Seriously, How Old is Your Primary Photo on Your Dating Profile?

Seriously, How Old is Your Primary Photo on Your Dating Profile

Seriously, how old is your primary photo on your dating profile? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years?

Okay, time to spill the beans below! =)

For helpful hints on photos for your profile, click here.

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  1. 31

    Oh, and who do men think they are fooling when EVERY picture of them has a ball cap ?
    The sad thing about that is, I LIKE bald. The last two guys that I REALLY liked (who didn’t like me back 🙁 ) were both bald as an egg. Never been a deal breaker for me. So lose the cap guys, you aren’t fooling anyone. And bald is sexy to a lot of women. Hiding a bald head–not sexy.

    My main pics are less than a year and are dated. A close up, one from the knees up and full length. The rest show me doing my special interests, and are older but are dated, some theatrical, one artsy shot of me in an art museum, and a recent one of me on a bike in a charity bike ride.

    I’ve actually thought about going back to being a brunette, my magenta red hair is expensive and time consuming to maintain. But then I would have to re-do my photos. My bright red hair is kind of a big deal. Guys usually tell me they really like my hair. As do total strangers men, women, young and old whenever I am out an about.

    Maybe when my pics start reaching the one year point, I’ll change my hair color & style. And maybe I’ll have better luck as a brunette.

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