What Percentage of Your Online Dates Lied About Their Age, Height, Weight or Photo?

What percentage of your online dates lied about their age, height, weight or photo?

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  1. 1

    Jesus, Evan, are you ever prolific! I can barely keep up with all this!


    I personally haven’t [lied]. I put up the most recent pics of myself I have at the moment, and don’t attempt to embellish anything else.

  2. 2

    Oh, I misread the question.

    What percentage of my dates… hmm… well, at least 50, possibly more. I haven’t kept tabs.

    Btw, sometimes a lie is something as seemingly innocuous as wearing some sort of a head covering in your photo, which turns out to have been a disguise for lack of hair or some weird shape of skull.

    The most ridiculous one is lying about one’s height – don’t you think I’ll notice?

  3. 3

    90% of men lie about their height. I am not sure what they are thinking as I clearly state that I am 5’9–if they claim to be taller than me I’m going to notice when they’re not.

  4. 4

    Alas, I believe that number to be 100%. The guys who included lines about truth, integrity, and honesty in their profiles or introductory emails were the worst offenders.

  5. 5

    Maybe I’ve been pretty lucky, but the guys I’ve actually ended up going out with have usually been telling the truth. With one notable exception, the guys were close enough to their stated height that I couldn’t obviously tell it was a lie, and ditto with their age. Of the four categories Evan mentioned, the photo is the one which is most incongruous with the person when I actually meet them, but that’s not too common either. But one thing Evan didn’t mention people lying about is their marital status. There are some married folks trolling around on these sites, and I have found a few of them.

  6. 6

    I guess I was pretty lucky: as far as I could tell, no one I went out with via an online service misrepresented themselves physically or in terms of age. But I’ve heard plenty of horror stories, so I know it happens a lot.

    Now, I did go out with someone who was a pathological liar about plenty of other aspects of his life, but that’s another story.

  7. 7

    My BF not only lies about his height on his MySpace page of all things, he wore lifts on our first date. He quickly abandoned this when he discovered he liked me (since I would have found out eventually), but there you have it.

  8. 8

    I would have to say at least 50% or more. It usually the photo not being a recent one or as JuJu commented wearing a hat. I’ve also had men lie about their marital status-saying they’re divorced when they’re only separated.

  9. 9

    I have been disappointed that 50% of the men whom I’ve met through online dating sites have lied about their age, their occupation, their height, and have posted photos older than ten years. Why would someone, who is 52, lie that he’s 49? Is there some perceived bias for men under 50? All it says to me is that this person is deceitful and that I wouldn’t be able to trust him.

    This is my biggest problem with online dating — people who are dishonest. With online dating sites you can make yourself out to be whomever you want to be. More often than not I find myself doing a Google search once I find out the person’s full name.

    1. 9.1
      Yet Another Guy


      Is there some perceived bias for men under 50?

      I have run enough experiments with age to know that fifty-something and sixty-something women are guilty of the exhibiting the same age bias that they accuse peer-age men of exhibiting on dating sites.   Fifty-something and sixty-something women almost universally go younger when they decide to reach out, so the younger mate trophy factor applies to both genders. The only time women differ in their approach is when a guy who is same age or a year older looks good for his age.

      It also easy to ferret out women who are lying about their age by playing the age adjustment game.   A metric truckload of early to mid-fifty-something women are posing as early to mid-forty-something women.   They come clean when you fess up to playing the age adjustment game.   I would estimate that as high as 30% of the fifty and sixty-something women on dating sites are shaving more than five years from their chronological age.

