10 Reasons You Don’t Believe in Love (and 10 Reasons You’re Wrong)

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It’s hard out there. I get it. After years of dating and relationship failures, it’s easy to go on permanent “guyatus,” and throw in the towel on men. Don’t. In this special podcast, I’m going to reframe 10 limiting beliefs you have about love and show you how to turn your glass half-empty into a glass half-full.

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    Great podcast Evan.   I think we’ve all had limiting beliefs at one point or another.   One of mine, for a long time, was that men like younger women, so I was too old to find love.   I do think that there is a general preference for younger people–but I think I took that too far in believing that of all men, all the time.

    I’m sure I missed out on some romantic opportunities because of that belief.   Whenever I met any man around my age, I assumed he wouldn’t be interested in me and would want someone younger.   I’m sure I didn’t do myself many favors by just giving up in those situations (probably put out a negative vibe that discouraged them from pursuing me even if they were interested)

    But then, I got encouraged when I saw women my age (or older) find love around me, including some overcoming very acrimonious divorces.   I got inspired by them, thinking that if they can do it, why not me?   I don’t think it’s just coincidence that I finally found love after coming to that realization.   And with a guy who told me he’ll find me adorable even in my 80s. 🙂


  2. 2

    Thank you Evan for putting this podcast together. It was really helpful in that it helps to recognize which limiting beliefs get in my way of finding love. The hardest one I’ve had to work with is feeling that I’m not worthy of love. Even though I have had therapy and I’ve learned to reframe some of those thoughts, they still creep up on me every now and then. I have to constantly remind myself that I am worthy of love and that I do deserve a good man. It’s still a work in progress but I do hope I can choose a better man this time around, instead of the men that treat me poorly. Thank you for inspiring women everywhere to believe that true love is possible and most of all for showing us that if we keep trying we will find it   🙂





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