Aileen W.

"I'm getting to 
know and like men with an entirely new perspective."

I’d never really dated before, ever, though I am 60 years old. All my relationships started spontaneously, lasted a long time, and when they ended, there was a long period of not being in a relationship before a new one started. I tried online dating the first time 3 years ago; in six months on eHarmony, I had one phone call, no dates. I was bitter
about the wasted time and dashed hopes. Then a friend told me about 

After reading his books online I realized I was doing everything 
wrong. That gave me hope. I joined the Inner Circle and it took me 3 tries before my profile was ‘right,’ but just having the right pictures and a new outlook got me some attention almost immediately. Now, I never call the guy or otherwise contact him except to respond 
to his contacting me. When I go on a first date, my primary 
objective is to have fun and I never ask leading questions. I’m not 
even interested in asking those questions. They are no fun!

I feel like I’m having the adolescence I never had. I’m getting to 
know and like men with an entirely new perspective. I haven’t found 
’the one’ but I’m having a great time looking. I feel more confident and relaxed and I’m not even sure it matters if 
I meet the one. I have a whole new way to enjoy life and enjoy having 
men in my life. I got an especially good boost to my confidence when a 
man I said goodbye to responded with “Bummer, you’re such a good 

Who woulda thought?!

Aileen W.