  10. 10

    What perfect timing! I just went through this scenerio and needless to say i was disappointed. She advertised her age at being 48 and she was really 51. Now i’m a 45 year old guy and normally i date women in their late 30’s only due to the fact that i am really young for my age, in good shape and have more in common with 30 year olds. But this one woman who i thought was 48 was really interesting and we had some great emails so i decidided to meet her for dinner. Of coarse it was obvious right off the bat that she was older and during dinner also had admitted to me that her photos online were photoshopped. Well i was pissed to say the least. I can understand someone lieing about their age if they really look good but when you look like the older person what are you thinking? Like some of the other posts have said…don’t you think i’m going to notice? Especially altering your pics…NOT cool! I believe you are what you are and you should only want to be with someone who likes you for that. Anything else is just smoke and mirrors! Oh and one more thing, i’m an honest 6’0 tall and don’t really get the thing about men lieing about their height either. It must be an insecurity issue but as i said i’ve never had a problem with my height so i can lend no intelligent comment on the issue…but i did stay at a holiday inn last night…lol!

    1. 10.1

      wow…….you complain about this woman telling lies (BTW, learn to spell “Lieing”) and then laugh about sleeping with her (just to get…even? – yuk) at the end. That’ll show her! You’re some piece of work.  

    2. 10.2

      Women in their late 30’s are not young anymore and usually look just as old as women in their early 40’s, there really is no difference at that age, if you want to date “younger” because you are “young” for your age and “in good shape” you should be dating 30-34 year olds .

      1. 10.2.1

        This is completely dependent on lifestyle and fitness. I see people of both genders  in their late teens and early 20s all the time who look truly awful. I also see men and women in their 40s through 60s in my gym who look freakin’ fantastic. I’d take that great looking, fit 50 something guy before the paunchy, doughy 25 year old any day.

        1. Ines

          Yeah I completely agree, but what I was referring to was the fact that he brags about looking younger and therefore dating young, when the  age he quotes isn’t even that young anymore, but it is to him just because it doesn’t start with a 4..Goes to show how much dudes don’t accept their age past 40, even just a few years younger to them is young.

      2. 10.2.2

        So, what you are saying is that HE can be “young” for his age in his mid 40’s but a woman over 35 can’t be? There are hundreds of examples, famous and non-famous that prove that WRONG.

        1. Yet Another Guy


          Andy said that he dates women in their late thirties, not under age thirty-five.

    3. 10.3

      LAMO: If I only had a nickel for every middle aged or elderly man who said he was “young for his age and is in great shape” in order to entice younger women into dating them. Usually they say, “I’m as fit as a 25 year old.” Seriously, ALL of them do this. It’s become such a cliche men really should just never say this. Ever.

      1. 10.3.1
        Evan Marc Katz

        And, as you may or may not know, women say the EXACT same thing, Al.

        1. Christine

          I’ve heard both men and women say this.   Actually, the people I’ve met who I think really do look great for their age (a 45 year old spin instructor I know comes to mind) never say that.   They just let their looks speak for themselves.


        2. Al

          Oh, I know. I just only hear it put in quite those words from dudes. We live in a very youth oriented culture.

  11. 11

    I would guess that 75% of men lie about one of the above. Sometimes it just might be their perception rather than mine. They may think they are a tad overweight when they are (in my view) HUGE. I think one of the bigger lies is about intellect. I find a lot of men describe themselves as intelligent – and, let’s face it -they are not.
    Speaking about lying – I’ve done it, too, when I was new to this online dating thing. Not anymore.

  12. 12

    So far 25% have lied about age, weight and hair. One guy had 15 pictures of himself all bald so I didn’t recognize him when I walked in the almost empty bar because he had a full head of hair. Another lied about his age in his profile but mentioned it on the first call.
    About 90% of men have commented on the first date that they were surprised I looked like my picture and physical description.

  13. 13
    The Inbetweener

    I would have to say 0%.

    Pretty much any woman that I have met online were close to what they said they were.

  14. 14

    I would have to say 65% or more. You can usually tell by their pictures (if they are recent ones) whether they are full of it or not though.

