The College Try – Garfunkel and Oates


What can I say? These two hyperliterate women make me laugh. Plus, they’re truth tellers. I like truth tellers.

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  1. 81

    Uhhh, sorry, I have to answer this.
    “And I felt that if you were trying to sound cool, you failed.”
    Um, nope. That’s how I talk. Like I said, I’ve worked in mostly male environments all my life and have two teenage sons. I have to make an effort not to talk like that. I have to watch what I say to make sure nothing like that slips through. Obviously, when I lost my… ummm… poop, something slipped through. Just setting things straight. I am honestly surprised that this word made it past the mods, my posts have been edited here before once or twice.
    I’m going to ignore the rest of your guys’ posts if you don’t mind, but I had to come back to this.

  2. 82

    Interesting the different takes on this video.
    Mine is that understanding of the sexuality spectrum is more accepted now than it was in previous generations…BUT… not everyone wants to explore the whole spectrum.   The message? Don’t bow to peer pressure when it comes to same gender sex?   Lyrics were crude to me, but might be helpful to someone in that age bracket who’s feeling pressured get ‘experience’ just  because it’s in fashion.

  3. 83

    What’s the big deal here? Not everyone is going to like this video. I didn’t. I thought it was cheesy. I normally find their videos funny, this one… not so much.
    It’s not the end of the world if people don’t agree. I respect the feelings of those who liked the video. That respect should be mutual.

  4. 84

    Go back and reread the comments.   The debate was not over whether you thought it was a humuorous video or not, it was over Karen calling the video hurtful.   If you just didn’t find the video humorous that is just fine.   I don’t find all comedy funny, some of it is stupid and doesn’t make me laugh.   However, it was not a question of humor.    Karen called the video hurtful and many disagreed  with Karen’s belief that it was hurtful and found that response to be ludicrous and a total overreaction.   I do not respect when something simply made to be funny is blown out of proportion and made into a huge deal.   It’s making a mountain out of a mole hill.   The argument was about something that went a lot deeper than just the simple video and whether you were amused by it or not.   Next time read a little deeper into the comments.  

  5. 85

    This has just rendered your blog useless to me henceforward. Why, why, why?  

    1. 85.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Why are you so sensitive that you’d willingly ignore free valuable dating advice? You got me.

  6. 86

    I am married and was looking for Garfunkel and Oates clips while kids were at school. I came across this interesting conversation.

    Here are are my thoughts: how is anyone going to get married if they (a) get insulted easily or (b) choose to argue about another’s feelings of being insulted? (c) hurl venomous and outrageous comments to each other.


    In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. None of it does. I see Evan’s motive — he was trying to lighten the mood by posting something he found outrageously funny.

    He was not asking for anyone to take out their claws. Really, it’s not worth it. So just move on.

    I have found when I was dating my husband I decided to be easy to get along with. He didn’t need a feminist fighter. He needed someone who made them feel emotionally safe and who had a generous spirit toward him. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t boundaries for actual issues when it was necessary). I have become even more of that person after we married and after we have had kids.   Im marriage and families, compromise and unconditional respect for one another is the key.

    So please, stop the arguing now and go do something productive that gets you closer to your goal.

    If y’all want to take your claws out against me, have at it. Your anger or disapproval does not harm you in any way and you’re entitled to it.


    Those so offended by the video need to genuinely lighten up. I think a heterosexual woman finding female equipment disgusting is normal. We would not ask a heterosexual man why he is revolted by penises. Think about it.

  7. 87

    I am a thoroughly orgasmic woman who is quite comfortable with the fact that the men in my life like my vagina.

    Many years ago I experimented with bisexuality, and my reaction was almost exactly as these comedians represent it. Boy, was I surprised!   I really wanted to be able to enjoy the freedom of being able to love someone regardless of theirsex, but nope. Never gonna happen. I am strictly heterosexual.

    I was always a bit ashamed of that reaction. But apparently it is not so uncommon.  I laughed histerically at this performance, because it such a spot-on parody.


  8. 88

    I can’t say I’m not pleased with being bkessed with a nice one and I obsess over cleaning. I did have a bf who had a horribke odor when I would go see him. How do you tell the other person   in a nice way?

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