    @ Julia #103, at least two men that I dated were 2-3 inches shorter than I am. One of them had also never been to college. I had mad crushes on both. They were just that good. They were fun, intellectually curious, knew how to treat a woman well and make her feel good. It didn’t work out with either of them, but not because they weren’t up to my specs — it was for more complicated reasons.

  3. 103

    40 year old white man’s perspective (for whatever it’s worth): I recently started the online dating thing; mostly to quell my coworkers, dentist, and friends desire to “set me up”, ugh. It is no secret that men are visual….so PLEASE no picture of your pet dog. I love dogs/pets but I don’t want to date them :). Don’t try too hard…men aren’t as Neanderthal as u might think and looking like u just got done working at hooters might get u attention but equally a turnoff. Likewise, I will keep my shirt on to leave to your imagination if I have an awesome six pack and a really cool tribal tattoo. No “mirror pictures”!! If you feel absolutely compelled to do so with your cool iphone 5, please remove your vibrator off of the sink countertop (seriously saw this once). Because men are visual average looking women doing the online dating thing probably get overlooked some and fewer replies then an attractive women…this seems to make sense but don’t fret. The reality is most men I imagine who are my age who email a 20 something hottie probably aren’t getting a response back and reality will eventually hit them.  
    So how can an average girl, or any girl for that matter get a guys attention? HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! I don’t know if I’m atypical but I actually read profiles; at the very least I will look at your “headline” or whatever it’s called. The headline although   lame in some respects is your first impression and sometimes your only chance to leave any kind of impression – so make it funny. I can’t say what is funny but I can tell u what is lame: 1) any philosophical quote by a famous person. Quoting smart people doesn’t make u smart. Plus, people go to online dating sites to find dates, not to be enlightened. 2) “I can’t believe I’m on here”. Yeah we get it…the rest of us are losers and you’re not. 3) “Just looking”. Translation: I don’t really need to be on here to find a date; unlike the rest of u. Um looking is free….no need to post a profile. 4) “looking for my soul mate” or any other derivative of that. Glad to know u haven’t completely given up.
    The profile: I admit men are pretty dumb but we’re not completely stupid! It’s pretty obvious when you’re telling us what U think we want to hear and having read many profiles I can tell u that many are amazingly similar. So again I say, share a funny story or substantiate what u say. It’s the Internet….I could easily turn myself into the Dos Equis guy…..u know the most interesting guy in America. People just need to be a bit more honest. Ugh, stop the “I like to travel”….that’s like saying I like to go on vacation; who doesn’t. Don’t be negative…nobody wants to hear about the last loser u dated or that men in general suck. If the question asks “do u have kids” don’t have your response as “I’ll tell u later”. This response fools nobody. If u have kids be proud of them.
    I obviously can’t speak for all white men regarding indian women, but like all women some are pretty and some not so much. I imagine there are some white guys that would never date a girl outside of their race. Same is true for both men and women of all races. I don’t usually date indian women for a few reasons. I live in Chicago and I don’t know if its different here from the coasts, but indian women don’t usually seem to date outside of their race. As such, subconsciously I believe that any attraction that I might have I’ve turned pretty much off. No point in lusting after something that isn’t going to happen. fortunately for whatever reason white men can do this because we can date fairly successfully in other races. Also of the same line it’s simply easier to date in our own race or similar In regards to acceptance. By that I mean culturally and socially. Culturally it’s much easier to date Hispanics and even Far East Asians then it is to date indians. As you start to see more 2nd and 3rd generation indians in this country I think the cultural difference will lessen making it more acceptable ect. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I need an indian america to act “white”….rather I don’t want to date an indian women to only find out that her father totally disapproves and deal with that nonsense when I really don’t need to.   Anyway best of luck…don’t try too hard to be something your not or believe u need to be….that road ends up bumpy.

