Creating Love on Purpose – an Interview with Orna Walters

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Orna Walters is one half of a dynamic couple that helps women like you identify and remove your blocks to love. At Creating Love on Purpose, Orna has transformed many lives using the same tools she overcame as the child of abuse and learned to love herself. In short, we come from different places, but agree on pretty much all the important stuff. You don’t want to miss this Love U Podcast.

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  1. 1

    Hi Evan and Orna:

    This hit close to home. A lot of what you talked about in the podcast about being irresistibly drawn to unhealthy situations, it sounds like the way i was up until a couple of years ago. Getting rid of a faulty love imprint is tough. When Orna talked about the guy she dated for months, trying to muster up attraction because he was a good guy, that sounded like my transition phase when i stepped away from the crumb givers. Fortunately, it’s very much possible to turn yourself around, and i notice that i am now genuinely attracted to the man  that i am dating atm, who has been nothing but kind and consistent throughout the courtship. This doesn’t feel like settling/compromising at all, more as a ginormous win compared to earlier situations.

    Orna, you talked about how you had a list and you felt that your husband fulfills every last item on it (except the height, but i feel that that is such a trivial want, that you cannot have been 100 % serious about that). I think that when we meet someone who is such a good fit to us, treats us like gold AND accepts our love and kind gestures, that we throw the list out of the window. I think it’s great that you met someone who was so near to what you wanted, but i think it’s also possible to meet someone who is out of our comfort zone but who would be very good for us.

    Evan, you mentioned that you had clients that due to less than wonderful upbringings, you felt that they would be better off with Orna and her husband. While i understand and think it is a good call, i also feel that your reading material is very valuable for women who want a healthier relationship with men and themselves after years of abuse and dismissiveness from their partners. When you say things like ‘no man is real until he’s your boyfriend’ and ‘you don’t attract bad men, you accept them’ you open a way for  your clients and readers to soul search and to see why their current unhealthy love patterns are holding them back, keeping them imprisoned in soul sucking situations. A friend of mine is in a relationship with a physical abuser. When i suggested to her that she wasn’t doomed to bad men, she just put up with bs that no one should put up  with and therefore had no emotional bandwidth for the good guys, i saw a lightbulb go off over her head. You might feel you cannot relate as you have not had such experiences, but your honest and to the point approach to dating and love might have helped a woman who is in a downright dangerous situation.

    1. 1.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Thanks, Malika. I’m certainly not turning clients away from me. However, I do feel most coaches attract clients who identify with them. I come from a healthy background, have a secure attachment style, am a masculine and direct communicator. Sometimes, women are more likely to resonate with a woman who has walked a mile in her shoes.

      1. 1.1.1

        That’s a very wise response. This is why I respect you so much Evan! I think we all have individual experiences – no one else can exactly say the  same. There isn’t some Dating Jesus that can speak for every woman or man’s experience. But I think (in response to Malika) these guys are just trying to help us see this in ourselves so we can learn to get over our own insecurities, issues, blocks and traumas. They’re not magic genies that can solve problems by writing an article. That’s why one-on-one therapy/councelling is so good.

        1. Orna

          Thanks Samantha! Yes, we are here to help people who want to commit to making a transformation with us, it’s not  something that can be done by reading a book or an article. Matthew and I are not “magic genies,” just regular people who figured some things out for ourselves developed our skills, and help others to do the same.

          I also have a ton of respect for Evan and I agree with his assessment – we agree on most everything. Our approaches are different because we’re different people and we cultivated different skill-sets. All in the hopes of making people’s lives better!

  2. 2

    This is seriously powerfully good stuff.   Really impressed.   Thanks Evan.   I forwarded to one of my gal pals.

    1. 2.1

      I’m a bit skeptical of the hand analysis business, seems hokey.   Hands don’t change but people do.   Otherwise, there was a lot of good ideas shared.

      1. 2.1.1
        Orna Walters

        Actually, hands have the potential to change. As a Professional Hand Analyst I look at 2 parts of the hand: 1. The lines of the palm – which are a map of your major neural pathways. If one consistently changes their behavior then over time the lines of the palm will reflect those changes. I’ve seen radical changes over the years in my clients hands as well as my own. 2. Finger prints which never change and show me your soul’s journey. The arenas you are gifted in and those that are your challenge arenas are revealed through finger prints. Hand Analysis has nothing to do with future-telling and is an awesome coaching tool.

  3. 3

    Hi Evan,

    Who is the Catherine you mentioned who spoke at a matchmaker’s conference? I’m very interested in reading about her idea. Thanks.

  4. 4

    Thank you. This was such a deep show and it really hit home. Just a few weeks ago when talking with a guy friend of mine (I’m a woman) he commented that men must be idiots if they can’t figure out how to make me happy. I responded, automatically, that it wasn’t entirely the fault of the guys I’ve dated and that something in me hasn’t been ready. Most of the men I have dated have been decent with the exception of one who stalked and harassed me for a long time after the relationship ended.   This show is what I’ve been looking for to help me answer what inside of me needs to be attended to first. Thank you. Great work from both of you on this show.


    1. 4.1
      Orna Walters

      Thank you Eloise! I’m happy to know that this  interview helped you see another way through to the love you desire and deserve!

  5. 5

    I wept through the entire podcast and can’t thank you enough for posting this. Evan, I bought Why He Disappeared, I bought Finding the One Online and as much as I loved them both I just wasn’t getting what I wanted, or thought I wanted.

    I gave up on dating/looking for love 20 years ago. And since I started looking again about 8 months ago I have been nothing but anxious. I’d read your advice about walking away, dumping guys that weren’t acting in a way that showed interest, and couldn’t understand why it was so hard for me to follow that advice.

    What I discovered, through this blog, is that I have an extremely preoccupied anxious attachment style.

    I’m great in friendships, even friendships with men, but when it comes to a potential romantic relationship, I just can’t get past the anxiety–doesn’t matter how much self-talk I do. And recently when a long-time guy friend told me he wanted me to stop dating and wait for him to be free from his marriage so we could be together I lost it! I’ve been anxious, miserable, almost obsessed ever since–talk about the ultimate in unavailable men.

    I went through a lot of child-hood trauma and have been in therapy most of my adult life, but I still feel so broken when it comes to finding love. I’d like to believe I can overcome it, but I feel like I’m running out of time.

    So Evan. I love this site and I thank you so much for all you’ve given me, but I have to leave you for now. I have much work to do before I can take advantage of the wisdom you have to offer.

    Wish me luck!

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