Katie F.

"Evan was instrumental and I give him complete credit for my finding my now fiancé."

I was starting to think about dating again some time after a painful divorce (while pregnant – what a guy!), and I hadn’t been on a first date in over 7 years. I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t understand “the game” everyone talked about. Dating after college (this was the last time I dated) turns out to be quite different.

The first date I went on turned out to be a (dun dun dun) player that had no interest in finding a girlfriend! Lucky me. It took pouring through Evan’s blog to clearly see his shady ways. I wanted to understand what men wanted, why they acted the way they did, and most importantly how I should behave to attract someone worthy of me.

I came to find out after reading Evan’s blog and newsletters that I was exhibiting male tendencies. I am a successful woman who is a go-getter and that is exactly what I was doing with dating. I needed to relearn the art of being a woman and being pursued. After doing everything wrong in my online profile I hired Evan to write my profile for me. It fit me to a T and attracted the right people to me. The perfect one as it turns out!

Evan was instrumental and I give him complete credit for my finding my now fiancé. He also saved me a lot of pain in wanting/dating the wrong kind of men that were not ready or right for me. I found my fiancé online while utilizing the profile Evan’s team created and integrating the strategies Evan so clearly lays out. Finally, my fiancé is a super successful, type A, manly man, go getting, kick ass dude who can actually hold his own against me. That is saying something! Thank you Evan.

I recommend Evan to every single woman I know. His advice has been life altering for me and I am very grateful for having stumbled upon his website after my voracious research online for anything I could find about dating.

Katie F.