The Secret to Finding Love: Stop Thinking. Start Acting.


I have a client in the Midwest. 40 years old, divorced, male. We’ve worked together for a month and already, he credits me with changing his life. Truly, it warms my heart. What warms my heart even more is that, unlike other clients who keep me as their deep dark secret, this guy actually TELLS his friends about me. Well, one of them called me last week.

She’s 45, she owns her own business, she looks great for her age, she’s never been married, and she knows that something needs to change. After a one-hour consultation on the phone, she said she’d like to think about it. Sure thing. Investing in dating coaching is a commitment and she should feel 100% about it before taking the plunge. She said we’d talk after the weekend.

Well, I followed up with her today. She said she was still thinking. Even though she can afford it. Even though I’ve performed miracles on her friend. Even though she’s seen my customer success stories.   Even though she hasn’t had a relationship in years. Even though she knows that online dating’s not working right now. Even though she’s more marketable at age 45 than she will be at age 46. Even though she knows that absolutely nothing will change if she doesn’t do something different.

She’s thinking.

I’m hosting a free one-hour teleclass, The 6 Things You Must Do ASAP to Be an Online Dating Rockstar. It’s on Wednesday night, August 19th at 8pmEST/5pm. Over 400 people   have registered. There are THOUSANDS of you who have not.

Stop thinking. Start acting.

It’s free…and it makes a difference.

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  1. 21

    AJ#19, interesting point. So Evan actually advised you to lie about your age? Evan, is this true?

    I know it’s frustrating when people are passed up because of their age/height, etc. (and I’ve been on the receiving end of this) but how is lying about yourself a winning strategy?

  2. 22

    I’m in my late 20s and am amazed at the amount of older creepy men out there. If a 40 year old guys hits on me and says his age range for women is 20-39, I pass him by. Men who can’t date women their own age are sending a big message about what they themselves think of their own age. And apparently if women their age aren’t dateable, then he knows at his age, he just might not be either.

  3. 24

    What do you consider the “not creepy” age range for a guy who’s 28 to be dating? What about a guy who’s 38? And a guy who’s 48?

  4. 25


    I consider “not creepy” to be 10 yrs. In either direction.

  5. 26

    @Joe, there’s the half your age + 7 rule 🙂 So at 28, 21 is the youngest, at 38, it’s supposedly 26… I don’t think that really holds for mid-40s and above though…

  6. 27
    The InBetweener

    @ downtowngal comment #10

    WOW!! That’s like saying to have a workshop teaching women to go for “shorter” guys. Not likely. I mean, a workshop like that can exist, but in the end, everybody wants what they want. Not that I’m superficial myself, but I notice a lot of 3s and 4s online, want 8s, 9s and 10s. Real talk.

  7. 28

    RE: Joe’s #24

    So long as both people are allowed to legally drink alcohol, then I would say +/- 10 years. There have been time’s I’ve had a bigger range, but it did feel weird.

  8. 29

    The guy who created EHarmony says 6-7 years either way is about right. I agree. As much as men want youth, it is kinda weird when you are with someone that is, lets say, 10-15 years younger or older…you have less to talk about and have different stage of life issues. What men really want is youthfulness, not necessarily youth. That’s good news to women who are trying to be appear youthful. Question is…what constitutes youthfulness? Staying in shape, have a good attitude, not being all caught up in your own issues, trying to learn about the other guy, vitality, that sort of thing is attractive…not just age.

  9. 30

    Okay, maybe I’m not the norm but honestly, the biggest thing that attracts me to people is integrity and confidence.   I don’t have a type of man, no particular look, height, colour, amount of hair etc.   But I like it when they have swagger, be the best you can be, own what you are.   I think we choose who we are and who we want to become, it’s a conscience effort and people create their own destiny every day that they wake up.   Personally, I choose happy and try to make at least one persons day better.   It’s an easy route so why not 🙂

  10. 31

    Ha Evan – you made me laugh.   70 you say? Fantastic.
    Today, on a bad day, nearly 60, I thought, stuff it and went out and bought a drop dead sexy outfit to wear………………….at home.
    Someone will be there to see me wear it, and I ain’t talking about my kids and grandkids (:o).

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