How Low Will Some Guys Go for Sex?

How Low Will Some Guys Go for Sex?

Here’s the (not-so) funny thing about online dating:

The majority of men using it really do want to fall in love and get married. An old Match poll set the number at 75% and I don’t doubt it for a second. You just would have a hard time telling when it comes to men’s online behavior.

This article about a man who poses as a woman on OkCupid and sets up a fake profile is laugh out loud funny – and scary. He posts a pretty picture and then writes a profile and emails that are stupid, vacuous, insulting and racist. And yet, guys still keep coming back for more.

Such is the power of sexuality.

Women might take this as proof positive that online dating is horrible, that men are fatally flawed, etc.

What I want you to take away is more valuable: remember all those times that I said that men look for sex and find love? I meant it. Normal relationship oriented men are willing to put up with a woman’s stupidity, simply because they want to have sex. They have no intention of marrying her – they just want to have a good time until they find the woman they DO want to marry.

And while I’ve never personally written to someone who was overtly racist, I do recall a correspondence on Friendster in 2003 with a woman who was so ridiculously hot that I overlooked her functionally illiterate emails. We hooked up a few times and that was that. It didn’t make me a bad person. It made me a guy. So please, don’t forget that, when you read how much these men chose to ignore in the pursuit of sex…

It’s embarrassing, and yet somewhat predictable.

Read the article here and share your thoughts below…

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  1. 31

    Ouch…..I hate blog entries and articles that make me lose faith in men.
    Karl S @11, please take heart, we women get rejected left and right also. Virtually none of the men I initiate contact with online ever write me back, not even a courtesy email just to say thanks and to let me know I’m not a match for them. I think it just comes with the territory. Online dating allows for a certain amount of rudeness I guess. If these same guys (or women in your case) met you/me out in the real world, things would play out differently with many of them. Best of luck to you.

  2. 32

    Susan 61 #23,

    How is all that much different than what women do?  Maybe there’s a a taller, wealthier, more in shape, thicker head of hair, kinder, more compassionate, more willing to listen to me complain about my co-worker’s, who will like my family guy out there.

    Unless the couple has a strong enough connection, people will always have “upgrade” in the back of their mind.  It’s human nature…not just guy nature.

    1. 32.1

      Lol too true. What fools we mortals are. :p However, it’s not difficult to forge a ‘strong connection’ which overcomes those ‘trade-up’ desires. I’ve actually met a lot of guys who felt a strong connection to me, problem is it usually wasn’t mutual. I’ve only met 2 guys in my life who we had a mutual strong connection with, unfortunately I was too young to treasure that. Next time it happens, I’ll try to treasure it.

  3. 33

    Sadly most women wouldn’t know a high quality man if he came up and bit her on the ass. 

    She’s too busy focusing in height, money and whether or not he’s a successful businessman alpha type.

    Who we ALL know ARE the BEST men 😀 right?  Everyone happy with their alpha super successful tall entrepreneurial types. Hmmm….it doesn’t sound like it.

    I’ve been turned down by so many women online it’s not funny. And these are women who are actually LESS attractive then I have been out with in the past. WTF.

    Oh and yes I AM high quality,  problem is people’s attention span these days is about 5 seconds and ya can’t make any kind of assessment in 5 sec.  soo…..I guess there’s no good men out there anymore…or women for that matter….Peace!!!!

  4. 34

    Thanks for sharing this COMPLETELY hilarious article!  I was laughing to the point of tears.
    I think the only conclusion that could be drawn is that some men thought they might be able to have some fun with this woman — either because she was apparently very stupid or very fake.  “lmao”  😉

  5. 35
    Karl S

    Speaking of fake profiles, I just found one on Okcupid that’s posing as a Myer store mannequin! It’s quite amusing really.
    My self-summary

    I’m a model for Myer
    34″ 25″ 35″
    I’m kinda quiet, but most guys don’t mind
    I can be a bit cold, until you warm me up
    I always look good and dress the part, regardless of the season or occasion.

    What I’m doing with my life

    Modelling, looking good, staying thin.

    I’m really good at

    Not eating anything.

    The first things people usually notice about me

    My clothes, my stare.

  6. 36

    I suggest that most of these men were simply dumbfounded and didn’t know whether ‘she’ was just messing with them. Some of those replies are so outrageous that maybe they were giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was trying to be funny. We don’t actually see the entire conversations just the cherry picked parts that make the men look bad before they got fed up and moved on.
    On that site most women have their IMs turned off and I suspect that creates a bit more of a willingness to roll with it when someone finds a member that both has IM on and responds. 
    There is a comment above about guys getting resentful about not being able to be themselves while there are lots of comments berating these men for being desperate and lonely: themselves. A whole thread about how to avoid players yet this comment section laughing at guys who are bad players. ***sigh***

  7. 37

    @Mark 33: It goes both ways, honestly it does. I did the online dating thing off and on over the last five years or so and have gotten the same deal you have. I bet most of us have. I feel I’m a decent catch (attractive, educated, financially independent, appropriate height/weight ratio, yada yada), but faced rejection out the wazoo because the guys I was in contact with were always looking for (or already in touch with) women who were thinner, prettier, younger, etc. My deal-breakers include: no murderers, no abusive alcoholics, and no animal torturers. That’s really about it. I don’t care if a guy is shorter, has hair, makes less money, or has less education, as long as he’s good to me (and I don’t mean by buying me jewelry or taking me on exotic trips). I just want a guy who…well…who wants me and SHOWS it. I have been dumped by a guy because I used the same shampoo as his ex-girlfriend. Another one had a problem with the fact that I liked to work out in the evenings whereas he was a morning person. Seriously? These are deal-breakers? So don’t get too PO’ed when the women you approach don’t recognize you for the awesome guy you are.  You just have to keep slogging through the masses until the right one comes along and it clicks. There ARE women out there who will appreciate you for what you have to offer, no matter what that is.

    Back to this article, it doesn’t surprise me that guys were all over this fake profile. She’s hot, and there are enough men who are just looking for sex that the lack of intelligence is a complete non-issue for them. I’m sure there are plenty of women would do the same if a guy looked like Clooney and claimed to have money. We’re living in a pretty selfish society today, but that’s what makes the prize of finding the right match so much more wonderful when it DOES happen.

  8. 38
    Karmic Equation

    This was hilarious!
    A lot of men equate dumb with easy, so they were probably hoping to get some action.

  9. 39

    [email protected]: If a man came up and bit me on the ass I would not consider him high quality. I might think he was a dog. And an idiot.

  10. 40
    Keri C

    This was amazingly funny but yet very disturbing.

  11. 41

    This article is totally true. The smart guys, however, learn that sex isn’t worth the abuse that most women dish out.

  12. 42

    My good God. I think this should be title “How low will some guys go for sex-obviously low. They will have sex with someone mentally challenged”. A mentally challenged $45 prostitute, with one arm, the disposition and literacy of an 8 year old, a criminal record and C-section scar. I mean I knew guys look for an easy lay–but if this was a true person I would say it borderlines on criminal.

  13. 43

    Thanks for the laughs. For some guys, as long as she’s a life support system for a vagina they’ll go out with her.

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