Dating and Relationships Without Fear – an Interview with Rhonda Britten

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Rhonda Britten is an Emmy award-winner, author and life coach who specializes in helping you identify, overcome, and face your fears in order to lead a fuller, happier life. I’m also proud to call her my close friend. This is my first Love U Podcast interview, and it certainly won’t be the last. Enjoy listening to Rhonda and I talk about how fear is currently suffocating your romantic dreams.

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  1. 1
    Jerri Lyn

    This was a great interview! She had a lot of great insights and has given me something to chew on about me controlling my fear instead of the other way around.

  2. 2

    That was awesome!!

  3. 3

    You and Rhonda together?   AMAZING!   I have been a fan of Rhonda’s since Starting Over.   You two have great chemistry.   Please do another!

  4. 4

    It would be interesting to do a second interview w/Rhonda, picking up w/your topic at 34:42. While I see great value in most of what Rhonda is saying (know yourself, accept that you have fears without letting them determine your behavior) I didn’t quite follow what she was saying at this point. You guys starting by talking about ‘when you have a partner who is driven by fears’ which quite interested me, but it devolved into scorn for ‘those who want their partner to be a twin / those who follow the Eat, Pray, Love pattern’.

    I  just don’t see the need for scorn. Yes, love should  be  unconditional, and fears should be met with compassion, but the person who  lives driven by fear should also  be making  consistent effort to that  end.  If they can, great! Then you are both working an agreed upon process  for a mutually agreeable end result. But if they aren’t, I don’t see that it is any different than Evan’s position on a woman who works 80 hours a week, or trains so much for a marathon that she is not  available to the relationship. Someone who  runs their life based on fear, is not available to the relationship, and therefore ending the relationship is a reasonable response if the partner fails to rise to the task after being informed. Now, perhaps the woman in Rhonda’s story had unreasonable expectations of some kind that we did not hear about (like doing everything together daily or only having vacations together). But I would have expected ‘living a life not driven by fear’ to be a Rhonda B. core value.

  5. 5
    Tanisha T

    Best conversation of 2016….”you shouldn’t have to try so hard” you crack me up.   On a more serious note, Rhonda is brilliant she touched my life in 44 minutes, I am better already , thank you for sharing your dear friend Rhonda with us……love my what shut your mouth …. mind blowing!

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