  4. 104

    I’ve gone months with no one contacting me online. I personally belive it’s because I raise a kid without thefather or finacial help and have no family. People judge you if you have no family. I grew up 15 years of my childhood in the system not my fault   I have a Bachelor’s degree, wear size 2 , starting to work with a modeling agency ANDI’m not ugly. I’m also a smart and funny person and very spiritual yet no one contacts me? I finally decided after months to initiate a move and sent 2 smiles out to two people.   Nothing.   As of today even though I had 2 months left of mmysubscriptionIdeleted it.   I’ m also 26 and have 2 jobs. What’s wrong with me? The few people that did contact me were not at all attractive and not spiritual nor active like myself. The one guy i thought we would actuallygo ssomewhere ended up texting me and being very interested dropped contact then 2 weeks later had the audacityto text and ask how i am? I ddon’t tolerate disrespect. Online dating is a joke.   

  5. 105

    I’m a guy who’s 5′ 7′. From my perspective, all women online talk about is height. In NYC,a bout 37% of the profiles talk about wanting a tall guy. Even women who are 5′ 2″ say they want men who are 6′ tall. Perhaps this is a woman’s way of saying “I’m online, but I’m NOT desperate. See? I still have requirements.” The problem is that even very obese women demand height.  
    I’ve heard tall men (6′ 3″) say they get email that say s”I love your height.” They hate this. It’s like saying ‘i love your big bre*sts”. Men may exploit it for sexual success, but they do not like it. Complimenting a man’s height is like a man complimenting a woman’s body part. Women seem to think height is some spiritual, metaphysical quality. But, to men, it’s a body part.  
    I have a high income and am in great shape. So, women who say “be at least 5’ 10″” still write to me. But if I see that requirement in their profile, I am unlikely to reply.  
    My advice two omen is this: Have teh requirements you want to have, but do not talk about height. Short men hate it. Tall men hate it. Do not say “tall, dark, and handsome.” Simply do not mention height. Men hate it. Take my word for it. Even tall guys hate it. It curdles everything.  
    Also, quit talking about heels. Talk about steak, music, sex, and whisky.  

  6. 106
    Samuel Raj

    This is a great article. I really enjoyed this one. I believe there was another article by okcupid that said inter-racial relationships are next to impossible for men of color other than afro-american men. That article also rings true.
    Truth: East-Indian men will have difficulty getting women of other races period. It has nothing to do with attractiveness on his part but with current perceptions which won’t change at least for my generation (85- 90’s).
    Fact: I have dated 1 white girl when I was 26. She was from Minnesota. She introduced me to feminism and to a generation of women called Feminists. She is now happily married to an unemployed puerto rican guy in California, i’m your successful software engineer. Point being race ONLY matters. The whiter you are the better.
    Now to the good stuff. I guess Indian girls find me attractive, me being East Indian myself. I am getting close to 10 friendship requests on Indian matrimony sites from girls within 2 weeks. I am 28 years old. 90% of those who contact are average looking. But every now and then an attractive girl contacts me so things are going well.
    My dressing sense is similiar to Jim Morrison, hair and all. Also I have measured myself and I fall within the top 10% of attractive me in India. So yeah things are great in the Indian playing field.
    Bottom Line: Know current realities and play your field well.  

  7. 107

    Quantity does not equate to quality. I get hundreds of emails. I’m 53, I am in great shape and considered very attractive, However, that doesn’t mean I attract the men I’d like to! I  reject 99.99% because the quality is not there.
    I’ve been online for over 10 years and yet to get beyond a third date! And no, I don’t get intimate on 3rd dates.. Or 1st, or second!
    I would as others have suggested, swap out your photos. Men are visual, it’s your photos that will get their attention.. Start there and don’t give up, or in.

  8. 108

    I’ve tried onlne dating for a few months. I would say I’m average looking, a few extra pounds and over 40. I have had lots of responses. Lots of messages. Have had a few dates and met some interesting guys. I did re-write my profile, changed my pics and got more responses. My profile was a little funny, and honest. I stopped looking for mr perfect and instead looked for mr right for me. I know some friends who would only date men with a college degree, there are some fantastic guys who are worth investing time to get to know who are hard working blue collar types.

  9. 109

    If it’s any consolation to Mellie I only got responses after my membership expired (day after) meaning I would have to pay to read them.(Yeah right!) If you don’t get responses within 90 days do not renew until you have a better idea about the medium and what to expect.

