What Percentage of Your Online Dates Lied About Their Age, Height, Weight or Photo?

What percentage of your online dates lied about their age, height, weight or photo?

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  1. 81

    Sorry- above post was prematurely posted.

    To add, it strikes me as deceptive and bothersome, and if I meet him I’m going to be sitting there in anticipation of how and when he will come clean.   Not the best way to start out a dating relationship.

    Josh, perhaps you will end up dating a 33 year old woman who is actually my age – how would that shoe feel on the other foot, my friend? 😉

    1. 81.1

      Very good point.

  2. 82
    just saying ....

    Women online almost always lie about their age…education…work…and how positive they want you to think they are and how they are so active….and independent.

    But they also cry about how all men want younger women…but the reality is they are just upset cus the men they really want do not want them.

    They also want a successful man who goes to the gym looks good and is a gentleman, who whisk them away to an amazing wonderful life full of travel and fun.

    Also they like to think they look and feel  younger then they really are so they think they deserve younger men.

    News flash!!!! Younger men go after you cus you are easily flattered and will do anything for them sexually and not expect marriage or a ring . Wake Up……they go for you cus the women they want do not want them…..

    The truth hurts!!!


  3. 83

    When I was online, the “lie rate” for women 55 and up was easily 80%. The most common lie was age; most shaved off 3 to 5 years with a couple shaving off a full decade! The second most common lie was body type; sorry ladies, 40 to 60 pounds overweight (and we’re taking about pure fat, not muscle) is NOT “athletic and toned” or even “average”. This was frequently hidden with a single head and shoulders pic or a “down angle selfie”; or pics that were at least ten years old (this was so common and egregious that if I ever go back online, I would not even think of contacting any woman who does not post at least one relatively current full length picture). Activity level and exercise frequency were other objects of “mis-statement”, usually very blatant.

    Yes ladies, I am quite aware that men do it too, and at least as often,   but why lie to get your foot in the door, if you’re going to get kicked right back out as soon as your lie(S) becomes evident? I repeat what I’ve said before; there is no reason to do any of this, for either gender; just tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.   I’ve heard the excuses; “But , But,…I HAVE to!” (NO, you DON’T. Is anybody holding a gun to your head?) and”But, everybody does it!” That’s an even sorrier excuse to begin with ( just because a lot of other people go swimming in a cesspool doesn’t mean you have to), and it’s also a lie in itself, because no, NOT everybody does it.

    I thought (how naive of me), that most of you ladies, like some of us men, are actually hoping to find a long term relationship by this process. Those relationships are built on, among other things, TRUST. And you are going to tell a lie, or several lies, to obtain that? Yeah, that’s a real good foundation to build trust on! How about we ALL try something really novel; just be ourselves, and tell the damn truth; you know, there’s a chance it might actually serve us better.

    One final note; as a 67 year old man, if anyone is filtered out online, it’s me; if anyone would have a compelling incentive to lie in a profile, I would; but you know what, in three years out there, I never lied in my profile; not about age, or height (5’9) or anything else.   I never posted a misleading picture, either. Did I miss out on some profile views, or email responses? Almost certainly. The thing is though, I’ve still got my integrity; if you got a hundred dates by lying, you DON’T have your integrity, and in my book that makes you a bigger loser than I could ever be.

  4. 84

    Oh man, I’ve got to say that at least 70% lie about something. It baffles me because I am as upfront and honest as humanly possible. I list my real age, fitness level  and height. My pictures were all taken within the last few months. I’d rather have someone meet me in person and be pleasantly surprised than ever get that disappointed look that I know has shown on my face before (without meaning to).


    What I’ve seen most often is lies about height. I’m 5’10 in most normal shoes, since even sneakers have some sole. I’m almost 6 feet in heels. This is right there on my profile. I even specifically call attention to  it so it doesn’t go unnoticed. Still, I keep having guys show up who say they’re 5’10 (because apparently no men are under 5’10 online) and I end up towering over them in flats. Seriously, just tell me the truth because, though a shorter woman might not notice those few inches, I certainly will.



    I’ve also seen a lot of age lowering. I went on a date with one guy who’d been sending me selfies  he supposedly “just took in the gym.”   When I showed up he was at least 15 years older and was significantly heavier. There’s NO way those pictures were taken within the last decade. He had the good grace to apologize right there on the spot. He said he couldn’t believe I actually looked like my pictures and that  he thought it was ok to lie because everyone else did too.  I saw another  guy on two different dating sites. On one, he listed his age as 64 and on the other one, 52. That’s a twelve year difference!


    I don’t mind if guys are bald so the hat thing doesn’t phase me. I expect most men over 35 to be going thin, as that seems to be the norm.


    What does bug me is the double standard. So many men constantly go on about how they “just want to find an honest woman who doesn’t play games,” all the while they are lying through their teeth. I sat listening to one of the height fudgers whine for 20 minutes about how his ex wife shaved three years off her age online. Note: He added  four inches  to his own height. When he was done I just gave him a rather pointed look and said, “Oh really. Imagine someone being dishonest on their dating profile.” He didn’t even seem to get his own  hypocrisy.



