When Your Family Doesn’t Approve of Your Partner


If you come from a close ethnic or religious family, you’re well aware of the pressures to marry one of your own. But as wonderful as it is to share a culture, most minorities end up restricting their dating pool to less than 5% of the population. So what happens when you fall in love outside your group? Should your family have a say? Listen to today’s Love U Podcast and I’ll tell you the only way to handle such a situation.

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    Elly Klein

    Really enjoyed this one, Evan! A must-watch/listen for most singles and couples. Well done.

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    my exes family didnt like me at all. i was courteous, kind, generous to them and their son. although this wasnt a cultural issue it was a financial one (my ex wasnt working but they wanted him to hav a rich successful wife, no baggage, no responsibility (someone they could brag about *so superficial* btw he was 35 living off his parents and living at their house and not working lol)   because i didnt have much they didnt like me even if i treated their son fine. i feel that some fmailies are just dysfunctional and have narcisstic traits that run through the years and pass on like a faulty gene.my ex was co dependant with them as much as them him. hard hard situation for me. they were nasty to me, talked over me, sneered at me, presents i bought said theyd give them away, wouldnt involve me in photos even after 5 years..etc. i tried it all for 4 years then gave up being overly nice and just avoided them. the problem wasnt really them it was my ex, if he couldnt sit and ask why to them then i wasnt the woman for him. i had his back always and he never had mine. as well as other issues, it was another nail in the relationhsip coffin. im so so relieved and glad to be out of it. it is initially up to the parents kid to address it, if that doesnt work be direct and ask if they make snides if they could repeat what they said? *that puts them on spot and usually theyll worm out of it cos everyones listening then* . a family of cowards

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    Sorry I don’t follow. If you’re atheist you should just let your wife decides on what religion to follow and take a back seat. Pretending that you rediscovered your religion and getting your kids to follow it is most hypocritical. I can see why your in laws are not approving of you over this. How do you explain to your kids? Your are passing on your delusion to your next generation when they could have been brought up as devout Catholics with your in laws setting as the best role models. I am neither Jewish nor catholic Just in case people think I biased either way in saying this.

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