10 Reasons You Don’t Believe in Online Dating (and 10 Reasons You’re Wrong)

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Liars. Players. Flakes. Losers. Scammers. Freaks. Morons. That’s a short list of the complaints I hear about online dating. And yet online dating remains the single best way to create a love life from scratch. Tune in as I address all of your objections to online dating and show you a more positive and effective path to making it work for you.

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  1. 1

    I think it’s funny how people complain about the freaks and morons  but they rarely complain about being dumped or stood up.    I get the feeling dates are not what many online daters are looking for.

  2. 2

    The same players, fakes, losers, etc online are the same in real life. Who do you think are behind the computer screens? Mythical creatures??

    1. 2.1

      So true Krystal, I’ve been on a few online dating sites and what I realised was, Tinder was the most fun with the most weirdos!! The guys on there were good conversationalists but they all seemed to have an issue! Freaks, married, recently divorced or separated, basically people not ready for relationships. On other paid dating websites, the guys were either creepy or simply were waiting for you to make the first move.

      needless to say, I have come to the end of my online dating adventures.

      1. 2.1.1


        “On other paid dating websites, the guys were either creepy or simply were waiting for you to make the first move”.

        OMG, so true! That was the last nail in the coffin. The gold members are just as crazy as the free users. They were stalkerish, demanding, and act like you owe it to them to date/converse with them because they don’t want to live with regretting they made a big mistake, by wasting their hard-earned cash on a crappy dating site. I can meet my crazies for free in real life thank you very much. I am glad I don’t have to worry about online dating adventures either. It was a headache.

  3. 3
    Kathy Kobos

    I am basically trusting of the online male profiles and have found them to be real and not scammers or liars etc.   Perhaps because I am older, ( and very pretty ),   sexual predators and criminal types are not after my age bracket.   So the safety issue is not a problem for me at all.

    BUT I find most men do not put anything in their profiles, not even a photo.   When you live in a semi-rural area, the distance is usually too far way.   Who feels inspired about the thought   of travelling 60 miles for a guy that has no photo and no profile about themselves. Even if you “request photo” they don’t   respond, which makes me wonder if they forgot they signed up on the site in the first place.   Some are just on there to “look” and not really participate in dating at all.   Seems they get on the free membership and are not able to utilize the actual contact methods until they pay, which many don’t bother to take it that far.   So you draw alot of useless blanks and get discouraged.   It’s kinda like online job applications that go into an impersonal black hole.

    And the some of those photos,   ugghhh!   Us ladies try to look as best as we can, but the men don’t seem to care how they present   themselves visually.   Would someone please tell them not to take selfies pointing the camera from below their necks, especially the overweight jowly ones sitting in their beat up recliners with an overflowing garbage can in the background!.      They also think we want to be attracted to their vehicles.   Someone needs to coach  them  about online dating.  

    So I did actually take time to meet- in- person an attractive guy who lives over an hour away.   He has since initiated small talk texts several times, and still does,   but does not ever ask me out or seem to want to get to know me.   It’s been a month…oh well…..

    1. 3.1

      And the guys need to lose the baseball caps and sunglasses in the pictures too. If you’re half or have bloodshot eyes from too many brewskis that will come out at some point lol

  4. 4

    Online dating is a noon for men and for women under 35. For women who are over 50, fat, nonwhite and are not considered physically attractive, it’s another leve l of Dante’s hell! Worst part? You pay money in order to get ignored, insulted or rejected…and then told it’s your own fault. Got better things to do with my time and cash.

  5. 5

    Online dating is a way for a lot of women to get a lot of attention and a lot of men to be made to feel horrible about themselves. The data show that only the top 10% of men in terms of looks get any significant activity, and they serially date all of the women who they consider attractive enough to meet. That’s it.


    Women’s intuition is a myth in real life, but online it’s downright backwards. So long as they don’t improve their judgment beyond (ignore all but the best-looking), women will continue to make online dating unworkable.

    1. 5.1

      I agree and i disagree 🙂

      yes there are those however because im sorry to say alot of women give ‘it’ up too easily nowdays where some men think they can have the pick of the crop even if they arent all that themselves. not good for the sisterhood. some women are in competition with each other all the time instead of closing ranks and putting a stop to opportunists. yes some women want their ego boosting but my so do the men. when i went online dating (very short time may i add) i hated it. personal choice. im not ‘ugly’ and look after myself but it appeared to me that alot of the men on these sites *even the older men* want a younger woman or dare i say it an easy woman. I am not one to post a profile picture pouting and posing, nor with my cleavage out. I dont fall for this men are visual creatures thats an old excuse that doesnt wash with me. im pretty but not overtly sexual within pictures or on my profile. That seems to put most men off. I would rather go out, have a good time and meet people that way then they have my full personality and not a flat photo. btw i wouldnt click on a profile based on looks or body, it would be the profile description and interests, oc attractiveness helps but you never know how attractive anyone is until youve met them

  6. 6

    Lost my wife to carcinoma and have been thrust into online dating. Wow such a change from when my late wife and I dated. I refuse to waste my time when a woman has a blank profile. How do these people expect men to make an intelligent observation about compatibility? Then there are those who never respond to a message. So folks, it certainly isn’t just men who have no social skills! I would trash my online dating but the alternatives are few at best. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that I may someday find the woman of my dreams and then I can exit this online dating thing permanently.

    1. 6.1

      compatibility isnt about just looks so i cant see a photo would help with compatibility. however i get what you mean. men also leave photo blank too at times. if however he sounded right up my street i would have private messaged him voiced my interest and if he could send a picture privately and not in that way lol

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