What Percent of People are Open to Dating Someone with Your Age, Height, Weight, Education, Income, and Geographic Location?

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What percent of people are open to dating someone with your age, height, weight, education, income, and geographic location?

Do any one of these factors seem to have a greater effect than the others?

How open are YOU to responding to someone’s profile that doesn’t meet all of your preset criteria in these areas?

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  1. 21

    I like what “moon” has said about branching out. I noticed, that, once I dropped most of my requirements, I have dates/female company.

  2. 22

    I usually just read these comments, but I’m finding the different perspectives interesting and thought I’d add mine.

    Age: I’m a little picky. Why? I’m 29, female and I want to get married and have kids. But not RIGHT now. I’m willing to be a little flexible and certainly read the profiles of those older and younger than my ideal if they contact me, but I generally stick between 27 and 35.

    Height: I’m generally attracted to taller men. I have a friend who likes shorter men. Everyone likes something different. But I realize it’s not something we can control, so I set my preferences a little wider than my ideal match.

    Weight: Again, a little picky. I work hard to maintain my weight. I know that I will end up with someone who also values a healthy lifestyle.

    Education: I really don’t care. I think part of that is where I live. In Los Angeles, you meet lots of people who have a master’s degree but are sitting at home “writing a screenplay” (aka: surfing and meeting their friends for lunch and complaining that no one will buy their screenplay). I prefer a JOB and the ability to write a proper sentence over a fancy degree.

    Income: I’m almost turned off when someone lists their income. I support myself and am certainly not dating for someone to take care of me. And it’s all just a number. It’s entirely possible to make 200K a year and live in extreme debt.

    Geographic location: This one is important to me. I’m definitely not willing to start something online with someone who lives too far away.

    Oh, and I am 100% aware that I am pickier online than in “real life”. It’s just too easy. It’s also why I continue to go out to bars and parties and networking events, etc. All these qualifiers go down the tubes when there’s chemistry.

    1. 22.1

      “Everyone likes something different.”
      90% of women like taller men. 10% don’t care. It’s a very, very lopsided preference. For men under 5′ 10″, height is the single worst issue in dating. The degree to which women care about height is mind-blowing. Women care about height 10 times more than men care about breast size. For short men, height can seem to bet single most deterministic factor in his life. It’s more like race than anything else.  

  3. 23

    @R- Excellent points about being pickier online than in real life. I’m the same way.

  4. 24

    LOL! Good question! I say 0% to any of the catergories above. Which is why I’m putting my energy into leading my weight loss support group at church! Seriously, I don’t know how people feel about the area I live in. I’m working on improving the stuff I can, but by the time I achieve my goals in that area, I will be so happy with my life that it won’t matter if anyone wants to date me or not. And that’s how it should be, I think.

  5. 25


    It’s nice to know we’re both +/-8 years people! Hahaha…


  6. 26

    I happen to LOVE BIG GUYS!! Some people might even consider them fat, but I feel so much more like a woman around a bigger guy. I am fit myself, but the fit guys I have attempted to date are just too skinny. Bald is good too. Give me a big guy who likes to eat my cooking, a bald guy who knows there is only room for one woman in the relationship, and a good sense of humor and I am all over it like bees on honey baby!! Just be you, you never know who you will turn on just by being you!!

  7. 27
    thai marriage

    For me I am willing to date a person who will accept me for what I am not for who I am.

    1. 27.1
      The InBetweener

      WOW!! That sounds really suspect. Um, what exactly ARE you?

  8. 28

    Totally agree with moon on functionally literate and income–as long as he supports himself.   Simple minded men who grunt and watch tv–ugh-some with masters degrees are like this. I’ve known extremes of spenders–with no money, just credit cards and frivolous, escapist addictions and very tightwady to an extreme–they usually have savings, so these are red flags. The issue of hypocrisy bothers me–I figure I can only ask for things I can give, but it seems men will demand better than they give. Women get away with this less–I see women who are BBW asking for lean men, but think the chances are slim. As I get older certain reqs have become less important–hair, height, but a few more so–he is nurturing, not secretive, I find him smart, creative, and a peer in age. At 19, I went out with older by 13 yrs, but now these guys look really old to me, but worse–sexist upbringings are hard to shake off. As time goes on and I see these 40 or 50s guys seeking 22-38 yr olds I think, I’d never date such a mentality–there is nobody I will ever like, because I don’t want to go a lot younger–we have nothing in common really, experientially. I find them naive and scared, they find me jaded or know it all. I think really, singletons will be a permanent demographic, everybody is so increasingly demanding. I think one should have reasonable demands, going back to the hypocrisy problem.

  9. 29

    He has to be smart, open-minded, and psychologically adult. He must have a solid, middle-ground sense of empathy for others. He has to be able to laugh at himself.  
    He has to be local.
    I have to like him as a human being. He has to like  me enough to consider me relationship material, not a temporary recreational partner.
    He can’t be the easily-bored guy. He has to be the passionately interested in life guy.
    His statistics don’t matter to me nearly as much as what kind of person he is. I’ve got a healthy libido–if I like him, I’ll want him.
    A healthy sex life is very important to me, but in finding a partner to share that with I’m not willing to “settle” for the guy who only has hormones to offer.

  10. 30

    …studies have shown that you can’t have both in one man, he is either a good lover or, he works a lot.     You can have  a that makes money, and a lover on the side…whatever you do, is personal stuff…

  11. 31
    Randall P Stevens

    I’m 39, and I put 35-45, although I’m starting to think about bumping it up to 38-48 because I’m getting way too many 35-38 year olds that are looking to have kids.

    It’s funny, because I think I’m worse with the height thing than most females.   I’m 5′ 9″ without shoes and I find it very difficult to go out with a woman who is taller than 5′ 5″…..maybe 5′ 6″.   I like women who are fashionable, which often necessitates wearing heels and it just doesn’t feel right to me for a woman to be at eye level.   My ex-wife was 5′ 3″, so I guess that reinforced it.

    My daughter lives 5 miles from me, so I sort of have to maintain the geographical restriction.

    I’m basically with everyone else on the physical stuff…I would consider myself about a 7.5, so I tend to look for 7.5’s both in build and beauty.

    As for ‘tha dollaz’, I would ideally like to find someone about the same as me in the 90-120 range, but I don’t really care that much as long as they aren’t making 40k and have 7 kids.

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