  10. 110

    What a horrible advice. Woman in question didn’t even say anything to the effect of “I’m really good-looking”… and the first thing you said was “You’re not as attractive as you think”? You could’ve said “You’re not as attractive as most other women in your area,” but as it is… wow. Just wow.
    The main reason she wasn’t getting any responses is because people have a funny idea about what Indian women and women over thirties are like (and she was both, so that’s a double-whammy). The only thing she could do was try to message more people, since dating is a numbers game and eventually she’ll find someone who’s interested. But Christ, what a horrible, confidence-crushing advice.

  11. 111

    I am an Indian women in my 30s and I can tell you that online dating is probably the worst place to meet men. I connected with a community that enjoyed and loved Indian culture. I joined the rock climbing and yoga community 2 years ago which gave me the opportunity to date amazing hot men. These people have traveled all over the world and think Indian women are very beautiful. They also respect and admire our culture and some can speak the language. I say go where   you are accepted and date a hot yogi or rock climber! Good luck and love is around the corner!

  12. 112

    I’m very sorry to read this!   I have to admit, I’m not having much luck online either.   I did maybe five years ago, but now I’m 30 and it’s a bit harder than before.   I didn’t think I was too ‘unattractive’, but apparently I am?

    I will say this, though, from all of my experiences between Match and OK Cupid, it was the American men who seem to be incredibly white washed.   I’ve had no problems with getting dates from the Europeans.    But….that’s another issue to tackle.   So much sleaze!   Still, there the ones so far who have taken a chance on an Islander surfer girl such as yours truly 🙂   I’m 5’7″ and 130 lbs.   I do have a lot of muscle (that’s what happens when you surf and climb), but maybe that’s what turns a lot of guys away.

    In all honesty, I don’t believe that online dating works.   I guess never say never, but I think success stories are rare.   Online dating forces people to be much more critical and shallow than they would be in real life.   Obviously, you can take my advice with a grain of salt as I’m still looking for love as well.   Still, all of the relationships I’ve had so far (and thankfully, they’ve all ended because of good, mutual reasons), they were with men I met through friends or just randomly at activities that I enjoy doing.   Those were the ones that lasted.    I should probably also say they were also either French, German or Italian.   I don’t know what that says about European men and tan ladies 🙂

    1. 112.1

      Franki, you sound like quite a catch. This makes me wonder about your statement, “from all of my experiences between Match and OK Cupid, it was the American men who seem to be incredibly white washed.”

      I wonder just how much the messages white men here receive, constantly, has a bearing on this? See, we hear constantly how we are to blame for everything. We hear how the white man is evil and racist. In short, we often get the message that if we are to relate to any person of color, we will be dealing with somebody who sees themselves as a victim.

      The last thing I want is to be in a relationship where all of my struggles to succeed are discounted. Frankly I am tired of hearing about white advantage, because I sure didn’t feel advantaged when I had to pay for my own college, I had to score higher on tests to qualify for my chosen university, and I had to work a job while taking a full load of classes.

      I don’t feel advantaged when I may be the best qualified candidate for a promotion but may be passed over because quotas must be met for women and minorities. Etc….

      Basically, we are an easy target these days. Everyone feels justified in attacking us. but you know what? I deal with it. I move on and live my life and do the best I can. I want to be with somebody who does not view herself as a victim, especially over race. Especially when I am the race she would most likely point a finger at.

      A good example would be if I were married to a black woman, and then the Trayvon Martin controversy blows up. If I think Martin may have initiated the fight, do I have to keep my mouth shut around her, her family and her friends? Why deal with that if I don’t have to?

      I am sure that some men simply won’t even go there for this very reason, and some may not even know, consciously that this is the reason. I am not at all opposed to dating anyone because of their skin color, but culture does play a big part. I see it as racism and nothing more. Just as you would want to be assured that I am not a racist at heart, I would also want to know that you are not racist. I would want to know that when the chips are down, you have my back, just as I would have yours. I think the truth is, many white guys feel they will not get that from a woman from cultures that see white American men as some evil entity.

      If this does not make sense, ask yourself why European white men would act differently than American white men. Something has to be causing that difference, right?

  13. 113

    On line dating really sucks, and most of the women today are just very picky.