  15. 15

    I would say most of them are not accurate about their height, the photo’s not being recent, age too. Percentage wise maybe 20% I also have to say that upon meeting them if the person is interesting etc I will just overlook all this and not even make a big deal. I had one guy telling me that he was really 51 and not 49. Well it did not bother me at all

  16. 16

    Most of the guys that I have met have been honest. Only a few have been dishonest about their physical condition — I never ask or pay attention to weight because it can look so different on people based on their body type. So, I’ve met a few guys who say they are athletic and toned and have beer-gut bellies. Once I met a guy whose picture was about 20 years old. He admitted that his picture was old, but he justified his deception by saying that his mother told him that if any woman made a big deal about how old his picture was, why then she was just too shallow for him (this guy was 48 years old, by the way).

    I never lie about my age or physical condition, but I don’t tell my weight because I have several accurate, up-to-date full body photos on my profile. If a man needs a number, then I’m not the one for him — as there are only three people who need to know that number — me, my doctor, and God!

    1. 16.1
      Yet Another Guy


      I never lie about my age or physical condition, but I don’t tell my weight because I have several accurate, up-to-date full body photos on my profile. If a man needs a number, then I’m not the one for him – as there are only three people who need to know that number – me, my doctor, and God!

      I am willing to bet that a lot of guys who are shorter than 5’10” would love to be able to opt out of listing their height.   I am also willing to bet that women would be okay with guys omitting their height if keeping this attribute meant that women had to list weight, cup size, band size, waist size, and hip size (I can only envision the amount of lying that would occur if these attributes were required 🙂 ).


      The cold hard truth is the dating sites require a man to list all of the female primal triggers, while not requiring women to list the male primal triggers. The are so many things that a woman can do to alter her dimensions in a photo (Wonderbras and Spanx are deception at its finest), so photos are not an accurate gauge. Men have to take a leap of faith when meeting a woman from a dating site. Why do you think that so many men shutdown within seconds on a first meet?

  17. 17
    Evan Marc Katz


    Imagine if a TV advertisement said, “Buy this Toyota. But if you want to know how it looks, it’s miles per gallon, and its’ crash-test ratings, don’t even bother – we’re the wrong car company for you.”

    How well would Toyota do? Your intentions are pure, but your methodology and inability to understand men are undoubtedly hurting your chance to find love.

    So please, sign up for my free teleclass on Tuesday:

    You can listen to it live, or on recording and learn about the Top Mistakes You’re Making Online and Why Men Do What They Do.

    I assure you – it’s priceless information – that I’m giving to you for nothing…

    Warmest wishes,


  18. 18

    Oh, come on – do you believe every advertisement on TV?
    It is naive to think that people “tell the truth”, when it is also a matter of interprintation.
    Secondly: Do you take your guest to the backyard and show how bad your trashcan is?

    I say in my profile directly that “If you want to know my age, my profession, or my weight etc. directly, I am a wrong person for you” -> it means I put numbers to my profile totally without shame what so ever – since those facts are my private matter, not for anyone else to know. I am not a car, and since I’m not for sale either, my spesifications are my business.

    But my pictures are recent, and they show the situation as it is.. if a man can’t estimate from there, that is his problem.

    And the fact is, after meeting a lot of them, they all say that I am really like my profile.. both in person, and in looks. The only problem is..
    I am not interested in them, so it ends there.

  19. 19

    Hmm. Most guys I’ve dated online have fudged in some way. Most (80-90%) of the pictures weren’t completely accurate, i.e. they hid their bald spot or it was taken before they put on some weight. I haven’t had an online guy lie about his age…yet.

  20. 20
    Karl R

    I must also be one of the lucky ones. I haven’t caught anyone lying to me yet. Of course, I define “lying” a bit differently than Elli (#11). If someone describes themselves as intelligent, and they’re not, I would say they are mistaken. It’s not a lie unless they know they’re not that bright.

    I’ve also dated a few women who did not look like all their pictures. They looked like at least one of their pictures (sometimes the best picture). As long as I can recognize the woman from her photo, I feel it’s sufficiently accurate.

    I assume that it’s in my best interest to be truthful. If I lie, the woman will find out the truth eventually … and she’ll think I’m a liar.

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