The College Try – Garfunkel and Oates


What can I say? These two hyperliterate women make me laugh. Plus, they’re truth tellers. I like truth tellers.

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  1. 21

    OMG…what very uptight women visit this site?   The movie was hilarious.   Of course the girls rambled on with half a million different rhyming descriptions about the vagina- that was the point and that’s what made it funny, the fact that they drew it out to the extreme and made everything rhyme, as well.   I know a girl who thought she might be bi and when faced with it found out very quickly she wasn’t. LOL.   This video reminds me of her.   She laughed it off.  
    If they made a video of a straight guy saying how gross a penis is I would laugh my ass off.  
    Ruby, Karen, if you’re that insecure with your own bodies then don’t blame a funny video.   That is your issue.   Others who aren’t insecure with themselves want some laughter.   I think most of my straight female friends would laugh at the video because they are not into vagina either and would find it gross to put their mouth on one!!!   It’s not about saying yours is gross, it’s about saying vagina to a straight female is gross.   To a guy it’s totally different.   Geez, lighten up!!!   Twisting everything out of proportion!!
    Karen you find the video sad?   Seriously?   What’s with all the extreme sensitivity?   Geez nobody can even make a joke anymore.   You women must be a bore!   This was funny.   You want sad, turn on the news and see people getting killed around the world for stupid reasons.   That is what is sad.   Do you ever watch comedy because they make fun of people all the time- both men and women.   Do you take it personally and get all offended at that too?

  2. 22

    Seriously??? @ Karen “… more women will keep their legs closed and feel inhibited, ashamed, afraid and not wanting to revolt their partner.”   PLEEEASE!   Showing that video is going to cause women to feel shamed???   Really??   My self esteem isn’t so fragile that I would be introverted by a silly video.   Bit over the top in your dramatic conclusion of the demise of women’s pleasure and self confidence.

  3. 23

    If the video has any ‘message’, it’s that lesbians should stay away from fake bi-curious women. Cause the night won’t end well.

  4. 24

    Amen @21 and 22!

  5. 25

    A friendly word of advice Evan   – before posting ask yourself  “How does this help smart, strong, successful women understand men?”
    I’m glad that I already have gained so much from this site – if this had been the first thing that  I had seen on my first visit to the site I wouldn’t be a-coming back!

  6. 26

    Amen @16 & 20!

  7. 27

    @Birdlife:   I think the video can provide insight on how many men may view close-up encounters with vaginas, even though the song is from the standpoint of a bi-curious woman.   I’ve met many a-woman over the years that thought penises were unsanitary and funny-looking, while vaginas were beautiful, delicate flowers that were to be celebrated.
    Truth is, human genitalia (male or female) are pretty funny looking, when you think about it, and they can be flat-out gross when proper sanitary measures are not taken.   At any rate, it was a funny video.   I was entertained.

  8. 28
    Karmic Equation

    @Women who found this offensive/disheartening etc
    This just goes to show you you have no sense of humor and/or take yourself and/or sex TOO SERIOUSLY.
    If you’re having trouble finding men or keeping relationships going, your lacking a sense of humor about women could be a culprit…or taking things too seriously could be a culprit…or having too thin a skin could be the culprit.
    This video wasn’t cruel. Just telling it like it is from a straight female perspective.
    The only take away ANY woman should have from this is that the MEN who have commented here are saying, “Hey, we LIKE/LOVE how your genitalia look and smell. It turns us on.” That is the message whether or not you enjoyed the video. Internalize that positive message and don’t be self-conscious. It’s all good.

  9. 29

    Karmic Equation is correct.
    @Birdlife #25  – THAT’S how it helps smart, strong, successful women understand men.

  10. 30

    This is laugh out loud funny, just don’t watch the clip whilst drinking a glass of wine. Totally worth it, but I just snorted it out of my nose. Struck a chord with me, lots of women think they might kiss a girl, and like it, but getting up close and personal downstairs is an entirely different matter!

  11. 31

    Most people who enjoy the video have been civil in the their comments.   But I’m interested that a significant minority have chosen to insult ~ in a personal, rude manner ~ the women who’ve stated that they don’t enjoy it or who have expressed some discomfort with certain elements.  
    “This just goes to show you you have no sense of humor and/or take yourself and/or sex TOO SERIOUSLY.”
    “What very uptight women visit this site!”
    “Bit over the top with your dramatic conclusion…”

  12. 32

    I dunno, I chuckled. Pretty sure straight men (and gay women) do not have the same reaction, so to me the song had nothing to do with self-loathing or any of that stuff. A penis does not exactly look and smell like the lily of the valley, either, but with the help of my hormones, I am able to, um, enjoy my interactions with it.

  13. 33

    I thought it was hilarious, and for me, kinda accurate (though my response wasn’t quite so visceral, I did come to the same conclusion these ladies did). LOL

  14. 34

    I find that hypersensitive women, i.e. Henriette, love to throw around words when it suits them. Somebody can make an statement to one extremity that agrees with her opinion and it’s just fine. Then someone who is against that opinion is suddenly rude or insulting or hostile in their eyes. Henriette, grow a backbone. I find Karen’s extreme comments about being ‘sad’ over the video totally ridiculous and insulting. If she wants to blow something way out of proportion, well then be prepared to hear extreme comments back. You obviously have chosen your side and I will stand my ground. Secondly, why are you sticking your nose into comments that were not even directed at you? Are you trying to police the site or something? Evan is the moderator and if he feels a comment does not belong then it is up to him solely to disallow it. Nothing worse than people who can dish things out, but not take anything back.

    Next time stick to discussing the topic and not policing others comments that were not directed at you or else mind your own business.