    1. 113.1

      I would say that both men and women are too picky these days. Finding love has never been easy, and I think the real reason is that it actually, rarely exists. If it is really love, people don’t just cut and run at the first sign of trouble, or problems, or sickness, etc… I have a friend who had a business going before the 2008 bust. Since then he has struggled, and so his wife left him to be with another man. Now, the thing is, the economy will pick up again and when it does he will again be able to start a business doing what he knows how to do, working in the home building industry. but that is an example of what is not true love. That is somebody listening to their biological calls, and for women it is to compare and contrast men and always rank them and go for the best one they can get, and that doesn’t stop because of marriage…unless the marriage really is based on love. Even then I think we simply ignore the biological calling because of love, if we love.

      Increased obesity hasn’t made it any easier to find somebody that is attractive to you either. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, bad diets, all age a person much faster than normal, so as you get older, this also becomes a very real problem.

      Then add to that the fact that pictures have never been kind to most people. Even celebrities don’t look that good when they have no make-up, hair isn’t styled, etc… So for somebody less good looking, it is harder to look good in pictures.

      I’ve had a few girlfriends that I thought looked pretty good when I met them, but when i first saw them without make-up, I didn’t think they looked very good. But over time, you become comfortable with the person’s looks. They grow on you. I think, for this reason, it is best to follow Evan’s advice and make a bigger effort in the mid to late 20’s and early 30s, when looking for a spouse. We all look better when we are younger, and so it is best to create that strong bond when we are younger. Probably wouldn’t hurt for the rest of us to put more effort into our appearance, but also learn to be more forgiving of faults in the other person’s appearance. Be less picky,

      Other than that, the only thing you can do is think outside the box. Date races you haven’t dated, date out of the country, date older, date younger, date less educated, date more educated, etc…

  14. 114
    Michael Ejercito

    One reason men write to the most attractive women on dating sites is because they only have so much time, and they do not know these women well, and so would go for what they would feel is the best.  
    usually, when “average” women are asked out, it is by men who have already known them for quite some time, and who probably know that they are available. They are not typically approached by strangers.
    DISCLAIMER: Men and women have different tastes on who is hot.

  15. 115

    A perfect storm… I’m a male and find dating incredibly difficult, especially online. I get very, very few online dates relative to friends.

    – 39 yo male. have a 9 year old (part time). Love him but am not looking for more kids

    – I love night life. Staying out late (on nights I can). Clubs, loud places, or quiet lounges. My interests and energy are somewhat out of place for my age group

    – I live in a somewhat buttoned-down northeast city

    – I look Indian. I look like I’m from India. Black hair and all. I otherwise have no cultural connection. (I went to India once, nice place.) Worldly peoole get me. The seggregated and hyphenated-American world of the East Coast (adopted home) is puzzling to me. I do not fit in to the larger cultural context

    – I don’t know much about religion at all. I do christmas but am otherwise spiritual but not religious.

    I have a lot of plus points:

    +   I’m a good looking guy. Once women see past my Indian looks and their own assumptions, many find me attractive. This requires their getting to know me and talking to me in a genuine way. Superficial conversation and flirting at nightspots doesn’t work well for me in getting dates. It works amazingly well for many friends of mine.  

    + I love people

    + Employed, good job.

    + Meeting people at regular activities is an avenue I am willing to engage but is a slow slow process.  

    + I have a great online profile written by a successful female dating coach.

    + I’m open to being wrong about my analysis here. It is a carefully considered analysis and reflects my experiences but I want to be wrong. I want to date more and want to do what it takes to be successful.


  16. 116
    trevor greaux

    I do not know if my previous message was received but as I said before, if this is a true and correct picture that Mellie has sent in, in her coat with her long flowing hair seeming somewhat frustrated.     I think that she is absolutely beautiful and would not mind her writing to me anytime and I am a white guy.     I would enjoy seeing her smile though because I think that hers is a smile that literally brightens up a room and  when smiling it  brings out the natural beauty of her eyes and the warmth in her heart.        
    I guess the saying in life is true,   ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ”

    1. 116.1

      If you are referring to the picture at the top of the article, I don’t think that is her. I believe Evan uses stock photos of some sort. Often, you can by rights to a huge selection of pictures that you can then use for your business purposes, and I would bet money that the picture above is from one of those collections.

