Is He Serious About Dating You During Coronavirus?

emk ep 99

It’s a pretty weird time to be dating. Even so, Love U members are meeting wonderful, highly motivated men, even during this pandemic. So how can you tell if a guy is keeping busy or stringing you along until he finds someone he likes better? Check out this Love U Podcast to get clear on whether your quarantine crush has long-term potential.

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The #1 Thing You SHOULD Pay Attention to After Your First Date

emk ep97 thing you should pay attention to after your first date

You ever go out on an incredible date? The connection was real, the chemistry is intense, and you feel like you just met someone with real long-term potential? Of course, you have. But what usually happens afterward? Look at your history and you’ll see: there’s virtually no correlation between an amazing first date and a successful long-term-relationship.

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On Empathy

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The reason I’m writing today is not that I have the one true insight that will magically heal the world, but, rather, for the opposite reason: because this is a time for humility and empathy. And, in my opinion, those are two qualities that are at an all-time low.

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