    Too many men  want young, thin, hot women, but they aren’t young, thin or hot themselves. They judge women  ruthlessly  on our appearance but call  us  “shallow or  superficial” if we ‘d rather date someone taller or more attractive than they are.  They hide their bald spots, lie about their dimensions and their age but God forbid if a women shaves three years off HER  age so men five years older than her might consider her worth their  time!

  5. 85

    I must be the only man on Mingle2 that didn’t lie about anything in his profile, I’ve had at least six women think that I was not real, they were like those aren’t your pictures. can’t seem to get any American women to talk to me. when you message them they always delete their picture and close their account

  6. 86
    Karleanna A.

    I have to laugh.   I was talking to this one man who was 65, posted his age as 55 (reason he said was nobody would look at his profile otherwise).   He also had his height listed as 5’8.   He is 5’6 at best.   I am 5’2 and he is pretty much eye level with me.   When we first started talking he kept telling me what a great guy he is, how nice, how he does the right thing, etc. … but then why lie?

    It’s like “oh trust me, I am a good person” yet he is already back paddling when it comes to the basics.

    Age wasn’t a factor (I prefer older men), nor the height.   It was the lies.

  7. 87

    This is how I deal with the issue.   I look at least ten to fifteen years younger than I am, thanks to being a fitness nut and spending a fair amount of money of very, very good plastic surgery.   Think Demi Moore.   You would not be far off.   I am not being vain, I have had to keep up my appearance because of the type of work I do, my earning potential is tied to how I look.

    I lie.   I lie about ten years younger.   I could actually pass easily for even younger.   The reaction to my photos is, “no, you can’t be that old!”.   The photos I post are not photoshopped   in any way, taken from odd but flattering angles, etc.   They are recent and an accurate depiction of my age.   I make sure to make clear in my profile that I already have children, and not able to have more.

    I have a lot of traffic, a lot of interest.   I prefer younger men because I am very active.   I like loud music, I like to go to rock concerts, I like to dance, I like to stay up late and dance on the tables and do crazy shit.   That is just my personality.   My adult children have often chuckled about how they love their mom but she will never grow up.   I am a female Peter Pan.   Were I to put my own age, I am likely to mostly attract people who I know very well who have neither the stamina nor interests that I have.

    I like chatting, and flirting.   If things start to get more involved in online conversation, or someone actually wants to invest the time in physically meeting me, then I will tell the guy my true age.   I have never once had anyone tell me that they are not interested at that point.   They all proceed, telling me I am hot and they don’t care.   I have had many younger and handsome men want to take things to a deep level but I just and not there at this point, or I haven’t met someone that I am into to the point where I would want to change my life that much.

    So, that is what I do.   Yes, I am lying.   But I find that if men are not looking for a woman to have children with, and the age difference is not too huge, and you look really good and have a great personality, that they don’t give a shit if they have decided they want to get to know you better.

    1. 87.1

      I’m curious- I am similar to you in that I can easily pass 10 years younger. Fitness is key, plus hair extensions and excellent skin maintenance. I also have a younger personality- not a party girl, but very active and laid back. I get a TON of interest from guys in mid 20’s to mid 30’s and some are just hook ups, but many end up being multiple dates. I really want a guy my age. With lying, do you get guys your age? And if you didn’t lie, would you still get younger?

      Also, holy crap, men need better plastic surgeons. a smooth forehead and deep jowls don’t happen at age 35…..

  8. 88

    I don’t lie about my age and use recent photos. That said…. I’m about ready to start lying about my age. I’m 43. I get dates all day long with guys in their 30’s, who consistently comment that I don’t look 43, even close to it. I get hit on in my day to day by guys in their 40’s. But online? Quality men in my age range don’t swipe right or reach out. So guys that will hit on me in a bar or at work, won’t hit on me online when they know my age.

    The guys I have gone out with who are in their 40’s lied about their ages and used older pics. They looked like well lived 50 + . I see online pics of men in their 30’s who are over 40. I have a friend in his 50’s who I have seen online who advertises himself as being 35.

    I have also noticed that men whose profiles read like a menu of adventure travel, but have no adventure photos seem to lie about their age. I’ve learned that anyone who scubas, rock climbs, surfs, travels, travels, travels, hike, scuba, rock climb is having a mid life crisis. I have met a lot of people who lie about their activities. Also met a lot of “I hope it is OK that I’m married”.

    I have heard women lie a lot about their age and use old pics. My goal is to get a relationship and starting with a lie doesn’t seem good. But I also think a lot of men have preconceived notions of what a woman in her 40’s is like, thus pass or exclude that age from searches. It would be interesting to bump off 5 years and see what happens (use current pics). Also, I don’t think that many women photoshop, but are good at selfies. I’m not putting bad pics online, but I do have a couple of shots taken by others in kind of day to day settings with minimal make up.

    1. 88.1

      You are probably right about guys having a preconceived notion about what a woman in her 40s is like, but then again, you have preconceived notions about what a man in his 50s is like.   Who knows, maybe you are right…and maybe they are too.

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