  17. 117

    What an interesting post and responses. Didn’t read all the response but I think Joe has it nailed. I’m a white southern guy and by stereotype shouldn’t be so interested in an Indian woman. I think they are beautiful and have dated an Indian woman. Probably the most beautiful woman I’ve dated.
    I live in the Raleigh NC area but I’ve traveled the country plenty with much of that time in NYC. NYC is know for the imbalance of women to men and guys who don’t want to commit. I think this may be much of the issue in several areas around the country. I hear CA is much like NYC. The guys have things tilted in their favor.
    Here is where I live, know as the Triangle, it’s very tilted in the woman’s favor. I do a search on Match or POF in NYC, FL, or CA and what comes up is totally different than here. Some of you attractive ladies need to come this way and balance things out.

  18. 118

    I don’t know if this is an old thread and I’m chiming in late, but I want to put it out there that I’m also East Indian, born/raised in America, never married, 36 years old, and on Shaadi dotcom.   They should rename that website to Shady dotcom, but I digress.   I’ve been on there as well as Match.   On Match, I usually get queries from black men, a few white men, and FOB Indian men.   I don’t like FOBs, I don’t like black men (that’s not meant to sound racist btw, it’s just my dating preference), and those few white men have Asian girl fetishes…so I can’t trust that they like me for ME and not my brown skin color.

    At this point in my life, I now have to consider divorced men and/or men with children from a previous relationship.   I’d rather just be single at this point.   I still get inquires from Indian men on Shaadi dotcom.   I had a few professional pictures taken of me, which helped increase my profile market value.   However, what I hate about Shaadi is the fact that AFTER you accept their request, you don’t hear anything from them.   Ugh.   I have a theory that a lot of men just send requests to see if you will accept them….it’s an ego boost to them.   SMH.  

  19. 119

    Looks DO matter…as well as the age of women if men are looking to have children, particularly. I have experiences that have proved time after time that I don’t get approached or given much attention because of the way I look – just not attractive enough to the men. I am not dirty, smelly, do not dress sloppily, make a point to make eye contact and smile, ect, ect. I rarely get second glances, if I get a first glance at all. I have had something like this happen while walking with my sister one day (who is married, with children) and she noticed a guy staring at her. She has no reason to lie about this or mistake that he was looking at me and not her. I had a girl friend who I used to spend time with and men would flock to us but it became apparent that they came to us because of her, not because of me.
    This is so painful and I can only imagine it will get worse for me as an almost 40 year old woman, whose window for children is just about closed. It’s devastating, let me say. I’m really beginning to think I am destined to be alone and childless, not something I ever envisioned for myself 20 years ago or even 10.

  20. 120

    This is not true at all. I am a very attractive woman with even my modeling pics on my dating site. Not crazy ones just headshots. When I joined eharmony years ago. Drop dead gorgeous. Stunning pictures 98 percent of males rejected me immediately because I was beautiful and they hated me because they were jealous. The minute the match had a chance with me they’d reject me immediately. I was shocked. Only a few replied and they were weird guys. Even on match.com with nice pictures I only get weird guys interested in me. Looks mean nothing these days. Men do not go for good looking women they are scared of them

    1. 120.1
      Michael Restine

      I am in the same boat here when it comes to online dating failures. The game is geared towards women…..any woman. I think I am a slightly average looking guy (look my name up, I am not hiding anything) but I get zero responses in OKCupid, EHarmony, POF, and Match. I have an advanced degree, late 30’s, good job, and stay in good shape. I am a father and really take care of my kiddos. My dating life is nonexistent. I guess I have not met the right woman, but online dating has never panned out. No dates and a couple of Facebook friends I never met in 2 years of these online dating sites. I do prefer the typical white girl, tall glass of water type (doesn’t need to be tall) and I am a mix of a few nationalities (Mexican/French and German/Irish) but look Mediterranean. I have totally given up on women, although I still keep my Eharmony account up which I know will never pan out, I can’t even get a response, so I keep it for comical reasons more than anything. Ya know, at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen, being alone is not so bad, at least it beats a bad relationship and if you have kids, I am sure they appreciate your undivided attention.

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