  15. 35

    Locutus, I’m on your ‘side’ on this issue but telling someone to ‘mind their own business’ on a public website/message board where anyone is free to comment on the article or comments following the article just doesn’t make much sense.

  16. 36

    the irony of your comment is slaying me.

  17. 37

    “Locutus, the irony of your comment is slaying me.”   + 1

  18. 38

    No problem if she wants to butt into the conversation, but if so then she better not complain about the comments.   You don’t have it both ways.
    Support one extreme view and then cry foul when someone makes comments that are directly opposite.   I see people like Lia and Rebecca thought Karen’s comments were silly too.   “Over the top” as Lia put it is 100% correct and not an overstatement.   If Henriette feels that a comment like that is insulting then she is clueless.

  19. 39

    “Locutus, the irony of your comment is slaying me.”   + 2
    “…if you’re that insecure with your own bodies then don’t blame a funny video.   That is your issue.”
    Hey, I’m not the one who described the vagina as “a half-eaten beef and cheddar in the garbage can at Arby’s”, or said,” I can’t believe I have one of those, eeew.” But if you find it a laugh riot, good for you.

  20. 40

    We all want women to feel at ease with their bodies, their vaginas, their sexuality, and their capacity to orgasm.   
    As women who are fortunate to feel such ease, it’s easy to forget that HUGE numbers of women are not so fortunate.   Lots of women don’t feel ease in at least one of those aspect, let alone more than one.
    Those of us that enjoy our sexuality and orgasms can easily forget that a large percentage of sexually active women have never had an orgasm and will never in their lifetime.   Of course being sexual and intimate is not all about the orgasm.   Having multiple women friends reluctantly confess their lack of pleasure or ability to orgasm has made it that truth much more real for me.      
    Two beautiful women 38 and 42, with husbands who wanted and tried to please them beyond but couldn’t. The women couldn’t really enjoy themselves alone either.    Their sex lives were strained as the women did not feel at ease sexually.   What came forward in conversation was their mixed feeling about their bodies and their especially their vaginas.   Once they were able to come to acceptance and embrace all of themselves, their sex lives changed dramatically.   Non-orgasmic women became multi-orgasmic sex hungry and happy women.   They were grateful to finally connect to their sexuality with full freedom and all the benefits.   They felt released from the silent shame and all the judgement about their bodies and their inability to orgasm as well.
    My 77 year old mother shared recently that she’d had fewer orgasms in her life than fingers on one hand.   That means I have had more orgasms in one night than she’s had in her whole life.   It’s not an orgasm contest, please don’t misunderstand me.   It’s sad.   How many women or men can even imagine a life with no orgasms or less than five?   Seriously. I digress but for a reason.
    In my experience, the greater ease I feel with my vagina (and my body, my sexuality, and my being) and sharing it up close in all it’s glory, with myself or another, directly correlates (for me) with the ease with which I orgasm and enjoy myself and my partner and the experience.
    I suspect that to be true for other women as well.   It was also true for my women friends and fortunately once the connection was made, a whole new world opened for them.
    The sadness I felt seeing the video was for the younger and mature women who do not feel at ease with their bodies, their sexuality, their capacity to orgasm.
    The numbers of women and girls who feel physically insecure or inadequate with clothes on is tremendous.   Ask women to get naked and that number only goes up. Invite women to spread their legs and reveal their vaginas and the number of girls and women truly at ease with how they look, feel and taste I imagine is lower than low.   Do I find that sad.   I do.   That’s me.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Can you see the beauty in 100 different women of all shapes and sizes?   I hope so.   Does our society?   Not generally.   Someday I hope it does.
    Do 100 different women have 100 different looking pussies in all their glory.   They do.   Can one appreciate the beauty in their 100 different shaped and colored pussies?   I hope so.   Does our society?   Not yet.   Someday I hope it does.
    Do I wish all women to feel at ease in their bodies, as to enjoy themselves and their sexuality with the greatest possible liberation.   I do.
    I believe HUGE numbers of young girls are growing up insecure about how their bodies compare to the everyday highly sexualized images they see in the media.   Porn is the predominant sex education for young people these days creating all new (and often false) expectations as well.
    My response was much more than to Evan’s choice to repost the video on his blog.   I wish I would have clarified that.   His audience is more specific.   
    Beyond that, inside myself, I was caught up feeling for all the impressionable young women NOT yet comfortable with the look, feel, smell or taste of their vaginas or sexuality, that will see the video on you tube directly or somewhere else and will feel less comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality as result.   That I found sad.
    In seeing the video:
    A woman not comfortable with her vagina may or may not laugh on the surface, but I imagined she would feel numbness or pain below as her fears are confirmed.
    A woman comfortable with her vagina may laugh on the surface, in recognition of insecurities she perhaps once felt when she was less secure.
    A woman comfortable with her vagina may also find the video a sad and an unnecessary creation.   For her the price of a momentary laugh for some is just not worth the possibility or cost of accidentally or inadvertently leading younger girls and other women to continue to feel a lack of acceptance and lack of ease with their vaginas and thus to me, their ability to enjoy themselves and their sexuality as fully as possible.
    I would hate for some already insecure young woman to watch the video and as a result be swayed by the strong ugly imagery (no matter how in jest) and vagina disgust (no matter how lighthearted), that it tipped her away from a life of enjoying her body, her vagina and her capacity to orgasm.   That I imagined and felt as sad.
    Oversensitive.   I am a woman.   That does happen.   That’s how I experienced it in the moment.
    No matter what, I’d just rather see more vagina loving women at ease with their bodies and fully enjoying their sexuality, and able to orgasm.   That’s me.

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