Luisa C

"I learned to understand him for him"

“I wanted to write to let you know that I’ve been a big fan ever since I first entered the dating scene, after my divorce from a marriage that lasted more than 17 years. I can’t imagine what a novice like me would have done without your advice. I read your blog faithfully and think that the expertise, care, and approachability of your advice are invaluable to all of us.

I am now with the man of my dreams, for almost two years. I credit much of our success to you. I learned to understand him for him, rather than by over-analyzing each little thing from my own perspective alone. I learned to read him better from his actions, rather than by what he’s saying alone. I also learned how important it is that he loves me, flaws and all, rather than only focusing on how I feel about him.

Anyway, although I’m usually passive about your blogs, I think you should know that there’s yet another woman that you helped in a major way, so thank you! I also share your blogs with my girlfriends, some living in Africa.

I fully embrace your transition to relationship advice in addition to dating advice. We can grow together, sort of speak! = )

Thanks and all of the best to you, your wife, and family.”

Luisa C