What Do Men Find Attractive?

What Do Men Find Attractive

My take as a 46-year-old former slut in a 10+ year marriage is this: I think the obsession with “hot” is largely a maturity thing. Which is why I can be attracted to so many people and be the world’s safest husband. It doesn’t occur to me for one second that I’d be happier with anyone other than my wife. That’s what I mean by maturity.

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Orbiting. Another Dating Problem Created By Social Media.

Orbiting. Another Dating Problem Created By Social Media.

The first iPhone would be released later that year. Texting was around but it wasn’t ubiquitous. Same with Facebook. Instagram came around in 2010. Tinder didn’t launch until 2012. And here we are, as lonely and disconnected as ever. Social media sites that were designed to connect us now cause an equal amount of pain and confusion.

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Wouldn’t You Like A Man To Take Care Of YOU?

Wouldn’t you like a man to take care of YOU

I hope you challenged yourself on what you can do differently, and on understanding how men really think. No matter what, I remain committed to staying in touch with you and giving you as much valuable information as I can in my weekly newsletters, blog posts and podcasts.

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You Don’t Want to Miss This

You Don’t Want to Miss This

Time is running out! Okay, so that’s a bit of an overstatement. Time isn’t running out. You can find love at 38, 48, 58, 68 or 78. I see proof of this every day from happy readers and clients. But, as you already recognize from, dating DOES get tougher as you get older…

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